20 weeks: I decide to suck in my belly {pregnancy update}

Did anybody else make it through the entire day yesterday under the false impression that it was Monday?  Long weekends do that to me every time.  When the weekend ends and hubby goes back to work, it’s supposed to be Monday.  That’s just the way it is.  Therefore today is Tuesday, and I am not a day late on my pregnancy update.  Are you buying this?

Anyway, baby and I are now halfway to d-day!

I’m still very tired.  Nothing new there.  I’ve always been a light sleeper, but I’ve never before had such trouble getting enough sleep.  Our evenings start and end late because Perry has a long commute, so early bedtime is impractical and nearly impossible.  I find it difficult to sleep late in the morning, and when I try to nap in the afternoon it’s very difficult to turn my brain off.  I’m ready to resign myself to living tired.  Sleep is for the dead.  I’ll sleep then.

Other than sleep, I’m feeling great.  I get stiff and achy if I stay in bed too long (another problem with trying to catch up on sleep), but am able to do what I need to do.  Last week, Kaitlyn, Lydia and I cleaned a neighbor’s house for cash.  My back was hurting so I just planned to supervise, but ended up doing a full share of the work.  I was aching when I was done, but I was aching when I started and it didn’t get any worse.  It was fun to work together, and we’re looking forward to doing this every 2 weeks!

In a move that I promise was not motivated by vanity, I have decided to try to suck in my belly for a while.  Out of habit, my abdominal muscles tend to sign out as soon as a pregnancy is announced, and I think that may contribute toward an aching back sooner than necessary.  I am finding that it’s not hard to straighten my spine and hold my belly in, and it takes some pressure off my lower back.  On the downside, when I remember to suck it in, it almost takes me back to that stage where I look like I just need to spend more time at the gym, but that’s proof that it isn’t about vanity, right?

Belly pics

Over the weekend, I tried on my favorite pair of shorts and was inordinately thrilled to find that they still fit.  Well, everywhere but the waist, and I was able to use a safety pin instead of the button.  Yesterday I added a button to the very edge and now they really do fit perfectly!  Of course it won’t last long, but it was a fun discovery.

Please ignore the goofy look on my face and the fact that I look like I had 3 hours of sleep, unless noticing makes you feel better about goofy/unflattering photos of yourself.

This pic was taken in the evening, so you can see the full effects of gravity.  I wake up every morning cute and thin with an adorable baby bump, and fall into bed every night looking like a lumpy sleeping bag.  At least, that’s how it feels.

Baby at 20 weeks:

  • Baby now weighes about 11 ounces and is roughly 7 inches long.
  • Baby can hear and recognize the mother’s voice.
  • Nerve cells serving each of the 5 senses are now developing into their specialized area of the brain.
  • more

What’s new in your pregnancy?


  1. Marybeth Taylor says:

    Hi Kim! I haven’t ever posted a hello, but I’ve been a reader of your sweet blog for at least a year now, and I so enjoy your humor, frankness, cheerfulness, affection for your family and devotion to the Lord and living a life that is pleasing to Him. You are an encouragement to me.

    My Boerne-based, very dear friend Tracy (you two know each other I think?) first pointed me to your blog, speaking highly of you. Now that you and I are expecting within days of each other (my due date being 10.20.12!), I feel all the more kindred and wanted to introduce myself. This is my baby #4. My family and I are born and raised in northern CA, but visited our friends in TX a couple summers ago. We thought it was just beautiful, and enjoyed every bit of it.

    Thanks for keeping up your blog, and again for your encouragement and contagiously fun attitude. It cheers me up every time.

    Blessings in Christ,

    • Marybeth, it’s nice to meet you! My parents grew up in CA, too.
      Is your friend Tracy R? I haven’t seen her in a while, but I always enjoy bumping into her, and it sounds like her business is doing great!

      • Marybeth Taylor says:

        It is Tracy R! In fact she just made the jaunt out here with her youngest for 10 days and we had a marvelous time together. She is 6 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. 🙂

        Are your parents from Southern California? My husband and I were raised in Humboldt County which is very rural and beautiful, nestled in the redwoods, alongside the Pacific ocean, with rivers aplenty and picturesque mountains nearby. There is also a thriving Christian homeschool community in Humboldt. We miss living there! We’re in the Bay Area now as my husband was hired by a bigtime animation company as a sketch artist (and he was homeschooled until college, mind you!). We are not sure about this lifestyle change though :). We are prayerful about it all.

        I am so thrilled to meet you in a more personal way! Can’t wait to see what else you and your family are up to in the coming days, weeks, etc. Childbirth should be fun, no? LOL 🙂 Truly I do look forward to it.


