Giveaway: Grandpa Jake’s Campfire Cooker

Grandpa Jake's Campfire Cooker

Now here is a great giveaway.  I’m pretty sure some of you have been waiting a long time for this!

We get to give away a Grandpa Jake’s Campfire Cooker from Forgotten Ways Farm!

Until recently, the only foods we had cooked over an open fire were hot dogs and marshmallows, so this was exciting!  I borrowed my sil’s dutch oven to go with my big frying pan, and we were ready for business.  Perry used our new wrought iron cooker to prepare a fun and delicious dinner of sausage & scrambled eggs, which we wrapped in tortillas.  It was our first foray into campfire cooking, but it went very well and the whole family enjoyed the results.  Setup was fast and easy, and cooking was a snap.

Of course there was a learning curve, and a few lessons picked up along the way:

  1. Hammer the support into the fire area before starting the fire.  Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to lean almost directly over the fire to hammer it into the ground.
  2. Consider wearing clothes that cover your lower legs.  Shorts may feel nice under most circumstances, but not when you’re standing right next to an open fire.
  3. A ring of rocks is a good idea to provide a physical barrier between you and the fire.  We do have a ring of rocks around our regular campfire area, but chose to set up in a bonfire area instead.
  4. Start your fire well ahead of time and make it bigger and hotter than you think you’ll need, so you can have a nice bed of coals for cooking when you are ready to start.
  5. Remember that cast iron moves slowly.  It heats slowly, and cools slowly.

Getting started:

Ooh, that’s a little hot on the shins…

Sizzlin’ sausages!

See the hook on the edge of the cooking grate?  You can hang a pot there.

Long pants.  Ahh, that’s better.  Scrambling eggs now.  Sausage pan is off to the side, near enough to stay warm but far enough to keep them from burning.

It’s super easy to use the two long hooks provided to move grates up and down or side to side.

Of course, we topped off our feast with marshmallows roasted on sticks.  Now we just need to find some good deals on more cast iron and/or some enameled cookware.  I can’t wait to make coffee this way, and Perry is hoping to host a men’s breakfast followed by some target practice for our city-dwelling friends.

Can anyone recommend a good source of recipes for campfire cooking?


One random winner will receive a free Grandpa Jake’s Campfire Cooker!  US residents only, please.  To enter the giveaway, do any or all of the following.  Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry.

  1. Leave a comment on this post. What have you cooked over a campfire?  How did you do it?  How did it turn out?
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We’ll take entries for 7 days, then will choose a winner.

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  1. Andrea J. says:

    My husband loves to make gumbo over the fire in a cast iron pot. I love to fry bacon in my wok over a campfire. Thanks.

  2. My husband is always rigging up some way to hold our pans over the campfire. Sometimes I make food ahead of time and heat it when get there like chili or a pasta dish. We would love this campfire cooker!

  3. we’re a camping family – love s’mores over the fire!

  4. Kristina W. says:

    Mostly hotdogs and marshmellows. They usually turn out okay. I don’t like them burned but it happens :). Thank you.

  5. only marshmallows and hotdogs on a stick! hard to mess that up!

  6. I have both of the suggested buttons in the side bar of my blog!

  7. What have I cooked over an open fire… marshmallows. Some burned, some toasted perfectly. Of course it was all enhanced with chocolate and graham crackers. 🙂

    I found some great deals on Lodge cast iron at WalMart… of all places. Pre-seasoned and in a variety of sizes. Some variety in the kind of pieces they had, skillets, griddle. And my favorite (local only sorry) hardware store had a GREAT sale on cast iron last year. Got a great Lodge dutch oven for dirt cheap!! My other find was at an estate sale.

  8. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Oops, I’m not a U.S. resident, but if I won, I would have it sent to my mom, who is in Minnesota. Hope that’s ok!

  9. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Well, we are not too original–we’ve done hot dogs, marshmallow, hamburgers, sausages, etc. on the usual implements–sticks and pans. They have turned out fairly satisfactorily, but I’m sure with this campfire cooker, it would be even more fun and delicious. 🙂 Astrid, that recipe for smoked fish sounds very, very good!

  10. We use dutch ovens. Dutch ovens make magic. Even in 90 degree heat, a hot meal from the Dutch oven is magic.

  11. Astrid Flipse says:

    Please think global folks. I’m not an American native but I will be happy to pay for the shipping to the Netherlands (60 Dollars) if I could get my hands on this one!!
    Let me try to unite worlds by giving you the recipe for Scandinavian smoked fish. When your campfire is still hot at the end of a pleasant evening with some friends or family get some whole fresh fish and wrap it seperate in a thick layer of soaking wet newpaper. Make sure there are no more flames. Put the package between (in this case turn one time) or under the coals or wood and wait until the newspaper gets dry and catches fire (15-20 minutes). Get it out, clean the fish (which is really juicy and delicious) and enjoy! Don’t worry about the ink of the newspaper, you’ll remove it together with the skin of the fish when done.

    • Astrid, thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe! If you’re willing to pay the extra shipping, I see no reason that you or others outside the US shouldn’t enter! In most giveaways, I allow worldwide entries and simply offer to cover shipping if the sponsor objects. In this case, the price would be more than I can commit to, so I’m glad to hear you still think it would be worthwhile!

  12. My son did mini pizzas over the campfire and turned out delicious thanks

  13. Sadly, I’ve mostly only cooked marshmallows, hot dogs and “hobo packs” on an open fire…. unless you count steaks, chops, etc.

  14. Oooh, I would love to have one of these! We just finished building our home in the country… well, we’re *mostly* finished… and since we have an almost limitless supply of free wood, it would be wonderful to be able to cook outside with it.

    • I am replying to my own comment because I obviously posted before my coffee kicked in and didn’t answer the question! (Note to self: drink more coffee!) Technically I have never been camping, so I have never cooked anything over a camp fire. I have toasted marshmallows and popped popcorn over a fire and I’ve grilled foods in the grill, but campfire cooking is something I’ve yet to try.

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