17 weeks: Another milestone {pregnancy update}

Baby and I are now at 4 months!  Maybe it’s a small milestone, but everything is exciting during pregnancy.  I’m pretty sure my belly is really popping out now.  The reason I’m sure is because at least 4 people have looked at me over the past week and said things that start with “Wow!”  Things like, “Wow!  You’re really starting to show,” or “Wow! I guess I haven’t seen you in a couple of weeks!”

Want more evidence?  I tried to measure my belly and came up with 20 cm, which is roughly equivalent to 20 weeks.  See?  I’m big.  In fact, I’m 3 cm. big if I trust my measuring skills.  That would almost put me in the running for twins, if I were the suspicious sort, but I’m not so let’s just forget I said it.  Well, let’s make a note of it just in case I do have twins, and then forget it for now.

I’ve gained a couple of pounds now, and nausea is almost completely gone, though I’m prone to heartburn already.  Do you ever get it this early?  I don’t usually get heartburn until the baby is big enough to put pressure on my stomach, but now it feels like the nausea has just morphed into heartburn instead.  I can hardly complain since I have never before made it through my first trimester without throwing up a single time.  In fact, I’ve never made it through my first trimester without throwing up hundreds of times!  What’s a little heartburn?

My biggest complaint now: heat.  Normally I’m that person who is perfectly comfortable when others are fanning themselves with sheets of paper, and I’ve always loudly proclaimed that being pregnant in the summer didn’t make a bit of difference to me.  Now, suddenly, I’m a can’t-hack-it-pantywaist.  The temperature hits 90, and I sound like a 2yo who missed her nap.  “I’m hot!  I’m all sweaty!  I want a/c.  Waaaaah!”  This could be a long summer.  We have acclimated to our climate, and the rest of the family finally agrees with what I’ve been telling them: it’s not that bad.  But after years of telling my family it’s not so bad, I’m afraid they might enjoy my suffering this summer.  Nah, they wouldn’t do that, but I would deserve it if they did.  🙂  [Deanna read this and affirms that she will, indeed, enjoy my suffering.]

Belly pics

Not happening today.  It’s raining nonstop, and the OCD in me wants this week’s pic to match every other week so far.  That means it needs to be taken outside on the west end of the deck, which means it’s not happening right now unless you want to see me looking like a wet rat.  Well, do you want to see me looking like a wet rat?

update: I asked on Facebook, and apparently you DO want to see me looking like a wet rat.  I’m sorry to say the rain had almost stopped by the time I got up the gumption to go out.  Here’s my rainy day pic:

17 weeks pregnant with #11

Baby at 17 weeks: 

  • Baby is about 5″ from crown to rump, or 9″ from head to toe.
  • Baby weighs just over 5 oz.
  • Fat stores begin to develop under your baby’s skin this week.
  • Cartilage in bones is beginning to calcify.
  • more

I can’t believe the baby is already that big.  Nine inches?!  It’s like a real, living doll!  My belly is growing, but doesn’t feel big enough to have a whole little person in there!  I know there’s been a person in there for 4 months now, but this person would fill the entire palm of my hand now, and still you might not know I was pregnant by a casual glance.  Isn’t hard to wrap your mind around a miracle like that?


I remembered!  I did it!  Besides last week’s zoo trip – which I will conservatively estimate at 2 miles, and in which I pushed a heavily loaded double stroller up and down a LOT of hills, I also took a 3.1 mile “trash walk” with 3 of the kids.  That’s at least 5 miles of walking in the last 7 days.  We took 3 large kitchen bags and completely filled them with trash from the roadside, then drove around and picked them up when we were done.  It was fun and responsible, and the kids can’t wait to do it again!  We will do it again, because there was plenty of trash left.

Are you pregnant?  I would love to hear your update again this week.  It’s fun to compare notes, and think about where I’ll be in a few weeks, or how far away 17 weeks seemed just a little while ago.  Where are you in this journey, and what’s on your mind or heart?


