Ultrasound results, part 2

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It was only my second ultrasound ever, and the first with any of my living children.  My eyes were utterly untrained.  I lay there looking at the screen while the nurse scanned my belly, but as body parts zoomed past I was largely lost.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy to spot the gender on my own, especially if I wasn’t the one operating the scanner.

I was there as a model to provide practice and training for a new nurse so she started by labeling several anatomical landmarks on the screen: placenta, mother’s bladder, cervix, baby’s heart, etc.  As she worked, she commented: “This is obviously your cervix.  Of course that’s your bladder.  You and I know this, but the doctor needs to know that I know.”  Very little was obvious to me, but I tried to learn as I watched.

I also tried not to pass out.  The bed was very short and my legs hung off the end, doing strange things to my blood pressure.  I could have bent my knees and put my feet up on the end of the bed, but I was wearing a skirt and didn’t see a need to dispense with modesty just yet.  I was also flat on my back, not the best position late in the second trimester.  I may not have recognized my bladder on the screen, but I did know enough anatomy to realize that my heavy uterus was pressing on my vena cava, impeding circulation and causing my already low blood pressure to dip even further.

I refrained from complaining as long as I could, but finally realized I really and truly would pass out cold if I didn’t say something.  “I need to sit up,” I gasped.  “I’m really woozy.”  The nurse and her assistant were instantly at attention.  They brought me ice water and raised the head of the bed, watching me closely.  I propped myself a little higher on one elbow and took a few deep breaths as I sipped.  I was feeling better now, and knew the remaining lightheadedness would pass in a few minutes.  I assured them I was fine, but I did need to stay more upright.

While they waited and debated how to make the rest of the scan more comfortable for me, the nurse tried scanning while I sat up.  It worked!  It probably wouldn’t have worked earlier in pregnancy, but I was out to here with baby, and everything was in plain sight, so to speak.  Problem solved.

The training portion took a little while, but by the time they let Perry in the room, the work was done, and we were finally ready to start the fun.

Regina scanned my belly from side to side, showing us the baby’s face and limbs, laughing at the constant motion.  “I’ve never scanned such an active baby!” she exclaimed.  It was strange to feel kicks and thumps just a split second before seeing them on the screen in front of us.  Perry and I chatted casually with each other and the nurse but kept our eyes locked on the screen.  It was amazing to see this little person’s face already.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the flailing arms – at one point it looked like the little hand was reaching out to play with toes.  Regina paused to freeze the frame every now and then.  Although I didn’t realize it at first, these frozen frames would be the photos that we took home with us.

Perry thought he had spotted the genitals, but I was locked on the baby’s face at every chance and had no clue.  Finally, Regina paused.  “Well,” she said, giving us a significant look.  “If you were hoping to find out whether you were having a boy or a girl, that is where you’d be looking.”  She moved the little white arrow on the screen to indicate what she was talking about.  “Right there.  See it?  He’s making it easy for you.”

Perry laughed out loud.  I knew in theory what I should be seeing, but wasn’t quite sure how it all came together.  Then Regina froze the frame here:

OK, then.  The baby’s head is on the left, then elbows, then knees on the right.  And right in the center – it’s a boy!

Regina snapped a few more photos for us, and I asked her if she thought there could be a second baby hiding in there.  I already knew the answer, but would have felt silly not to pose the question since that was why we came.  She searched a bit for clues, and while she admitted that it’s always possible for a twin to hide she really didn’t think it was likely in our case.

We were finished.  To my delight, Regina handed us a long strip of photos to take home with us.  We thanked Regina and her assistant profusely, but they insisted that we had helped them by providing the training opportunity.

Now to choose a name…


  1. Oh, how exciting! 🙂 A huge congratulations to you and your family… The baby of our family is now 1 1/2 and all this baby talk makes me wish there was another one coming… It’s so exciting and such a God-inspired, worshipful, beautiful thing. <3

  2. Congratulations! I’m a mom of 5 boys (no girls), and it’s a lot of fun having a bunch of boys together.

    I have to have ultrasounds late in my pregnancies. Technically, they only NEED to check the placenta placement, due to my history, but once they start the scan, they do all that other stuff. I end up getting light-headed every time, even though the bed is never completely flat. I don’t think that some people get as bothered on their backs as others, but it’s a huge deal with me. I’ve had one ultrasound on my side. Others I’ve just stopped at sat up for a few seconds.

