28 weeks: the name game {pregnancy update}

Last week we told the world we were having a boy.  The main announcement was in my account of the ultrasound, but there was an earlier secret announcement posted as a PS to the Drano gender test.  Now that we and the rest of the world know that we are having a boy – unless we become one of those stories where the baby surprises everyone by arriving with the “wrong” parts – well, now we can start the name game.

Traditionally we have waited until very near the due date simply because it always takes us until the baby’s arrival to settle the question anyway.  Much like potty training, we figured out that there was no need to start early and create a 6 month battle.  We could just wait until everyone was ready, including the baby (which also helps in potty training) and get it done rather quickly and painlessly.

But now that we know the baby’s gender, somehow it seems impossible to avoid talking about names.  We can make a concrete decision rather than choosing a potential boy name and a potential girl name.

In case it’s not obvious, the Battle of the Baby Name has already begun.

I really want to continue our pattern of matching initials for all the males in our family, PCC.  While my husband is a III and PerryBoy is IV, Parker has the same initials as the Perrys.  I want this new boy to be Patrick Calvin, named for Saint Patrick and John Calvin.  I have a brother named Patrick Henry, but I wouldn’t call this little guy Patrick.  To keep our naming pattern from being too obvious and to prevent our list of boys from becoming a tongue twister, I would call him Calvin – like the comic book Calvin & Hobbes, of which we are huge fans.  Did you know the Calvin in that comic actually was named for the theologian John Calvin?

Most of the kids really, really want to name this little guy James William.  They don’t exactly have a vote in the matter (“You get to name your own kids,” I tell them) but we do consider their input.  It’s a good solid name, a name we have considered ever since the beginning of our childbearing years.  It is an old family name that goes back generations on Perry’s side of the family,  including the father of Perry I.  William is also the name of my brother (named for William Wallace) and my great-grandfather, a full-blooded native Alaskan who was orphaned and adopted by Americans.

And then there’s my patient husband Perry, the child’s father.  He should have some say in the matter, right?  He is not against my obsessive compulsive desire for a pattern, but he is unsure about my specific choice.  He spent one entire morning texting me boys’ names that began with the letter P.  I had to apologize for obsessing over the one that had been in my head since 10 minutes after Parker was named.  I feel like I’ve already named the child, but he’s not mine alone to name.

On his list of P names, I like Porter, but it sounds too much like Parker.  Pierce is OK.  I also like his suggestion of Phineas because the initial F sound would also help to disguise the pattern but I would want to save Calvin for another son in that case.  I think Phineas would appeal to the younger kids because they are familiar with the cartoon characters Phineas & Ferb, and of course I love that it’s a Bible name of a strong man who took action and did what was right during a very bad time in Israel’s history.

What do you think?  Like the kids, you don’t get a vote but I’d love to have your input.  What do you suggest?  I like names that are gender specific and just a little out of the ordinary but not “weird.”  Am I crazy for wanting matching initials for all my guys?  In my mind, it’s like naming them all after their father without going the George Foreman route: George II, George III, George IV, etc.

Belly pics

Does anybody think this dress will make it another 12 weeks?

28 weeks with #11

I don’t mind when friends or even strangers want to touch my belly because I share their wonder at the miracle of a person in there, but my belly button is private property.  It’s not my fault if you can see it through 3 or 4 layers, and that doesn’t make it ok for you to poke it.  Quit it!

pregnant belly button

Just to keep it real, here’s a shot in my real everyday clothes – except the shoes.  When I put on shoes, the kids all say, “Bye Mom! Where-are-you-going-can-I-go-with-you?”

The pic above is how I look in the mirror, but strangely enough the camera keeps making me look more like this:

Why do I look so much bigger in photos than in real life?  Wait, don’t answer that.

Baby at 28 weeks: 28 weeks

  • Baby is about 2.2 pounds and is 14.8 inches in length from head to heel.  If born now, baby would have a greater than 90% chance of survival.
  • The hair on the head is now clearly visible.
  • The milk teeth have developed under the gums.
  • Brain waves show rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which means baby may be dreaming.
  • more
Just 12 more weeks to our duedate.  I can’t believe we’re already so close!  This pregnancy is flying like no other, making me doubly glad I have weekly updates to remind me that it really did take this long to get here.


Your turn:

Want to share your own update?  I’d love to hear it!

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  1. My oldest son is James William. My younger son is Patrick Alexander. So you really can’t go wrong with either name. 🙂

    Best wishes,

  2. I think you should stick with the PCC pattern. I nominate Paxton, Peter, Paul, Peyton 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  3. I’m coming late on this name game thing. We are pregnant with our 7th. Starting with my husband we have ~unintentionally at first~ alternated going by the middle name. My husband has used his middle name his entire life w/ no issues. We are also military (going on 20 years) and in the military everyone tends to be known by their LAST name or their “call-sign” (depending on their job), so that is not an issue either. SO please don’t get hung up on that.
    I had a difficult time choosing a name this time~our 6th boy. So all would add is to PRAY. I believe God knows every child by name and will be faithful to reveal that name if we but ask.:) Many blessings on your new addition!

