Providential sausage

Today I was picking a up a few items at the grocery store and noticed that the national brand sausage we normally buy was – gasp – $3.50/lb.  I was horrified.  Sausage is one of the few meats we still buy because it’s necessary for pizza, which is necessary for Friday nights.   We can give up red meat and cut back on chicken, but the sausage is non-negotiable.

So in the face of $3.50 sausage, I searched my brain and remembered that I had seen pork loin in another store’s sale flyer for $1.99/lb.  We bought a ton of pork loin last year for $.99/lb and used it to make our own sausage.  I thought $1.99 was a good buy until I saw the price of sausage.  Then I realized it was a great buy, so I decided to make an extra stop and stock up.

Alas, when I reached HEB, the pork loin was nowhere to be seen.  It turned out I had seen last week’s flyer.  The sale had come and gone.  We bought our first watermelon of the season and wandered the store, enjoying the air conditioning and free samples but disappointed at missing the deal.

Then my eye lit upon an unadvertised special: the same national brand of sausage I usually buy for $3, which had recently risen to $3.50, was on sale 5 lbs/$5!  Not only was this about 70% off the regular price, it was half the price of the pork loin we had missed.  An added bonus: unlike the pork loin, it was already ground and seasoned.  This is noteworthy because while homemade sausage from pork loin is lean and delicious, it’s also a lot of work.  Don’t tell my kids, but I make it a practice to avoid unnecessary work whenever possible.  I find there is generally enough necessary work to go around.

If you’re wondering whether there is a point to all this, here it is.  

My first impulse was to complain that we had made an extra stop for no reason.  Then I realized that we did find a good deal on a watermelon, and enjoyed some delicious free samples.  The store was on my way home, so I had lost nothing but time.   Good enough.  I quit complaining.

Then I found the sausage, and realized that God had used an outdated sale flyer and my own faulty memory to lead us to a blessing.  Of course He could have done it without my help, but sometimes it’s amusing to see the tools He uses.  If I had simply happened into the store, I might not have thought at all about how I came to be there.


  1. Ok…I know this has nothing to do with your post but I had to mention that I saw your husband and two daughters (Kaitlyn and Megan) at the Vision Forum vendor at the Washington Homeschooling Discipleship Conference just a couple days ago. I doubt if they’d remember 😉
    I heard a rumour…about something amazingly cool, but I’m not going to say unless you do first 🙂
    The conference was awesome as it always is (this was our 5th year going), and Mr. Voddie Baucham is an amazing speaker.
    Lexie N.

    • Lexie, I’m sure they’ll remember! We always think it’s fun, cool, and slightly embarrassing to meet readers in real life. We giggle about feeling like celebrities. 🙂
      I *might* know the rumor you mean, but if you’re thinking what I was thinking, you’re wrong like I was – at least, that’s the current professional opinion. Oh well… we’ve got time…

      • Arg…I was really rooting for a duo… 🙂
        Hmmm…if Kaitlyn remembers packaging an order to bring to the conference for Sylvia Newton…I’m her oldest daughter.
        Yes, and we always giggle about meeting these “homeschool celebrities” 🙂

  2. Shannon,
    I live in a very rural community. We have one grocery store in tow, a small mom & pop style. Other nearest grocery store is 40 minutes away so not a lot of options here. At the grocery store in town, he is always selling expired products. Refuses to buy more and restock if too much is still around. Sometimes it is marked down and sometimes it isn’t. You learn to look carefully here. We complain and he says to go elsewhere. If we sued, we would be cutting the town’s throat in a sense because no one would have anywhere to go. 🙁

  3. Just a heads up on store manager sales, legally they cannot sale expired products of any sort, short dated yes, actually past date, no! So if you do see out of date items tell manager. Several years ago a big chain in California got sued for unintentionally selling out of date products, they just didn’t pay attention to rotating stock, and they lost the law suit big time! So now most stores have some sort of policy about expired items.

  4. What does HEB stand for? I do not think I have a grocer with those initials but wanted to make sure to not miss out if I do! Thank you!


