Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce

I won’t try to convince you that my recipe is super-healthy, but it’s much better for you than what you buy in a can and it’s far cheaper.  We like ours to taste a lot like prepared spaghetti sauce: a little tart and tangy, a tiny bit spicy, but with no veggies other than tomatoes.  If you like yours different, it’s easy to tweak the flavors.

Since I cook for 12, I like to make this in bulk.  I start with a huge can of tomato paste from Costco (less than $4) and scoop it equally into 12 small (pint) ziplock bags.  Then I add the seasonings to each bag, seal and freeze.  No need to mix them up, since that will happen when we use them.  I don’t add water until I’m ready to use the sauce, so it’s very compact in the freezer.  It’s a quick and easy process that the little ones to love to help with – if I’m up for the mess!

Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce

makes about 20 oz, enough for 4-6 large saucy pizzas or more if you’re stingy

  • 6-8 oz. tomato paste
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. basil
  • 1/4 tsp. granulated garlic (better yet, use fresh: as much as you dare!)
  • 1/4 tsp. black pepper
  • 1 tsp. sugar
  • 1 Tbs. vinegar

Combine in a small saucepan.  If you’re in a hurry, add 1 1/2 cups of water and heat to a simmer.  Use immediately.

If you have a little extra time to let it simmer, the flavors will blend and mellow and you’ll have a happier pizza. If this is the case, add an extra cup of water.  Let simmer until reduced and thickened to desired consistency.

See?  I told you it was easy.



  1. WOW! just found this recipe in a pinch! kids love English muffin pizza’s. We had the muffins but no sauce 🙁 made and used this one and WoW! we love it! off to Costco to get that vat and make up our pints :)) thanks sooo much for sharing!!!!

  2. My daughter loves to make up spaghetti sauce from scratch. Last year she even raised her own herbs and tomato and pepper plants. We don’t use black pepper or sugar in our recipe, but it does have a ton of garlic and oregano!

    Spaghetti is our favorite “go to” recipe for a fast meal!

  3. actually this has nothing to do with pizza sauce but looks good. I was wondering since you have lived in Ohio before, what was the differences you seen between ohio and texas. We have a large family and homeschool. i looked up homeschooling stuff for texas, but now i am wondering about other things like crime, laws , economy and cost of living, where you would not live in texas, just a few things from a fellow mom of many to help me not have to look at stastics. and just get the facts. and what good things was like -this is nice.

  4. That is quick and easy, and sounds good too. Do you happen to have one for spaghetti can be made in bulk, is quick and easy, and taste really really good?

    • Shelly, we like to use the same sauce for spaghetti. There’s a huge variety in what people expect from spaghetti sauce and it’s largely a matter of taste, so all I can say is give it a try. It’s cheap and easy, so if you like it you have a winner!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    THANK YOU! I have been searching for a good sauce recipe – I even tried canning some spaghetti/pizza sauce with homegrown tomatoes last summer (it worked pretty well for spaghetti sauce after I thickened it, but definitely NOT for pizza…). We have just been thinning tomato paste with a little water and some oregano, but this sounds much more perfect. 🙂 Hooray!

  6. I’ve made a similar pizza sauce many times. The main difference is that I throw in a large handful of parmesan cheese (the stuff in the green container is fine). It really gives the sauce a good flavor!

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I tried making my own spaghetti sauce recently and it left a little to be desired though my ever loving husband ate it and did not complain. I’m definitely trying your version next time!

    • Just to let you know we tried this when I went to visit my family and they LOVED it! My kids are excited by it, and my SIL’s all wrote the recipe down, and I loved that buying the #10 can we left them with several bags each. What I found is that homemade pizza can be as frugal or not as you make it. My parents wanted to add all kinds of things that upped the price considerably. But still way cheaper than buying frozen or take out!

  8. This sound yummy as well as simple. Thanks for posting! This is something we’ll have to try because my fellas LOVE homemade pizza, I’ve just never tried making my own sauce.


  9. How many of your packets do you use when you make spaghetti for your family? Or when you make pizzas? How many pizzas do you usually get with one package? It takes 2 big cans of spaghetti sauce to cover the spaghetti our crew of 8 eat.

    • Jeri, I gave the finished amount in ounces so you can compare that way since some people like their pizzas very saucy and others like just a smidge.
      I like mine a little on the saucy side, and one package makes enough for about 5 pizzas for us – or 3-4 pizzas plus some extra dipping sauce.
      When we make spaghetti, 2 packets is just enough if we’re not starving. 3 is safer and more generous if we’re good and hungry. 🙂

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