  1. 17 weeks with baby number 3 🙂 Heartburn sets in early hours of the morning and I unfortunately have the worst case of insomnia EVER…I simply cannot sleep! I wonder if baby is prepping me for all of those sleepless nights 🙂 Feeling lots of movement, although I will say it is more apparent if you have been pregnant before as you know how to tell the difference between GI movement and baby flutters! Belly is bulging lots now and can fit into only a handful of non-pregnant clothes. My skin seems to have taken a dive too over the past week or so, on the plus side I definitely have lots more energy considering the lack of sleep! o more nausea which is lovely, besides the very random minute or so bouts that spring out of nowhere. Cannot wait to find out what I am having. Obviously happy, healthy baby is all I can hope for, but I can’t lie, my heart is longing for another girl! I have a 9 year old girl and a 5 year old boy…time for another girl <3

  2. lalesha morrow says:

    Hi im 17 weeks today with my first child. And up until last week i felt the little flutters and thumps almost everynight. But now i dont feel it quite often. Is this normal for me not to feel it as much? And when should i expect my baby first actual move

  3. I love getting the pregnancy update! Thankfully heat isn’t our issue here in Wisconsin. We’re just starting to hit mid-60s in the days, and 40s in the night. Not good for gardening, but fabulous for being pregnant! Though, when the heat does hit–we go to the beach.
    It saves us from turning on that a/c!

  4. Your belly is so tiny! Lucky girl. I hadn’t really dealt with digestive issues (feeling really full after eating, gassy, crampy tummy aches) while pregnant until this one. Baby #8, 33ish weeks along. Found that I wasn’t producing as much HCL, which is an issue as we grow older. Our bodies do decrease in their amount of digestive enzymes, bile, and hydrochloric acid (HCL). So, I have found it to be extremely helpful to take HCL supplements. I also started up on some Swedish bitters to help, as well as drinking 2-3 TB of raw apple cider vinegar in water a couple times a day. This helps to stimulate the production of enzymes, bile and HCL. The last addition I made was taking herbal capsules of safflower (aids in digestion). These have all really helped out.

    Anyways, you’re looking so cute with your little bump! It’s fun reading your updates. Great way to chronicle your pregnancies and be able to share them with your children when they’re older 🙂 Looking forward to more.

  5. Kim, I’m so happy for you and your pregnancy and love your updates. I was due in October, too, but lost the baby in March. Heartbreaking. I just found out today that I am pregnant again! To God be the glory! I am beyond thrilled.

  6. I’m 16 weeks w/ my second, and am pretty sure I’m feeling some serious baby gymnastics right now. So exciting! Had to comment about your early heartburn- I’ve been pregnant 3 times (2 yo, miscarriage and currently) and every time I’ve gotten heartburn right away. Then it has eased up a bit and then near the end, with my first, it came back with a vengeance.

  7. I’m sure you enjoyed the much cooler weather today! (at least it was cooler in Comfort)

    I bought my husband, who is prone to have heartburn, some Papaya tablets from evitamins.com They are super cheap and work really well! http://www.evitamins.com/original-papaya-enzyme-american-health-14925#;

  8. Elizabeth M. says:

    Hi, Kim,
    I have been reading your blog occasionally for maybe a year now. Mostly to see when you would get pregnant again!
    I hadn’t checked your blog in a while and it was a nice suprise to find out that you are expecting. I am also pregnant, but only 12 weeks along, pining to be done with the nausea. this will be our fifth. I have never been one to burp, but towards this time in pregnancy I usually change from nausea to burping. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it! I have never experienced alot of heartburn. Since you have so much experience already, have you noticed that eating smaller meals help with that problem?

    • Elizabeth, I’ve definitely noticed that eating smaller meals helps with heartburn. It seems a little counterintuitive, but eating something acidic tends to help too. I often drink a tablespoon of lemon juice, and many pregnant moms swear by apple cider vinegar.

