15 weeks: Now I’m *really* pregnant {pregnancy update}

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Remember when I said that I expected to grow quickly over the next few weeks?  I think this week was it.  Maybe I’m fooling myself, but last week I felt like I was still at the stage where a casual observer would assume that I just had some “mummy tummy” – that leftover belly because you’ve been pregnant in the past.

This week, I noticed strangers eyeing my belly.  I got the maternal smile from other women.  You know the one, right?  It’s the same smile they give your cute little baby in the infant seat, but the baby is still under cover, so they smile at your belly instead.  It’s roughly the same look I would expect if I was wearing a t-shirt with a cute puppy on the front.

This week I also left the house one morning (when my belly tends to protrude less) and didn’t come until late in the evening (when it looks like I just ate a whole watermelon without sharing).  Instead of hugs and smiles, I was met by jaws agape.  “WOW, Mom.  You look really pregnant!  Or did you just eat A LOT at dinner?”  Thank you, darlings.

Here’s a good look at my 15 week baby bump.  I’m kinda letting it hang out here.  🙂  This is how I tend to look at the end of the day, when my abs have given up and are ready for bed.

15 weeks pregnant with #11

And here’s a more casual stance, which is probably how I look normally – except the dress still provides some camouflage.  Next week I’ll include a photo with one of my everyday outfits for comparison.

15 weeks pregnant with #11

I’ve also caught myself doing the pregnant waddle already.  What’s up with that?!  I tried to explain to my laughing daughters why it bothered me so much, and it came down to two reasons:

  1. I feel like a phony.  I may be pregnant, but I’m just not big enough to justify The Pregnant Walk yet.  I feel like I’m advertising: Look at me!  Pregnant lady over here!  It just feels a little dishonest, like the sort of exaggeration that borders on lying.
  2. I feel like I’m being lazy.  It takes a little more effort, but I am still perfectly capable of a normal walk.  The Pregnant Walk says, I am big.  I am awkward.  Walking in my condition is hard work.  And while that is very true in the 3rd trimester, it’s really not the case right now.  When I catch myself doing it, I feel like a little kid complaining about carrying a grocery bag that contains nothing but a loaf of bread.  “This is too heavy!  I’m tired!”  I’m carrying 2 lbs. of extra weight.  This is not heavy.  Not yet.

I’m feeling some distinct movement, though not a lot of it.  Just once or twice a day, which is still a lot more than I’ve felt at this stage in most of my recent pregnancies.  So excited to be feeling movement already!

I didn’t use the doppler at all this week, but will hear the heartbeat at my checkup this Thursday.

Baby at 15 weeks:

  • is over 4″ long (crown to rump length) and weighs about 2.5 oz.
  • has taste buds
  • tiny bones in ears are beginning to calcify
  • more



I walked 2 miles.  Does that count?  Let’s call it a starting point, and I’ll try to beat it next week.

How about you?  Any updates or photos to share?  Feel free to leave a link in the comments if you posted a pregnancy update on your blog!


  1. I just wanted to say it was really kind of embarrassingly fun to meet two of your beautiful daughters at the conference here in WA this weekend. My husband even was sweet to me and went and talked to your husband for a bit, although I think he might have rolled his eyes a little 🙂 I’ve just so appreciated your blog over the years, it was a treat to see the real life version. Hope Washington treated them well, the conference was amazing!

    • Janessa, we love meeting readers in real life, and the girls mentioned that they met a few people who knew them over the weekend. Thanks for stopping by the booth to introduce yourself. I’m at the airport waiting to pick them up right now, so I’ll hear the details very soon!

  2. It makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one waddling! I’m 28 weeks now, and feel like the third trimester hit me like a truck! Suddenly I can’t get comfortable, I’m waddling, and starting to worry about how my belly is going to stay above my knees for another 12 weeks!

  3. I’m 14 weeks, and have actually lost 9 pounds, but I’ve been catching myself waddling, too! This is my second and I totally popped out way faster this time, but I’m also quite overweight, so strangers can’t tell. Or if they wonder, they’re not going to dare to ask, LOL. I remember with my first I was 24 weeks and people still couldn’t tell.

  4. I am now 29 weeks and definitely waddling so just embrace it now! I cannot even pretend to hide it any more and I cannot be bothered trying not to! Pelvic pain, back pain and leg pain means that as long as I can get from A to B I don’t care if I am waddling or not! The one thing I did fairly early on is the pregnant woman pose with one hand constantly stroking her belly which meant people guessed I was pregnant long before I told anyone (well that and the running to the bathroom to vomit!) 🙂

    • I do the pregnant woman pose all the time, too, right from the start. Even funnier: one of my older daughters caught herself doing it, probably because she sees me do it so much!

