Happy belated birthday to Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn turned 17 last Friday, and since I’m campaigning hard for the Worst Mom of the Year Award I decided to wait and do her birthday post 3 days late.

To strengthen my campaign, I let her spend most of her birthday sewing new swim shirts for most of her sisters and making chocolate dipped marshmallows from scratch for her birthday party.  She insisted that she wanted too, but it still sounds bad, right?  I’m pretty sure I’m going to win this year!

I hope my birthday posts don’t sound the same every year, but I’m going to sing Kaitlyn’s praises once again.  She’s a special girl with a heart of gold.  She delights in serving others and works hard to do it.  She’s a lot like her dad in that way.

It’s been a pleasure watching her grow and mature over the years, from a wee lass…

…to a big girl…

…to a beautiful young woman.

Oops.  I mean, to a beautiful young woman:


  1. She’s 17! Wow, time has gone by just since I started reading your blog a few years ago. Kaitlyn, you are a beautiful young woman.

  2. “Happy Birthday to you…”

  3. Happy Birthday to your Kaitlyn! Isn’t it nice to really like your children? I do mine…

  4. Happiest of birthdays to the beautiful, gentle, thoughtful Kaitlyn. May the Lord bless you all the rest of your days, and may He be near to you in every season.

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