  4. I wanted to share about the going by the middle name. My dad was called by his initials in his family, by his first name at school/work, and requested his friends call him his middle name. When someone calls for him, we know they are a stranger or solicitor if they call him by his first name. If they call him by his initials, it is family. If they call him by his middle name, they are close friends. It is kind of funny! He doesn’t mind a bit.

  5. Phin is an awesome name! I like Preston also.

    And I am all about the subtle patterns, ago I would say, Go for it!

    Our first is a boy, Jakob, with same initial as Daddy (Jason).
    Then our girls are Mercedes (often called Sadies), Shiloh, and then we picked Anastacia for our third girl.
    I wanted a non-S name that did have a S name option (Stacia).
    I was actually surprised we found one we loved. Anastacia Hope = Hope of the Resurrection!

    For future babies, I am considering J’s for all boys (we’ll see…) And hopefully S or S nicknames for the girls.

    Have fun naming this little guy!

  6. Congratulations, Kim! I do hope this doesn’t come across as offensive, but have you considered that a Phineas might go through life (or at least childhood and adolescence) as Finny-A**? Since your children are homeschooled, it might not be such an issue, but it certainly would be at a public school. Just a thought. I do like Patrick.

    • Hilary, I can’t promise that he would never be called that, but it certainly wouldn’t be an issue for a homeschooled child. 😀

    • No, we hadn’t considered it, but frankly we think it’s hilarious. I’m more inclined to use the familiar tense, Funny-a**. 😉

  7. For the PCC route, I love Pierce Cannon. I agree with the posters who have said that if you are going to call him Calvin, that you should name him that as a first name.

    I can not wait to find out what you decide!

  8. Phineas Connor!

    (my now 5 year old baby is Connor 🙂 )

  9. I like Patrick and LOVE the name Calvin. If baby #5 had been a boy rather than a girl, the name would have been either Leland or Calvin.

  10. Sheila, Mom to Seven says:

    Oh, yeah, I’m kinda partial to Phillip, too. My husband’s name. 🙂

  11. Sheila, Mom to Seven says:

    Phineas, definitely, Phin for short. IF you’re going with another “P” boy.
    As far as Patrick Calvin, just go Calvin Patrick – better flow (imo), and you’d be calling him Calvin anyway. (BTW, I’m more partial to Wesley…) 🙂
    Not that it matters, but there are GOBS and OODLES of Williams and Liams these days, so if you want to go trendy…

  12. I have to vote for Pierce, having just named my youngest son Pierce Allan. It is another name for Peter – and I love the meaning. 🙂 Having my own naming quirks (in which I refuse to name any child a name that would require they share a first initial with a sibling) I’ve stuck to my guns on it – but not without cringing that Stella is now off the table, since we have a Sterling. Is it worth it?! Phineas is also pretty cute – and Phin is a great nickname. 🙂

  13. I don’t think you look big at all! I think you look so cute.

    (Of course, my due date was yesterday and I feel HUGE!)

  14. Good morning,
    I’m a fairly new reader to your blog and I’ve so enjoyed the things you’ve shared over the past few weeks. I don’t have a name suggestion but I did have to say I laughed out loud at your belly button comment. YES! I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant with #4 and I have to say the Lord is teaching me the most patience these days in how I respond to all the inquisitive fingers that just HAVE to touch that little protruding button showing through my shirt! Come on, guys, hands off!

  15. Melissa M. says:

    Well, I like Patrick Calvin. Philip/Phillip, Paul, and Peter are all nice names, too. Here’s a list of masculine P names with meanings, if that helps: http://www.behindthename.com/names/gender/masculine/25 (Most of them are pretty odd or are from other languages, but it’s interesting.) Philemon is one we don’t hear these days, and I sort of like it.

  16. I think you should stick to the pattern. My husband is from a family that had an A pattern for their first three children and then had a 4th and didn’t use the pattern. It always comes up in conversation when they are being introduced. Just because you don’t have two other favorite PC names now, doesn’t mean that later you won’t find one you like.

    I love the name Patrick Calvin. I also love Paiden which is the Irish/Gaelic form of Patrick. I don’t know if it goes well with Calvin though since they both end with the same sound.

