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Eek! I completely forgot to take pictures last week because we were at a birthday party for my adorable cousins in Austin. This week, I was in Fort Worth for a family reunion, but lucky for you Lydia and Megan had the presence of mind to do my job for me. Aren’t they sweet? Since I didn’t take a picture if my outfit (which wasn’t spectacular anyway) I’ll just rent and rave about my new (used) boots that I got from goodwill!



They’re real leather, pre-worn in to perfection, and have gorgeous fabric on the inside, which I love in clothes! It’s like someone added a little touch as a special favor to you, just so you can smile when you put them on. Oh, and they’re half a size too big so I can wear them with big poofy socks in the winter!


Lydia wore one of her favorite polka dot skirts with some new black Chucks she got from Platos Closet.


Megan seems to have tried on quite a few of my dresses, from the very full state of her bed and empty state of my closet, and settled on this one. That’s ok, it looks better on her.

Parker with his first pair of real Converse that we got him for his birthday, along with a vest. Isn’t he handsome?


  1. Cool boots! Oh how I miss Texas and finding boots at the thrift stores. Oh well. They look very stylish and way comfy.

  2. Those are very nice boots. What a fun find! Thank you for the photos? Did you make your mother a orange julius today? They are very cooling and just what she needs, I’m sure.

  3. Katie mom of 12 says:

    so new to your blog, but looking over the vision forum stuff, and wonder why I never knew about it before. I am a homeschool mom and if I had lots of funds I would so be investing in lot and lots of the vision forum materials. If you have a suggestion of what to start with let me know.

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