  5. I will be 15 weeks on Monday with my fifth (and last) pregnancy – and I’ve been waddling for at least 3 weeks. I have no idea why. My oldest son noticed it first!

  6. I really enjoy following your pregnancy. We have been trying to get pregnant again to no avail. Just experiencing your pregnancy with you is helping me. Keep talking about it. 🙂

  7. I think for whatever reason, the waddling is more comfortable. Perhaps we’ve been pregnant often enough that our brain says “pregnant” and our back answers “waddle”? he he he I never have bellies like that. I’m chunky enough that no one knows I’m pregnant ’till I’m PREGNANT. And that doesn’t usually happen until I’ve passed the 18 week mark or so (although I can tell, though).

  8. I love this post! Your belly is adorable and mine looks very similar at 15 weeks with #5. Too funny that you mentioned the waddle. WHAT is up with that? I’ve caught myself too.

  9. I’m 10 weeks and still struggling with nausea. I’ll have a couple of good days and think I’m doing better….but then I’ll have a harder day, like today, to assure me that it’s not over yet.

    I will catch myself waddling as well. As soon as I realize it, I correct it….because like you, there is absolutely no reason why I should be waddling at 10 weeks….though, I *am* bigger than you! 😉

  10. I had hyperemesis that was completely untreated in my first pregnancy, so I had no belly to speak of until 24 weeks. This time? I have it under control, and now at 13 weeks I find myself holding my tummy, and I started getting sore muscles when I slept without my wedge pillow weeks ago! It feels so weird to even notice my belly so early.

  11. I always “waddle” earlier than I should 🙂

    Little baby taste buds! God is so amazing!

  12. I feel no guilt about the pregnant waddle 🙂 I’m 33 weeks, and sometimes I waddle and sometimes I hold my back with both hands! Just wondering, do you struggle with varicose veins or are you one of the lucky ones?

    You have a very cute little baby bump by the way, how have you been feeling, less nausea?

    • I get my share of aches and pains (piriformis syndrome is near the top of my list) but no varicose veins yet. How is your leg?

      • I had to google that syndrome, sounds like not much fun! Does it start as baby gets bigger or is it something you struggle with the whole time? Thanks for asking about my leg Kim, it’s doing surprisingly well, still have to deal with the rest of the veins all over, but the excruciating blood clots seem to have gone away, thank you Jesus!

        So glad to hear that you are feeling less nausea this time, that has got to be such an added blessing! Nausea is my least favorite part of being pregnant 🙂

        • Jenni,
          It bothered me a lot for several years, always getting worse during pregnancy when I gained weight then improving between pregnancies. For the last few pregnancies, it has been markedly better. I don’t know what made the difference, but I’m incredibly thankful!

          • Have you exercised more these past few pregnancies? I have struggled with pubic symphysis for many pregnancies, about 4 months on. (basically feels like someone is prying your pubic bone apart with a crowbar, not fun.) This is the first one since #3 that I have had very minor pubic pain every once in a while, but it’s also the first pregnancy Ive exercised more consistently throughout…hmmm, and its the biggest gap we’ve had between babies, maybe that has more to do with it, that and I’ve only gained 4 lbs by 34 weeks. Who knows?! But I’ll take it either way 🙂

  13. I’m 32+ weeks with #3, and just got back from a midwife appointment with my 2 little ones (2 and 4). They’re excited about the baby, but the highlight of any midwife appointment is that they get to “goo” mommy. The midwife lets them squeeze the gel on my belly for the doppler. 🙂 The exciting news is that after gaining 6 pounds in 2 weeks (yowza!), I didn’t gain any in the last two weeks. whew. I’m already up 35 pounds, and gained 50 and 45 with my last 2. The midwife guessed the baby’s about 4 pounds now, and all my weight seems to be in my belly this time, so I’ve been waddling for sometime now! Even if you don’t do a full post every week, it would be fun to see a new picture in the dress regularly. Happy baby growing!

  14. I am laughing at your comments about the pregnancy waddle. I think everything is more pronounced after we’ve had more than a few babies. I am 10 weeks with #6, and I’m already doing the ” hold my belly” thing when I feel all bloated, especially in the evening. I’m also already showing a bit- the stretching began about the day I took the test… not kidding. My husband has yet to tell his family…. I think he’s brave waiting this long. At least they have’nt seen me in a few weeks, LOL.

