Superheroes among us

And they stopped long enough for us to catch them on film!

These guys are serious.  See their muscles?

Under their supercool suits, they’re just regular guys.

They spar regularly to keep their muscles warmed up and ready to fight evildoers.

Practicing a new move.  See Batman concentrating?

When they’re not busy fighting bad guys, they’re the best of friends.

Wait – did someone say bad guys?  Up, up, and away!  Oops.  Wrong superhero.

To the Batmobile!



  1. Too cute! I’m so glad you found boy dress-up clothes. There must be an awful lot of princess clothes at your house! My son loves to be spider-man!

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  3. They’re waaaaaaaaaay too cute to be super heroes! 😉

  4. Okay, so obviously I haven’t seen your baby pictures and I’m not around your family so I don’t know what kind of faces they make, etc, but, as far as these pictures are concerned, could Perry look any more like Perry and could Parker look any more like you?

    They are SO cute!

    • Lori, that’s the general consensus, but surprisingly PerryBoy looks very little like his dad did as a kid. Instead, he looks like his grandfather. And while Parker does look a lot like me, he also looks a lot like his dad did as a little boy. I’ll have to post 1st birthday pics of me and my hubby so you can be the judge.

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Love it. Ok I’m voting for a boy with your pregnancy, simply because those 2 need another superhero to pal around with 🙂

  6. Those guys are way too tough!

  7. They are too cute!

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