        • Would you believe I ran into Tracy today? We were at Costco and she was there with 2 little ones!

          • Marybeth Taylor says:

            Too much! She was enjoying a freshly stocked grocery budget, I’d guess! Love the first of the month.

  2. You look wonderful, Kim!

    I can relate on the issue of falling asleep. I’ve had that problem for years. We all sleep with fans, now, primarily because of me. One thing that’s really helped me in the last couple of years is to learn to use earplugs. I don’t use them at night unless we’re not at home, but I use them for the afternoon rest almost daily. They help to drown out some of the noise that my hyper-sensitive central nervous system picks up. They’ve restored my belief that I can actually take a nap. Occasional afternoon nap=much happier mom!

  3. you look FAB, darling! I love these pregnancy updates, since we’re on the same weeks I can enjoy the info. on baby AND the reality of another mother of many.
    Thank you for enduring with the publicity!

  4. I am 24 weeks pregnant and the Braxton Hicks have started…it’s my first, so they weird me out! Don’t like them. BUT, we are doing well over here! I enjoy your posts.

  5. It is nice to find that your fave clothes still fit! I am currently 23 weeks and just finished up several weeks of exhaustion. Hope it gets better (for both of us!) for you!

  6. I have to wear a support brace in the second half of pregnancy (slightly different reasons, my hips loosen more than most womens, I end up in a wheelchair if I have to be out for any prolonged period of time near the end, so the brace kinda helps hold everything together, lessening the pain, and keeping me on my feet a little longer)

    I found as an added bonus that it really helped take some of the pressure off that point in my back, and helped to hold the belly up and balance the weight a little better. You should really try one out, see if any of your friends have one you could try for a couple of days.

  7. Wish I looked that good at 20 weeks pregnant. I remember the last time I was about 20 weeks pregnant, maybe just shy of it … I was 41 and rapidly approaching 42.

    At my mom’s funeral … her favorite saying was, “I don’t have time to sleep, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” She died on Mother’s Day 3 years ago at age 62. Just your saying that really brought back the memories.

    Praying for rest for you and a good pregnancy. I would have loved to have had more kids, but I was overjoyed with my surprise baby back then. Hugs. And take care of yourself!

  8. I’m 38 weeks tomorrow and completely ready…and not ready. I’m trying to go to bed when I feel tired, just in case things start happening in the middle of the night. I’ve made it through the last 20 weeks with 4-6 hours of sleep a night, usually because I’m wide awake for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night. I’ve managed to get through each day, and I’ve read through many books in the wee hours, but I would really love to have a few long nights of sleep before I’m up with a nursing baby for several months. Given my history of NOT going into labor without (non-medicinal) help, I really could have a month left before I get to meet my little one. 🙁

  9. I loved your description of the effects of gravity! That’s how I feel. Morning…cute baby bump! Evening…lumpy sleeping bag for sure! lol But you look fabulous morning or night!

    I’m 15 1/2 weeks. Feeling better, but totally tired too. My first trimester was full of energy. My second…not so much, which is unusual for me. But like you, I still manage things fairly well, just not at my normal pace.

    Happy 20!

  10. Fun to travel this pregnancy journey with you! Yup, THE dress still works it’s wonders. It is a definite keeper!

    You suck in your baby bump…? Let the world know you are pregnant – WITH JOY AND BELLS ON! The ‘big belly’ is just part of the process. You can suck it in in 5 months from now. 🙂

    • Mrs. R, I’m just trying to remember not to let my belly hang out because I think it’s causing some lower back pain. I know that’s par for the course later on, but I think it’s too early to resign myself yet.

      • I found that a belly band worked great. It helped support my expectant stomac and therefore helped quite a bit with removing the lower back pain. You put it under your baby-stomac, of course, and it does the same thing as those back braces builders wear. It helps A LOT.

        • correction: I said “belly band” however, it is a “maternity belt” of which I speak. I highly recommend one!

  11. Your feet look swollen. Put them up, take a rest. :o)

  12. You could totally *not* be pregnant still. I wouldn’t dare ask you or assume at this point. Impressive. I held in my stomach until about 10 weeks because Amy @ Raising Arrows says we should but after that it makes me nauseated. It doesn’t make you feel queasy?

    Anyway, happy half way!!

  13. I love that you are doing these posts with this baby. It seems so first time mom. I’m happy to see that the excitement doesn’t go away. It changes, perhaps, but it’s still there.

  14. Well, you look great. Your dress continues to perform!
    Like every good Louis L’Amour gal, I too wake up cute in the morning albeit slightly toussled with sweet smelling breath!
    Have you tried sleeping in a hammock outside somewhere? It could be comfortable and you might be able to swing and lull yourself to sleep.

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