    • Theresa,
      HEB is the big grocery chain in San Antonio and some other parts of Texas. According to Wikipedia, it’s the largest privately held company in Texas. It’s the only real competitor to Super Walmart in our area, unless you have the money to get your groceries at Target. Of course since I’m shopping for 12, Costco works well for me, but it’s not for everyone.
      HEB is the initials of the founder’s name, Howard Edward Butt. Actually his mom founded the first store in the first floor of the family home, but Howard took over and expanded it into a chain which is now owned by his youngest son.

      • Thank you for letting me know! I WISH we had one in Florida! We shop at Costco and Wal-mart but it would be nice if we had another store with such good deals! There is Bj’s and Sams club here too but I do not see the value in these memberships as much as Costco. Thanks again!

      • Mother Lydia says:

        I LOVE HEB. We didn’t have it growing up in Houston — we mostly shopped at Kroger’s. But now its my favorite place to shop.

  5. That’s awesome! I am woefully behind in blog reading, but I am so glad I stopped by today!

  6. Mamaolive, just so I understand. When you cook up ground pork, you add spices to it and make it into homemade sausage that way? I just want to be sure because that is a LOT easier than my normal way.

  7. Mamaolive says:

    That is a great dea, and I rejoice with you. But next time you run out, you might want to try homemade sausage the easy way. As you cook your ground meat, just sprinkle in the seasonings. Make sure you stir it well, and it turns out fine.

    • Mamaolive,
      I occasionally do that with ground turkey, but I don’t usually see ground pork for a good price. We were going to grind it ourselves at home – not hard work with a food grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid, but a little tedious and time consuming. Adding spices is the easy part. 🙂

  8. Isn’t it wonderful when God sends His little blessings to us. I love how God rewarded you for having a good attitude. Isn’t He amazing?!

  9. It is so great how God takes care of even our smallest needs. I love stories like these.

  10. I love stories like this, and reminders of seeing God’s hand and care in the little things in our lives!!

  11. We found a great price on sliced cheese for sandwiches yesterday–something like $2.50 a pound, which is cheap for this particular brand…we bought several, as it WILL freeze,being that it’s sandwich-sliced already.
    Then there is the semi-annual mac-and-cheese sale….my kids HATE me for that when we’re shopping, but they do LOVE me for it later.
    God is always watching out for even our “smallest” needs. Sometimes the reminders are more visible, especially when we NEED them. My hubby just got layoff notice for three weeks from now last weekend, so I’d say “need” is a firm concept right now.
    But I think exercising open eyes and a thankful heart are the best way to notice!

  12. A great lesson, and a great reminder that God does take care of the smallest details, things we might not think very God-worthy. I’ll think of this when I’m tempted to complain again 🙂

  13. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the sausage deal. My first reaction/thought was that maybe is was expired or something (because I didn’t see it in the ad). But I checked the date and bought some. I had just bought a $2 lb roll at Sams for $4.08 (up from $3.98, but still a good deal). I only bought four at HEB, but will go back today for more! I also picked up my usual supply of Split Breasts since they were $1/lb still.

    I don’t know if you all like Fajita chicken, but we love to buy the Fajita seasoned chicken to grill when it goes on sale. It’s on sale now for $1.97/lb…but last summer, it was $1/lb just about every other week. But considering ground beef has gone through the roof, we’ve been eating a lot more chicken, sausage, and ground turkey.

    • Candace,
      We bought a lot of that fajita chicken last year at a dollar a pound! I just used the last one today! Hoping it goes on sale again soon…for less than $1.97/lb, I mean. Call me spoiled. 🙂
      I don’t usually buy the bone-in/skin-on breasts, but they’re probably a better deal than $1.88 for boneless skinless. Have you ever done a comparison?
      We’ve all but given up meat because of the price and quality concerns. Besides sausage on our pizza and potluck dinners at church every Sunday, we probably don’t eat meat more than once or twice/week (and by meat, I mean any kind of muscle tissue: poultry, fish, pork, etc). No worries, though. We get plenty of protein from eggs, milk, cheese, beans, etc.

  14. There’s a testimony in even the seemingly little events of life!;-) Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a great story of Providential provision:). Thanks for sharing it!

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