Happy birthday, Parker!

Today is 2 great holidays wrapped up in one: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and Parker’s 2nd birthday.  Ice cream was one of Parker’s first words and favorite foods: he often shortens it to just ICE, which explains why he used to be so disappointed when he asked for ice and we gave him a cup of ice water.

He also loves chocolate.  Yesterday, he asked for a cup of milk, his favorite drink.  He knew some of his siblings had milk too and strongly suspected it was chocolate.  When Deanna handed him a cup of plain milk, his face fell and his verbal skills exploded: “No, Nanna!  Chocolate!  Guys: chocolate.  My chocolate!”

Of course we celebrated with chocolate ice cream sundaes.  Unlike most people, I think Parker’s birthday suit is chocolate ice cream.

A few things about Parker:

Most people say Parker looks like me – his mom – while PerryBoy looks like his dad.  See?

Photo: True love  http://instagr.am/p/LbrTeiploO/

Here’s the funny thing: PerryBoy looks like his dad now, but not at all like his dad as a little boy.  He looks far more like his [paternal] grandfather did when he was a little boy.

Parker, on the other hand, looks very much like his Dad did as a toddler and not at all like me.  Observe:

He’s a charmer.  He like to test people and push boundaries, but he does it in the most charming way possible.  If we catch him doing something bad, he smiles sweetly, apologizes enthusiastically, gives a hug and kiss, and inquires politely about forgiveness.

If we catch him at something so bad we can’t keep a straight face, he dispenses with apologies and poses for the camera that he knows is coming.

He’s a momma’s boy in spite of my best efforts, but that’s ok.  He’s the good kind of momma’s boy.

He loves his brother dearly, and does his best to be big like him.

batman1 Superheroes among us

He is enthusiastic about everything in life, and makes us laugh every day.  We love our little guy!


  1. Oh help – inquiring minds have to know – what is that sticky mess he’s getting into?!

    And a very happy birthday to the little guy!

    Julie G

    • Julie, that was Megan’s birthday cake. In his defense, it was a laughingstock to begin with – fell apart, and the icing melted because the cake was still warm. As a joke, the cook invited him to take a little taste so she could blame him.
      What nobody expected was that he would come back for more when we weren’t looking!

  2. Kim, I think he looks a lot like both of you as kids. Parker definitely has your eyes (almond-shaped instead of round) and I think your forehead, too. He looks like his dad from the nose down, with the smaller jaw and chin. But you’re definitely right about Perry Boy not looking like his dad as a toddler! The amazing thing about children is the unlimited number of combinations of features, so you end up with children who all look like their parents, but none of them looks just like the others. With your kids, some look so much like you (Kaitlyn, Lydia, Bethany), some look so much like Perry (Deanna, ‘Becca, Perry Boy), and the others look like a mix of the two, but each, if with either of you, could be known to be your kid. (I think Rachael looks like your mom most, though). In your family picture there is such a contrast as you look down the line–Kaitlyn and Megan right next to each other hardly look related, but Deanna and Megan look much more alike. I think it’s amazing! It was the same way with my sisters and I: some people thought we looked like twins and couldn’t keep us straight, others were surprised when they heard we were all related. 🙂

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Happy birthday, Parker!

  3. That is some snazzy sandals and bow tie your hubby is rockin 🙂 He looks bit like your Bethany, don’t you think? but happy birthday to ya’lls little big boy!

  4. I have to say that I loved seeing all the pictures of the kids, but especially you and Perry as children. How precious! Now we will celebrate too with chocolate milk! 🙂

  5. Courtney says:

    Happy birthday to your little guy. He is so darling! But I have to say, I think he looks like you as a kiddo. 🙂 You guys have a beautiful family, and I’ve been very inspired and umplifted from reading your blog. God bless!

  6. No, way! Happy birthday, Parker! Can’t believe you’re 2. My son and I are celebrating with chocolate ice cream cones. Hooray!

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