  9. Hi!
    I am pregnant too…for the first time here..but also have a 10 month old foster baby… I am pregnant with twins! 😉 14 weeks today, and last week my nausea morphed into heartburn/reflux, so you’re not alone. i love your updates! Do you measure fundal height? Can you feel the top of your uterus? Or do you just measure your whole belly? 🙂

    • Jen, I’m measuring fundal height. I haven’t tried a lot, but when I do my measurements always match my midwife’s, so I think I’m doing it properly.

  10. Well, my two cents about heartburn and pregnancy 🙂 I’ve only been pregnant 9 times, so I can’t say this will work for everyone, but I have had very little heartburn this pregnancy and I’ve eaten a LOT different than I’ve eaten with any of my other pregnancies, and I’ve had a LOT of heartburn, early, middle and late term.

    Here’s a post I did about the foods that I am avoiding and that seem to be “heartburn triggers” for me. I think it might be different for some women, these foods don’t necessarily cause me to have heartburn when I’m not pregnant 🙂 http://jenniskitchen.com/2012/03/08/coconut-blended-coffee-and-tips-on-avoiding-pregnancy-heartburn/

    Update on my baby – 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. Going in for an ultrasound on Friday as my midwife thinks baby is still breech. I have just a little sneaking suspicion that she might be wrong. I feel like when I’m feeling hiccups that his “something” is bumping my pelvis, doesn’t that seem like it would be a head? She felt whatever is next to my ribs and I agree with her, it feels like a head to me. But it will be good to have an ultrasound to make sure. Really hoping she’s wrong 🙂

  11. HeatherHH says:

    I’m 36 weeks tomorrow with #7! That means I’m good to go for our planned homebirth! My midwives will be coming Friday for my home visit. Baby has dropped very low, and I am feeling some pubic and tailbone discomfort at times, especially near the end of my 1.5 mile walks or after I get up from sitting down for an hour or more. Lots of bathroom trips too 🙂 It’s hard to believe that baby will be here in about a month!

  12. 33 weeks tomorrow! Super excited! Having a boy, baby #7. Having another sonogram today to confirm that it is a boy! Gained too much weight so far. It is amazing that I can not eat very much and still gain weight! We are all excited about the arrival of baby boy #4! I am also so excited for you! Congratulations!

  13. As the matter of fact, I am pregnant this week. 🙂 Just found out Monday, after three years of trying and a loss, and it snuck up on me this time. Naturally, we’re thrilled, but scared because of the previous loss, but we’ve got lots of people praying. I go to the doctor in a couple of weeks, so until then, we wait with baited breath.

  14. Heather Wawa says:

    I am 20 weeks pg with #7 and I’ve been enjoying hearing about your pregnancy, just a bit behind me. Today is our “big” ultrasound and we do hope to find out gender. Another girl is my hunch and that would make 6 girls and one boy. We shall see….

  15. 16.5 weeks here, and going through a little bit of a panic. I felt baby move VERY early on (comes from being as small as I am and also the fact it’s my 5th pregnancy), but now I get paranoid if a long time goes by and I don’t feel any movement!

    Silly, I know, since most women haven’t felt ANYTHING yet, and I’m feeling little body parts and kicks. But it still freaks me out! 🙂 (I love your belly shots!)

  16. I’m not pregnant right now, but I can tell you with all 5 I had heartburn start at various times. If I remember correctly, it got earlier with each one, I think by #5 I was only 16 weeks or so. If God gives us another, I will definitely try that raw carrots trick! 😉 Thanks for the updates, I’m enjoying them! I can’t believe you are almost half way there!! Woo Hoo!

