Poll: Should I crosspost from Life in a Shoe’s Facebook page?

Thanks to the ease of using facebook from my phone, I’ve fallen into the habit of posting quick bits there throughout the day: funny quotes from the kids, my own thoughts that I want to share when I don’t have time for a blog post, the occasional photo, and other items that don’t quite seem to merit an entire blog post of their own.

A small sampling of recent items on facebook:

No twins, but I’d love to hear your guess before we share the gender. 67 comments

Baby face view comments

Photo: Baby face :-D


“Dad looks really young for 90. You? You just look normal for your age.”  ~PerryBoy 3 comments

Snake sunning in the road on yesterday’s morning walk: 12 comments

Now I’m wondering how many of my readers don’t use facebook or don’t follow Life in a Shoe on facebook. I think of my posts over there as a supplement to this blog, but maybe many of you are missing them entirely?  Is my blog becoming too serious because all the quick & funny stuff is reserved for facebook?

So here’s a quick poll for your sake.  If you want to leave a comment to expand on your vote, even better.  Should I be taking time to cross-post some or most of the little things that I share on facebook?  Or would it just be redundant because everyone who cares already sees facebook?

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  1. I follow you on Facebook, and love it! What if you just did a weekly Facebook round-up of all your FB stuff that was worth sharing here, too? That way I can see what I missed!

  2. Is it just me or does Facebook seem a little narcissistic? I am not on Facebook but my teenage daughter is, so I check it sometimes like a good mamma should. I’m not sure I get why people waste so much time checking it and posting it and liking it. I enjoy seeing pictures of your family on “Life in a Shoe” and your posts are meaningful and/or funny, positive, spiritually encouraging, informative, a sharing of life experiences that we can all relate to. I am thankful you continue to blog in the midst of your busy life as a wife and mother of so many children- it is utterly refreshing. I’m not sure what you put on facebook, but if it is as interesting as the content of this blog then I sure wouldn’t mind it. I think lots of pictures make blogs even more interesting to read (or short videos.)

  3. Isn’t there a FB widget that you could put here on the blog, that would show your most recent 5 (or so) status updates? Seems like I had one at one time.

    • I have a facebook widget in the sidebar already, Jenny.
      People who receive the feed probably don’t see the widget, though, and I’m guessing a lot of people who visit the actual blog don’t pay much attention to the sidebar either.

  4. We don’t do FB and we enjoy your blog…we’d love to see a summary once a week. Oh and for the record, we think girl 🙂

  5. I must be blind…can’t find the gender anywhere!!

  6. Boy, boy, boy!! I think you’re having a boy!!

  7. I’m working on getting rid of my fb. So, if you wanted, it be cool to catch some cute stuff…like I totally missed the ultrasound picture. But I enjoy whatever you post 🙂 So whatever you decide.

  8. I like the funny and lighthearted spirit of the Facebook posts, but cross-posting tiny tidbits will really make your blog crowded and I think would make me less likely to look for updates to the blog. I am afraid that it might make you a little more relaxed on how often you post as well, since you’re “posting” through Facebook. I think you should mention some of the things you post on Facebook, but do it in a real post, not a cross-post.

  9. For a number of reasons I do not use facebook at all, and my husband has an account only for those people who, if we don’t talk to them on facebook, simply won’t get around to talking to us at all. For young people it has completely replaced a real conversation, we have even missed a 21st birthday because the invite was only given and mentioned on facebook.

    Anyway, I won’t go into an anti-facebook rant here, but needless to say, I don’t follow your facebook and would love some cross-posting. I didn’t know you’d had the ultrasound done! So sad it isn’t twins

  10. Not crazy about facebook. Would enjoy your little snippets here 🙂

  11. I also favor the weekly summary. Sometimes I’d like to comment on your FB posts, such as when you recently asked for gender guesses. (My guess is boy.) However, some of my family members have said that they are irritated when FB shows them many comments I have made on the posts of people whom they don’t know. So I have greatly decreased my volume of commenting on the posts of friends.

