29 weeks {pregnancy update}

I am loving all the suggestions for baby names in the comments on last week’s update, The Name Game.  I understand why some of you think it’s odd to call a baby by his middle name, but I know many people who go by their middle name and have never heard them complain, so I don’t plan to rule out the possibility.  I’m also still devoted to our naming pattern, which I think we can make subtle enough to avoid looking forced or cheesy.  There are plenty of choices I (we) love that fit within the pattern, and I’m having fun going through them.  Now if I can just get Perry to discuss the matter before mid-October…but why break tradition?  We can always settle on a final choice after the baby is born.

This update is going to be short and sweet, because I have other things to do today.  Tomorrow is our 20th anniversary, and to celebrate Perry and I will be spending some time together, alone.  Just the 3 of us: Him, me, and our little tag-along who goes everywhere with us for another 11 weeks.  🙂  If I’m scarce online for the next couple of days, you’ll know why.

We also have another exciting event coming up in our family that hasn’t been mentioned on the blog yet.  This one takes even more planning than a birth does, so if I’m scarce for the next several weeks, you might know why too.  If you don’t know yet, you will soon!

I had a prenatal checkup last week, and my midwife’s first words when she saw me are forever branded in my mind: “Oh, you look like your belly had a growth spurt!  Do you feel like it?!”  Yes, yes I do.  I’m still measuring 3 cm (3 weeks) big, and I feel every bit of it.  I can’t believe the little guy and I are going to keep growing for another 11 weeks!  When people ask my duedate now, I assume it’s because they are calculating the chances that I am currently in labor.  So am I.  Since I usually go late it’s not very likely, but I don’t blame them a bit.

It doesn’t help that my back has been aching off and on, so I often do that stiff, awkward pregnant waddle – the one that looks like you may or may not be in labor at the moment.  I mentioned to my midwife that aching in my back, legs and torso at night was causing me to toss and turn, and she recommended 2000 mg of calcium before bed, taken with 1000 mg of magnesium.  If I can get all 6 pills down, it’s like magic – in a good way, if there were such a thing as good magic, which there isn’t.  I can make it all the way to 4 AM before the aches set in.  I’m telling you this so you can remind me the next time I complain.  I hope you’re taking notes.

Belly pics

Sorry, no pics of me in the Belly Dress, as 4yo Bethany calls it.  The dress is home and I’m not.  I’m wearing black today because I hear it’s a slimming color.  I wonder if it’s working?  No, probably not.

Baby at 29 weeks:

29 weeks kicking

  • Your baby now weighs about 2 and a half pounds (1150gm) and is about 15 inches (38.5cm) long from head to heel.
  • Baby may be performing fewer movements because living conditions in the womb are becoming more cramped, but movements may become more forceful.
  • Baby’s eyes can distinguish bright sunlight or artificial light through the uterine wall and may be able to follow a blinking light.
  • more
Your turn:
How are you and your little one this week?  What’s new?  Share a pic!
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  1. Very few people in my family actually go by the first name on their birth certificate. For most, they go by a nickname or their middle name. The thing is though, you can be very adamant about what you want to call your child, but they might have other ideas and end up going by first/middle, or some variation of either. My older sister is named Katharine, and my mom did NOT want her to be a “Katie.” Every time a relative tried to call her Katie when she was a baby/toddler, my mom would correct them and say “her name is Katharine.” She didn’t end up a Katie, but from the time she was 11 onward, my sister has actually gone by “Kat,” which is not what my mother intended for her, but she’s mostly happy it’s not “Katie.” (I still don’ know what my mom has against the name “Katie!”)

  2. Congratulations on reaching 20 years! I still have a few to go until then but I am looking forward to celebrating 8 years in 12 days time!

    Cant believe you only have 11 weeks to go and am missing the picture this week but I am sure as always you look great. Regards the name of your baby, if you do decide to call him by his middle name make sure everyone calls him that! I have a friend who goes by his first name to one group of friends, his middle to another and by his surname (thats quite a scottish thing!) To others. It can get very confusing at times!