  17. I’m 34+ and just got back from an appointment with the Midwife. My blood pressure is stellar, which is such a blessing since it’s been high with my last 2 pregnancies (this is my 3rd baby), and was even borderline between those pregnancies. This baby seems to be solving problems for me!
    This pregnancy I had mild heartburn, intense ligament pains, and trouble with my back (so bad I couldn’t walk for hours at a time on several occasions) in the second trimester, but all of these symptoms disappeared in the third trimester. While I don’t have the energy I did earlier, the third trimester is turning out to be the easiest one this time around. Here’s hoping the best is yet to come for you, too. Of course, the best part always comes at the very end of the 3rd trimester. 🙂

  18. abba12 says:

    I don’t get heartburn, but I get acid reflux which is in the same group, and that basically begins with the first onset of nausea.

    I’m the opposite of you though, I seem completely unable to hold body heat during early and mid pregnancy, while everyone is wandering around fine in short sleeves, I’m in long sleeves and shivering.

  19. I was shocked and dismayed at the “early” indigestion in my last 2 pregnancies. I never asked the doc. I just assumed it was from being so old.

    • We are expecting too 🙂 I am going to be 30 weeks in a couple days, so a little further ahead. Although I did wake up yesterday thinking my belly seemed a LOT bigger than it had been seeming… sigh. So glad we’re in Wisconsin for a summer pregnancy! Our first was born the very first warm day of the year in March, so the heat will be a new interesting thing for me. Although my husband did tell me we could turn on the AC for my labor (how sweet of him).

    • What are you trying to tell me, Jenny? Am I getting old? 😉

  20. Does it count that I’m paper pregnant? The heat doesn’t phase me and no nausea to speak of, just the agony of knowing that my little one is nestled in my heart instead of under it while waiting in an orphanage halfway around the world while bureaucrats enjoy endless red tape. Ugh!

    • “Paper pregnant” – I’ve never heard that before, but what a sweet and wonderful way to put it! Do you have a duedate for meeting your new child?

    • Holly, I am with you!! We are waiting for our boys and I am beginning to feel overdue!!!! I still get cravings though! Ours has no due date yet…just praying it will be end of July first of August is not sooner!

    • I just had to google what “paper pregnant” meant and what a lovely way to put it. I do hope you meet your child soon and will pray for you. xx

  21. I’m at 22 (and a half) weeks now, with my 5th baby, and my belly just *blossomed* about a week and a half ago. My husband had pulled the maternity bin down from the attic, and the next DAY I suddenly couldn’t fit in my regular clothes. Not only that, but now I suddenly look somewhere-in-the-third-trimester pregnant!

    My midwife thought it was twins at first, which would have been HILARIOUS, because I had been teasing my husband that it was twins. An ultrasound revealed only one baby, though. Which is probably best…but still…I have this insane yearning for twins. It would have meant outgrowing our minivan sooner than expected, so financially it’s better this way. Also, my husband’s head might have spun around.

    Our two-year-old has been having a rough few weeks…months?…and is much more of a “typical” 2yo than our three older ones ever were. Tantrums, the whole bit. I find myself sometimes looking at my stomach and thinking, “Oh…what have I done??” Definitely, I’m grateful that the Lord has entrusted another wee one to me, and I’m excited to have another child, and I recognize that children are blessings…but I’m much more trepidatious this time than I had been with the all the other pregnancies. Praying that He’ll help me relax and trust in His watchcare and help.

    Physically I feel well. This was the first time I’ve EVER had morning sickness (don’t hate me), and still at 22 weeks my gag reflex is beyond the pale. Every vitamin I take, I have to choke down…and sometimes fail. Sigh. On the plus side, usually I’m incredibly exhausted, and this time I haven’t been at all! I turn 37 next month, and it is definitely different being pregnant at this age than at 25. Everything I do, I do it more slooowly, which is sort of frustrating, because I can’t accomplish as much as I “used to could” in the same amount of time.

    Thank you, Kim, for sharing your pregnancy with your devoted stalkers/fans. Are you planning to have an ultrasound this time? We never find out the sex of the baby (too few GOOD surprises in life), but I love seeing the baby on the screen!