  12. Sheila, Mom to Seven says:

    I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout no crossposting, so I’m gonna vote no. Because I really don’t FB. Ever. Facebook is “the most fiendish instrument of torture ever devised to bedevil the days of man.” Just my opinion. 🙂
    On a most pleasant note,
    I think you’re having a GIRL. ‘Glad all is going well. She’s beautiful! 😉

  13. I, also, am for the weekly summary.

  14. Either way..whatever the majority prefers, but WHEN are you going to announce that you’re carrying a little girl?? :). Jaycee

  15. Sonya J. says:

    I too am not a fan of Facebook… personal choice/reasons. I agree with a weekly summary of the “best” postings.

  16. Love you blog, never think it’s too serious 🙂 I’m not on facebook at all, so I enjoy the posts here 🙂

  17. I am on FB all the time, off and on during the day. here’s the catch though…even though a person can like your FB page and do all of the necessary things like subscribe to it or whatever needs to be done to get it delivered into their feed, I rarely see it on my list of updates. I’ve been tweaking and working on all the crazy Fb settings but they do change them quite often. So as it is, I never see your FB unless I remember to actually go click the page.

  18. I don’t do facebook. I miss all this good stuff?

  19. I second (or third or fourth or whatever!) the idea of a summary post of Facebook snippits because posted everything to the blog as well would be too crowded.

  20. Melanie says:

    I agree with some of the points above. Too many little snippets aren’t what I am looking for, or I’d follow you there (but I just have too many already!), although posting some of that fun stuff, perhaps a summary post as suggested, would be great!

  21. Meghan V. says:

    Sort of off topic…but are we EVER going to find out the gender?

    • I know, I know…but I can’t just *say it.* I feel the need to think up some cute/fun way to announce, and the longer I stall the better it has to be, right?

  22. I’ve been missing out on all these snippets, too! I think it’d be great if you could do a summary post maybe once a week or something with just your favorites or the highlights, so it doesn’t feel too redundant or like too much work. 🙂

  23. Shannon says:

    I love following your facebook posts and am waiting anxiously to hear the news on the newest little! But I think a weekly recap of facebook posts would be more appropriate than continual blog posts like on facebook. Then the readers that don’t have facebook can still see what’s going on and those of us that keep up regularly can just not read it if we choose.

    • Alice Williams says:

      I agree! I have fb but hardly ever get on (especially right now, in the middle of a cross-country move) so I miss all that cool stuff. An occasional recap would be great.

  24. I don’t have a facebook account, so I can’t see what’s posted there. I’d love to read more here, though!

  25. My computer was acting funny, so hopefully my vote went through! I’m more than happy to read it twice! But I only catch about half of your FB content, so most of it won’t be a double read for me. I’m happy with whatever you decide! 🙂

  26. I do not have a Facebook page personally but follow you from my blog’s page. Since I post a good bit from my phone on there I don’t always see your Facebook posts. I also remember when I didn’t have a Facebook at all (because of a personal conviction not because I didn’t want one) that I was excluded from many giveaways, or commenting on certain blogs. That stunk.

  27. I’m watching this poll with interest, because I’ve had the very same thoughts myself about my blog/Facebook page….

  28. Courtney C says:

    Wouldn’t have worded it quite the way you did ;), but I agree with Heather. And I’m going to guess you’re having a girl. 🙂

  29. I follow you on fb and enjoy your little tidbits. However, posting the tidbits on the blog as well wouldn’t be redundant for me bc I only click over to here when you post (on fb) a link for a blog post. So I’d click over here to read it.
    So for me it wouldn’t be redundant. =)

  30. HeatherHH says:

    I think the blog will be entirely too crowded if you post all of those tidbits on here. If someone wants the cute little sayings and happenings, then they can go to Facebook. I don’t feel it’s as consistent with what the purpose of the blog has been.

  31. Of course, I wouldn’t have said it the way you did in your poll :), but I’m not a Facebook fan (as in I’m not a fan of Facebook itself), so I don’t kow that I’m missing anything and I’m more interested in longer posts than short messages anyway. I’m not so much interested in what people are doing each minute of the day, but it’s more that I enjoy reading people’s thoughts on bigger picture type items.

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