    Looking forward to finding out what the big event is!!

  3. My hubby and his brother both go by their middles names because of the way their parents named them. It wasn’t by choice, but it would be weird to switch it up when you are teenager. Just like it would be weird for someone to all of the sudden go by their middle name. Anyways, neither of them like it at all. Both have said numerous times they wish their parents would have just named them what they wanted to call them. And my in-law’s said they regretted the decision as the boys grew. But like you said, some people are totally fine with it. 🙂 I think you should just name your little guy whatever you and your husband like best. Enjoy your time with your husband! 🙂

  4. Sheila, Mom to Seven says:

    I second the guess about Deanna. 🙂

  5. brittany says:

    one head of broccoli has more calcium than an entire gallon of milk, even organic, dried figs (gross, i know, but if you are really desperate they work in the moment, too), as well as, a recipe called egg shell water. my husband and i just finished the egg shell water and he and i both have less aches and pains (he had a bone injury). the recipe: http://www.bulkherbstore.com/how-to/Make_Eggshell_Water.
    secret: dont crack the shells too much, like with floating pieces, it is harder to strain it; use lemon juice, it will be all you taste; and store it in a jar or cup that you cant see through! really just sip it, but on days two through four take bigger sips.
    it was so effective that we want to do it again.
    i am thirty weeks with our first boy.

  6. I am guessing that Deanna is getting hitched too 🙂

    I’m 40 weeks today and no signs of baby anywhere. I’ve never gone to my due date before and am a little surprised!

    Any tips on getting things going from you or your readers? I’m walking, spending *quality time* with hubby, taking Red Raspberry Leaf tea and I have a toddler still nursing… no uterine action though! I’m not ok with castor oil, but I don’t want a hospital birth with induction either.

  7. My 14-year-old is Mary Chanelle and goes by “Chanelle.” She has not found it all complicated; as a young child it made it easy for her to distinguish between friends and acquaintences/professionals as the latter always refer to her as “Mary.” I sometimes call her “Mary” in a light hearted way, or “Maria” if I am trying to get her attention. I think it has made her a flexible person (or maybe that’s just her nature). I had a few concerns about calling her by her middle name but it has not been a problem.

    • My uncle goes by his middle name, because he is named after my grandfather. My uncle’s son has the same name, too, so he goes by his mother’s maiden name.

  8. I have made it to “full-term”!! Thirty-six weeks and counting down now. My bag is packed, the car seat goes to the van today, freezer cooking party this afternoon.

    On a side note: we have her name (yay!) — though we won’t tell anyone until she is born; and then it will be brothers and sisters first, then grandparents.

    Happy anniversary, have fun with your big celebration!

  9. I wonder if calcium and magnesium would help me with my aches and pains. I am not pregnant, but sometimes I am stiff enough to wake me during the night.

  10. ooooh marriage is my guess too. Please be a wedding, how fun!

  11. Someone’s getting married, I’d bet. Deanna, maybe?

  12. Meghan V. says:

    Whoo-hoo! My little guy was born Thursday! We now have 3 sons. Here is his picture http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OcEIYiC6s_s/UBNdsPbXfRI/AAAAAAAAD7g/Xp2z3aAEUd0/s1600/DSC_0428.JPG He was 9lbs 1oz. 21 1/2in. And he was born on his Grandpa’s birthday.

  13. You are such a tease I am now only wondering what the other exciting event is.

  14. Happy anniversary!! Enjoy your alone time with hubby 🙂

    Great tip on the calcium and magnesium! I’m 37 weeks pregnant with #2 and it is definitely starting to get harder to sleep, mostly because my hips ache so much. I bet this would help! I’ll have to try it.

    • My hips ache during pregnancy too! I practically live off of glucosamine tablets. I have loose joints, so one of my telltale pregnancy symptoms is when my hips start popping (ow!). Taking glucosamine can really help with that, and it helps get rid of the aches too.

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