  22. I’m 12 weeks now…and still nauseated. Like you, this is the first time I have only thrown up ONCE in a pregnancy…instead of hundreds. So even though I still feel icky, it’s mild compared to all the others. I had early heartburn in my last two pregnancies….from about 7 to 10 weeks. Thought that was so strange since I barely even suffered from heartburn at the end of some pregnancies. This time…NO heartburn! YAY!

    I finally took a belly shot, but I’ll save it for next week since I missed the update this week. Looking forward to hitting that milestone of the second trimester! 🙂

  23. 38 weeks here, and would like to ask for prayer. My little one isn’t growing too well. I am measuring 4 weeks behind and have had a scan confirming his growth rate is dropping off. I have another scan next week, and if he is not doing well then I may have to be induced in hospital. I am longing for another homebirth, and of course a healthy baby who copes well with labour and birth! I am so anxious now and it is not a fun way to end a pregnancy. I am doing my best to grow him well by eating lots of good food and resting as much as I can with 5 little boys to keep me busy, but I have not been able to get to sleep at night for many weeks, and am wondering if that can be affecting his growth – lack of good rest? Anyway, I would so appreciate prayers for us both. Thanks for the opportunity to ask! I’m loving your pregnancy updates! So happy that you have not had such bad morning sickness this time – another boy??! 🙂

    • prayers coming !!!

      • Thank you so much Heather! My sleep has improved a bit, and a growth scan showed that my little one is growing fine, praise God! I am due tomorrow, so hopefully everything will go smoothly very soon! I so appreciate the prayers! 🙂

  24. My little one was a tad impatient and decided to show up this past Wednesday 🙂 We are thrilled with him and so, incredibly grateful for God’s hand in his birth:

    While this is only my fourth baby, I feel like I understand where you are coming from. I have always prided myself on my healthy pregnancies and my ability to keep the complaints to a bare minimum. I felt like a whiner this time around. I have a strong feeling that it was the Lord teahing me to be more humble- I hadn’t even realized that I had allowed my healthy, relatively comfortable pregnancies ( and births) to become a source of pride and critical thinking towards other women….. what a way to learn 🙂

  25. Heartburn was one of my first pregnancy symptoms. I had an iron stomach until I got pregnant, then even crackers gave me heartburn. Not now, though. After #5, my stomach decided it wasn’t going to return to normal. Bleh.

  26. YES! I get horrible heartburn when pregnant and it has gotten worse with each pregnancy. With my first I had it really bad towards the end with my second it got bad in the 2nd trimester. With my third (that I just gave birth to in March) how I knew I was pregnant was because I had heartburn, the next morning I did a pregnancy test and sure enough positive! My heartburn was horrible the whole pregnancy. BUT I very rarely get heartburn at all unless I am pregnant and I very rarely am sick or nauseous when I am pregnant, so I guess I can deal with the horrible heartburn for 9 months 🙂
    Oh and the only thing that helps my heartburn, especially in the evenings, is ice cream!!! Great excuse to me! 🙂

  27. I am 19 weeks day 2 and I just started feeling baby’s movement a couple of days ago. That is definitely the best feeling in the world.

  28. I am 26 weeks pregnant with number 3. Feeling pretty good. By the end of the day I feel huge and stretched to my limit. It amazes me every week when I read about how big our baby is that something that size is hiding in there. I enjoy reading your updates. It seems like your pregnancy is going so fast and mine is crawling along-how is that possible? 🙂

  29. I had no idea about the head to toe length this week. I got all excited showing my children how big that is and they keep yelling to each other that “The baby is longer than my head!!” lol
    I’m not feeling very pregnant yet here at 17 weeks. I finally got to hear the heartbeat today and am excited for the anatomy scan at 19 weeks!

  30. Raw carrots. I am 31 weeks pregnant and have had horrible heartburn – forcing me to give up all my favorite foods, until a waitress told me about raw carrots. I bought a huge bag at costco and eat a handful whenever the heartburn strikes and it goes away. Even at night. I hope it works for you too!

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