  3. AmandaMO says:

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful! I had the exact same thing happen to me at one of my ultrasounds and I have never passed out before. After that I made sure I had at least a couple of pillows behind me for my other kids. Are ya’ll planning on sticking with a “P” name? Peyton, Porter, Paul, Phinehas, Paiden…..Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on getting to know this new family member quite a bit better! Your little guys are going to have lots of fun together. We just found out a couple weeks ago that baby #7 (whom we expect to meet in December) is a girl. It has been so fun referring to her by her name and thinking of her more personally with each kick and hiccup. Haven’t had a gender i.d. since baby #1 eleven years ago, so it is a welcome change of pace around here.

  5. Congrats, Kim! I still remember reading your last birth story, can’t wait to see how this little boy comes into the world.

  6. Thank you for sharing your news. That will make for a whole different dynamic having three boys at the end of the line. Sometime in the years to come it will add a definite masculine touch to the household-if it hasn’t already.
    Best wishes for a speedy 13 weeks.

  7. Congratulations!

  8. We have a Porter 🙂

  9. I was once laying down for an ultrasound and they had it so my head was lower than my feet because of what they needed to see. UM. I felt like I was going to topple over backward and I was quite light-headed but they were quick, thankfully. Sheesh!

    And congrats! Keeping with the P-boy two-syllable name theme? Patrick is a good option as mentioned above! Different inital vowel. Just be sure to do a different middle initial than your other P-boys…that can cause problems with mail forwarding and medical records and stuff in the future because sometimes the post office doesn’t see the different name. They just see “P-Boy”

  10. Sounds like they need more training! They should never have let you lay flat on your back, it potentially cuts off not just blood flow to your heart, but blood flow to your baby as well! I don’t think I”ve ever had an ultrasound where I was completely supine.

    Ultrasounds are so much fun, though, I love watching the little guy or gal doin his thing – it really builds the excitement to meet the little person. But the jury is still out in my opinion, on ultrasound safety, so I try to get no more than one per pregnancy.

    • In their defense, they do almost exclusively first trimester ultrasounds, so the weight of the uterus probably isn’t an issue – but they did comment that they had learned how important it was to watch for that problem in moms who were further along than usual.

  11. Looks like your girl streak is coming to a end? 😉 How fun to have three boys! My grandmother had 8 girls and three boys, a boy at the beginning, one at the end, and one in the middle (who had a twin sister) How great for your boys to be so close together, I’m sure that you will all appreciate that as they grow! Bless you guys!

  12. Congrats again! God saw fit to give you many girls, now the boys are trying to catch up! With my own kids, I had ultrasounds with the first 2 but didn’t find out the gender till the day they were born. I found out with my youngest because I had placenta previa and they did several ultrasounds to check on the placenta mostly. I think it’s kind of cool to know, but at the same time I love the surprise of finding out the same day! Have fun picking out a name!

  13. Yea! Congrats! & thanks for the update. 🙂

  14. Woo-hoo! Congrats on your boy 😀

    I have a Wyatt, a Tate, and a Gunnar, so those are my name offerings,

    Julie G

  15. Pure joy!

    Choose a good Scottish name. Strong, free, brave.

    Or a fierce Viking fighter like my wee fella insists he is! Calum Stewart. Or Donald. Duncan. Robert or Andrew – all good Scottish names, though the first ones, being our boys’ names, are the best. Of course 😉

  16. Congratulations! The boys are starting to catch up!

    I didn’t have anything with my first baby – but just knew it was a girl.

    The second I had 1, at about 25 weeks because my braxton hicks were so strong.

    The third I ended up with a dr. who was worried about the extra fluid I always have, and did a sono at every visit. It was kind of fun. Our only boy! Never saw his face though until the very last one.

    The 4th I had just one at 20 weeks, to determine how many weeks I was, since in all the bustle of the holidays I completely forgot to keep track of things. LOL

    Loved the pics!

  17. i knew i caught that bit of information in a previous post!! congrats!!!

  18. How fun, Congratulations!!
    I’m wasn’t patient enough to look through previous posts for the sex, so I was waiting for this post! Nice that Perry & Parker will have another buddy!

  19. Patrick Connor.

  20. very cool 🙂 Congrats!
    I can’t lay on my back after 25ish weeks pregnant either; i almost passed out during my last ultrasound with my youngest, and i remember the same thing with my first, too (i only had a 20w u/s with my 2nd child)..even in labour, I couldn’t lay on my back or I’d almost pass out..vaso-vagul (or something) response I think it’s called?

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