Live Streaming of the Food Conference! (and Kim is speaking on Saturday!)

Good morning!


This is Perry jotting off a quick post to let you know about the live streaming of the Food Conference! This is the first time that Vision Forum has had a live stream of any of our conferences and it’s available for the modest price of only $35.00!

While this is exciting, it’s not the most exciting part of the announcement. I did not realize until about 30 minutes ago that my lovely wife KimC. who will be on the panel discussion about Frugality and Healthy eating, will be part of the live stream feed.  So not only do you get to watch live lectures by Joel Salatin, Doug and Beall Phillips, and Michelle Duggar but you will be able to catch Kim and she and several other ladies share what they have learned about “Frugality and Health: Resolving the Tension Between Feeding Your Family a High-Quality Diet While Staying Within the Constraints of a Tight Budget ” all for about 35 dollars

For more information you can click on the image above or visit to find out how to sign up!

PS. Kim is out this morning enjoying the Ladies Tea so don’t judge the typos too harshly (I didn’t have an editor!)

PPS. If you don’t have time to watch the lectures this weekend they will be available in an archive until the end of the month so you can watch them when you get time.



  1. I enjoyed your comments also. It was a great weekend!!

  2. Hi Kim,

    I enjoyed your comments on the panel on Saturday; wasn’t it an amazing weekend??!! You promised that making your own mayo is easy, and that you’d share your recipe; I’d love to get it! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thank you, Robyn. Were you here, or did you listen on the live stream?
      Actually, I said homemade taco seasoning is easy, but I’m glad you reminded me. I’ll share my recipe this week.
      We’ve done mayo too, and it’s not hard but I’m waiting to get an immersion blender before we make it regularly. There’s just too much waste when you make it in a big blender pitcher.
      I loved being on the panel, and came away with so much more I wanted to say!

      • Hi Kim,

        Yes, I was there! My husband stayed home in Dallas with our three little ones, and I flew down with a good friend and the 4th baby (okay, I’m 7 months preggers, so he definitely did all the work while I had all the fun! 🙂

        I make my own taco seasoning, too, but I’d love to try your recipe; I’m always looking to improve. I love to make our salad dressings, too, and when you mentioned mayo I thought that would probably be a good improvement – health-wise and for our budget – over the organic stuff at the store?

  3. Kristi Scharven says:

    I’m on a mission trip and dont have the ability to live stream it! Will it come out on DVD or is there any other way to see it?!?!?

  4. Yay! That’ll be awesome

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