    I’m a new reader to your blog, so forgive me if this has already been covered… but I was wondering if you’ve ever had pressure to do prenatal testing? I am 36, and was VERY shocked yesterday when my pro-life Christian doctor pushed for prenatal testing. She said she was not promoting abortion, but just that it might be ” good information to have”. The only thing I can think of, is that she is concerned about delivering me if I should have a special needs child because she is not an OBGYN, but a family practice doc. Even so, I’ll be in a hospital with a fairly good NICU, which only sends out the worst cases. She told me that I’ll be having a level 2 ultrasound this time around, and from what I have read, they check everything out VERY carefully…. So what gives? Is she just afraid of being sued? I left her office yesterday without giving an answer as to whether or not I’ll do the testing… I told her I needed to talk to my husband. He was NOT happy when he heard that she was pushing for testing. He is completely against it- I don’t think he feels like any good can come from it. I chose this doctor when I was pregnant with my youngest, because she is PRO LIFE. I am told she is the ONLY pro life doc. in this town. As it is, the choices are not very good. Midwives are completely banned from the hospital. I think the next time I see my doctor, I am going to be straight up with her and tell her that I love her pro-life stance, and that I’d love to have her as my doctor, but if she is uncomfortable ( because I won’t do testing) then I can find another doctor… Anyway, sorry for the ramble, but I was just wondering if anyone else out there has been through this, and how you handled it.


    • I had the level 2 ultrasound done during my fourth pregnancy last year because something was funny looking on the first ultrasound. (My cousin and his wife had just had a newborn that had died with a heart condition, and I wanted to be prepared mentally for whatever might be going on.) Turned out nothing was going on, but the level 2 ultrasound was a lot of fun. We’ just got a lot of extra looks of kicking in action and stuff that I would giggle about at night the whole rest of the pregnancy. And she was as stubborn then as she is now because I had to have two level 2 ultrasounds. She wouldn’t let them see her heart the first time around 🙂

    • Hiya, I can’t always compare stories on here as I live in the UK and we do things slightly different. For example every pregnant women is treated by midwives whether in the hospital or the home and doctors only come into it if complications. Regards the testing it is routine in the UK (although you can opt out of it) as are ultrasounds (1 around 12 weeks to date the pregnancy and 1 at 20 weeks to check organs etc which I presume is what you are calling a level 2 scan.) Anyway forgive the ramblings (I always ramble) but this is long winded way to say that we took the testing and the scans. Not that it would have made a different regards keeping the baby but if there was something wrong we wanted to be mentally prepared prior to the baby arriving. I like reading up on things and knowing roughly what I am going to expect so that was the only reason we took the tests. If you are not bothered either way about having the information beforehand no one can force you to take any tests or scans. I have to say I dd like seeing the later scan as baby was moving around heaps and I couldnt believe the difference in size! Anyway whatever you decide to do I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and a happy and healthy baby! 🙂

    • My sister’s mother-in-law was a Navy Nurse and then became the Head Nurse at our local Medicare/Medicaid OBGYN Clinic (a difficult position for her, because she is adamantly pro-life), and she ALWAYS encouraged both myself, my sister, and her own daughter to get all the non-invasive testing, for exactly the reason your Pro-Life doctor said.

      She told stories of many Mums who didn’t have the testing and had a harder time at the birth initially bonding with their babies, or the babies were rushed away to a NICU unit and the Mums lost those precious first moments (and their “plan”) with the baby. Everything usually turned out okay, and it’s not meant to scare you, but she said every time she wished that they had KNOWN beforehand, so they could have prepared themselves for the shock.

      And if something IS wrong, it’s okay to grieve, to be upset, and to be (yes, I’m saying it) angry at God in that moment. Having time to process that BEFORE you have a baby in your arms helps. And God can work miracles – nothing is ever set in stone for God. Most of the tests aren’t 100% accurate.

      I’ve always had pro-life doctors (my one military doctor non-withstanding), and all of them have explained prenatal testing in exactly this way.

  15. Meghan V. says:

    Although I’m a few weeks ahead of you (25wks), I’ve been feeling guilty about the pregnant waddle too. I don’t feel like I can justify it yet cause I’m not “THAT FAR ALONG!” 😀 But when I do realize I’m waddling I try to correct it.
    This week at church I realized I’m running out of room on my lap. I tried to put my 18month old to sleep but he (and me) couldn’t get comfortable so he had to sit with Papa.
    Here is a picture my sister took of me 3 weeks ago. (I haven’t took one since then.) http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-IpaB5p6NtQU/T4DfRIQB_eI/AAAAAAAACOI/MoRcqjqvI0Q/s1600/DSC_0766.JPG (I’m kinda stickin’ it out there!) 😀

  16. Gabrielle C says:

    O___o – looks like one of the little kids got a hold of the keyboard! Glad I’m not the only one – little sis does that to me all the time! XD

    • Gabrielle, I think you’re right. It took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about, but now we’re all laughing out loud!

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