Happy Birthday, Megan!

Today is Megan’s 14th birthday.  While people are not defined by their possessions, we think some of Megan’s favorite things tell a lot about who she is.  Here are 14 things that we think she would number among her favorites:

  1. Her Kindle.  She reads voraciously on a very wide variety of topics, and I love to see receipts for her new “purchases” come through on my email account.  They’re nearly always free from Amazon’s Kindle store, since she prefers old books.
  2. Her vintage suitcase.  She paid way too much for it at a thrift store, and never regretted the decision.  It’s so her.
  3. Her camera.  She has a magic eye when it comes to photographing children, and her sisters pooled their funds for Christmas of 2010 to buy her a very good quality DSLR camera.
  4. Her owl ring.  She bought it on Etsy.  It’s cute and quirky like she is, and she loves it so much she kept it even after it broke.
  5. Her short stories.  They’re funny and smart and nearly always have a surprise or two, and they provide a fascinating glimpse into what she was reading at the time.
  6. Her red high-top Converse.  After her Dad, she was the first to get the Converse bug.  There are now something over 20 pairs of Con’s in our house.
  7. Her “Complete Works of Lewis Carroll.”  Inspired her checkered duct tape (see below)
  8. Her checkered duct tape.  Kaitlyn bought it for her because she knew it was perfect, and Megan carries it in her purse because she dreams of using it against bad guys.  It wouldn’t be the first time; she’s read it in the news.
  9. Her trenchcoat.  She wanted one for years, and was excited beyond words when she finally found one at Plato’s Closet for just $12.
  10. Her purple zebra-striped fuzzy blanket.  She wakes on crisp mornings with a smug grin and inquires, “Did you sleep well?  Did you stay warm last night?  Because I did!
  11. Her music.  She has a talent for discovering quirky, folksy artists that become favorites among her sisters as well, until everyone is sick to death of hearing them.  Then she discovers a new one.  Johnny Flynn, Mumford and Sons, and Jenny & Tyler are some of her discoveries.
  12. Her handmade leather journal.  An early birthday gift from Kaitlyn, purchased in Seattle at the Pike’s Place Market.  Even the paper is handmade, and the cover smells better than any dead cow I’ve ever sniffed.
  13. Her hair.  Her super-thick supermodel hair with its lush waves and ringlets is the envy of her sisters.
  14. Her old-fashioned manual typewriter.  She doesn’t have one yet and nobody bought one for her birthday, but we’re sure she’ll own it someday because she already loves it so dearly.

Happy birthday, Megan!  We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Megan!!! I know I’m a little late.

    Your twin 😉

  2. Wow… she is a BEAUTY!!

  3. Happy Birthday Megan!

  4. My Megan is a Mazing!

    Happy birthday sweet girl!

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