Do you love Hentys?

If you know what a Henty is, you’re probably a fan.  G.A. Henty wrote some of the most famous boy’s adventure books of the 19th century!  Don’t worry: they’re not just for boys.  Our girls have loved them too!  Vision Forum has sold them almost since the beginning, but years ago they had to switch to a new publisher when the beautiful old Preston Speed version went out of print.

While the newer version is still very nice, the older version had more of an “old book” look and feel, and some people who had already begun their collections refused to buy the newer ones.

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Well, here’s some news that might excite old book aficionados: Vision Forum recently found a very limited quantity of Preston Speed Henty titles from a wholesale supplier who had purchased all of Preston Speed’s remaining Henty stock.  The price is $325 for a set of 20 heirloom quality out-of-print hardbacks.  That’s $16.25 per book, and you get free shipping on your entire order.

The Preston Speed’s Heirloom Hentys Collection includes the following 20 G.A. Henty titles, which are also available individually.

There are just a total of 70 sets, so I don’t know how long the deal will last.  If you want them, you’d better grab them.

Not sure what a Henty is?  Here’s a brief summary from the Vision Forum website:

When your child picks up a G.A. Henty historical novel, he will travel back in time to some of the greatest events in Western civilization. He will rejoice with an ancient barbarian who receives Christ, ride with Lee through the battlefields of Virginia, travel with the Conquistadors to distant lands, and watch the fall of the Temple of Jerusalem. Most importantly, he will see the world through the lens of biblical Christianity. In this world, he will learn that men are to live a life of duty and sacrifice, and that God requires even young men and little boys to act with nobility.



  1. We haven’t read anything by Henty yet, but it sounds like something we should add to our to-do list. Thanks!

  2. My 11yo son and I just finished our first Henty as a read aloud. We both enjoyed it, and I’m wondering what suggestions others might have for a next step. Any favorites especially suitable for a younger audience?

  3. We LOVE Hentys. But we’re still too poor to own any! One of these days…One. Of. These. Days….

  4. Or if your broke but have internet (which seems to happen more often these days) you can go here and read it online…. just can’t take it with you anywhere…

  5. We have never heard of this author, but I am always looking for great books for my sons to read – thanks!

    I also looked on amazon and many of his books are available for free for the kindle version too!

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