    Our pattern started accidentally. Our first two girls were both born in December. I wanted a “Christmas” sounding middle name. Our first is Hannah Noel. Our second we decided we wanted Sarah but could not pick a middle name to go with it that we liked as much as Noel. So we gave them both Noel for middle name. With our 3rd girl, born in March, we chose to go with the grandmother’s middle names and had Mary Faye. Then God gave us our fourth girl through adoption. We named her Lydia Rose. Rose was her biological grandmother’s name which she was given at birth and we kept because she already was an “adopted Memaw” to our girls. We chose Lydia so we would have two girls from the Old Testament and two from the New. 🙂 Still waiting for God to give us our OT and NT boys! LOL

    Have fun figuring out your baby’s name! Thanks for letting us share in the fun.

  17. I love the name Patrick Calvin, and keeping the pattern you have going.

    We always said we would not call any of our children by their middle name, we would name them what we wanted to call them. Then we named our fifth child. A girl. We knew we would call her Jane, but we really struggled with a middle name to go with it. However, we loved how Bethany Jane sounded and it was the same initials as a dear loved one who had recently passed on. We went for it and have not been sorry. It was the name we loved and fits her perfectly. It has provided some laughs though. Like the time I almost told the pediatrician’s office that they had the wrong number when they asked for Bethany’s mom!

  18. Kat Menard says:

    We have our own little “pattern” going, so we can relate to the struggle. I agree with Kimberly, though, that you should not choose a name you don’t LOVE to fit a pattern. That said, we are considering adding a boy to our family through adoption and i really want to choose the same initials as my son. That way i can monogram stuff like crazy (which i had avoided, in order to be able to give to other friends), and a younger brother can wear it! I know that seems a bit kookoo, but I like that they can then be connected that way–and i get double wear out of “special” clothes.
    My current suggestions
    Phineas is great. Finn was on my short list, and Phin is just as good. However, Calvin is on my short list as well…

  19. May I suggest Petra for a name for the little one??? Anyways I enjoy your post… sometimes I really relate to your thoughts…
    Have a nice day and lots of fun picking out his name…

  20. Kim, I like the PCC pattern. I am not much help as we are trying to come up with a boys name too. That is another reason I like knowing what we are having ahead of time, because it is so hard to work out a name and then to have to do two (one boy, one girl) is just too much. We always have the hardest time coming up with a name. With Jack, my cousin, aunt and I came up with the name Luke and I loved it. Kept asking Cedric who wouldn’t give an answer about what he thought. I finally told him that if he didn’t help come up with a name for our baby that the baby would be 20 and my aunt and possibly me would still think of him as Luke. I just love the name we had come up with. I have come up with a few names but no comments or help from Cedric yet. If we waited till birth, our child might not have a name for a month or longer. 😉

  21. I understand about the same initials my husband and son have the same initials as well, and we had another bids name picked out with the same initials if this one had been a boy. As for name suggestions, the only thing I could come up with is Preston Cain or Pierce Cameron, but since the final thing I do to tell if I like a name is to see how quickly I can say it I would go with the first. I can’t wait to hear what the little guys name will be 🙂

  22. Your son is adorable in this pic! And I wish I had a dress that made me look as skinny as that black one you’re sporting. 🙂

    39 weeks here, in a couple of days I’ll be more pregnant than I’ve ever been in my life. Not sure what’s going on with this little one, no signs of any action at all!

  23. I love the pattern thing. 🙂 Not that we have one (or several) or anything…

    We have a Patrick, a William, a Paul, a Cameron. I don’t recommend single syllable first names anymore–though I had to have one before I came to that conclusion. There is not enough name there to emphasize that trouble is ABOUT to come and he ends up getting called first and middle very often. I also agree with the poster above about Williams being very stubborn/determined. My son William is named after my grampa–both very strong willed. (An amazing quality for grown men, frustrating for mamas of little boys!) And, I have an uncle Porter–who is a great guy. 🙂

    Meanings are extremely important to me–which would mean I could never use the name James, no matter who he was being named after or what other connotations might come from it. Pierce/Piers has the same meaning as Peter, Porter means doorkeeper, Calvin means “bald”…and Phineas means Nubian 😀 (You could have probably looked all of those up yourself, right? lol) So, my vote goes to Pierce or Porter (though I agree that Porter sounds very similar to Parker.)

    I am 36weeks tomorrow–our little girl’s name will mean Sweet Hope, but I can’t tell what the actual names are because we keep it very secret until the birthday.

    mom to T, C, C, J, K, C, P, M, M, S & ?… all of whom end with /n/ or /ah/ :o)

    • Michelle, My 3 sons are Trent Matthew, Clay Samuel, & Luke Daniel….we did the first names all 1 syllable on purpose & I really love them. Feel that they are strong masculine names. 🙂

      Kim, My pattern is just that my children have names that all start with different letters. Macy, Trent, Clay, Brooke, Robyn, Luke & Jordyn. A fun thing that I do is fill in the “from” on a gift tag- M, T, C, B, R, L & J. I like patterns. 🙂 Best to you in your final weeks!

  24. What about Peter? A good, solid, New Testament name.

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