3 Great Deals from Vision Forum today

3 things to buy me time while I work on my pregnancy update for this week:

  1. Did you enter the giveaway to win a free family pass to The Reformation of Food & the Family?  It’s going to be great, and we would love to see you here in San Antonio next month!  The giveaway ends very soon, so click through and enter now!
  2. Product imageToday’s Deal of the Day is a good ‘un: Providential Battles I: Twenty Battles that Changed the World (4 CDs).  Want proof?  It’s already backordered.  You can still get it for half price today, you’ll just have to wait a little longer for it to arrive.  Trust me: it’s worth the wait.  It’s not specifically aimed at children, but my kids love this series by Bill Potter.  I think that’s because Bill Potter loves this subject, and his enthusiasm is contagious.
  3. Now through 6/29, you can save up to 80% on over 250 homeschooling resources from Vision Forum in the annual homeschooling clearance sale!  So, what’s on your wishlist?



  1. We would love to attend The Reformation of Food and the Family conference because we have always had a love/hate relationship with food. We struggle with our weight and we have a type 1 diabetic son so we have a desire to eat healthier; but we are confused by all the conflicting information available. Also, we are inspired by many of the speakers and would love to experience their messages firsthand. Unfortunately, the cost of the conference is prohibitive at this time. However, we know hospitality is important to God, and we long to have a biblical view of the relationship between ourselves and food.

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