31 weeks: Countdown continues {pregnancy update}

We’re counting down now, not just to the baby’s arrival but to Deanna and Tyler’s wedding next month.  I’ve always loudly proclaimed that I like to plan things up to and past a baby’s duedate to help me avoid sitting around the house watching the calendar tick.  OK, so it doesn’t actually tick but I think you know what I mean: the days can drag on forever if there’s nothing to think about but baby’s impending arrival.  I’d much rather have fun plans to distract me.  This way if baby arrives a little late, I get to do something fun while I wait.  If baby arrives on time, I get to enjoy baby’s company and the absence of heartburn instead.  It’s a win-win situation.

Well, planning a wedding in 6 weeks is sometimes fun and always distracting!  So far much of the planning has taken place in front of a computer screen as Deanna and I shop for dresses, explore decorating ideas, look for deals on items we need to purchase, and correspond with friends who have offered to lend us materials and their own services.  Kaitlyn spent a lot of time designing an invitation from scratch, and the 3 of us together have been busily pinning photos and links to our group board of Wedding Ideas.

We have also spent some time in dress shops trying on real dresses, hitting local stores to scope out decorating possibilities, etc.  Deanna has fallen in love with a dress that may or may not work; today we plan to take it to the seamstress to get her opinion on whether it can be altered the way Deanna wants.

All this is to say that Baby Boy is in for quite a ride!  Life was busy before the Whirlwind Wedding plans began, and will be even busier now with just 3.5 weeks to go.  When the dust settles, we’ll have about 5 weeks left to the baby’s ETA.  I’m sure we’ll plan a few low-key activities and outings to keep us busy on and after the due date, but until then we won’t need to worry about staying busy.

Belly pic:

Perry warned me that these pics may be false advertising.  When I put my hand under my belly to highlight it, I also diminish the Beached Whale effect.  That’s the effect achieved by the dress falling naturally from the biggest part of my belly, making it look like the entire bottom half of my body is as big as my belly.  It’s too late for now, but next week I’ll treat you to the usual belly pic plus a photo with the dress hanging naturally so you can see how I really look.  I’m telling you now so you can prepare yourself.  And also so I can prepare myself.

Baby at 31 weeks:

  • Baby weighs 3.5 pounds and measures 16.5 inches from the head to heel.
  • A loud noise near you may cause your little one to jump.
  • Baby may move to the rhythm of music. Studies with heart rates show that they may also prefer some types of music to others at this stage.
  • Baby’s lungs and digestive tract are very near to being mature. Now that almost all of the major organs are functioning, growth will focus on maturing those organs and growing muscle mass and fat stores.
  • more
Your turn:
How are you and your little one this week?  What’s new?  Share a pic!
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  1. I’m in week 22! My blood sugar numbers jumped this week. Everything (except fasting numbers) is 15 to 20 points higher. Bleh.
    I’m going to start cinnamon this week and hopefully get into a tighter work out routine. I have platar fasciitis as well. Not fun. Also my placenta is still out front, but baby is big enough now that I can feel him occasionally. We are naming him Moses.
    What do you do for exercise, Kim? And do you find that exercise helps with labor?
    Also, do you take any supplements to help with postpartum bleeding? Or hemorrhaging after birth? Hope that wasn’t a TMI question.
    Congrats! So happy for you!

  2. We finally had our baby… 13 days late she was, but came in 2.5 hours. Worth the wait!

  3. Laura, I am a massage therapist and one of the most effective remedies for this is pretty easy(your hubby could do it for you) but pretty painful. Put a bit of lotion or oil on the sole of the foot and after some light warm up strokes do a couple of very deep slooow strokes from the ball of the foot to the heel. Another thing you can try is to put the front part of your feet on a little piece of 2X4 or something similar while doing a standing job-dishwashing. This will help the fascia to stretch.

  4. What’s up with me is that I’m newly pregnant :)! the doc said I was 10 weeks along and I only found out on Sunday. I’m overjoyed!

  5. Laura I wear Merrell jungle moccasins year round. (see link)

    I found them when I was pregnant with my son who is now 5 years old and they have been SO comfortable they are all that I have worn ever since except for occasions when I MUST wear tennis shoes or dressier shoes.

    Even in summer. (And I live in Texas)

  6. Kim,

    You look amazing!!!

  7. Oh, and congrats about Deanna! Hope things go relatively smoothly!

  8. here is a topic for you moms of many, especially the skirt wearing variety. A few months ago, I started experiencing a pain in my foot across the heel, often between the heel and the arch. I am a sandal/barefoot person, and want to die if I have to wear socks/sneakers all day when it’s 95* outside…However, all the symptoms point to plantar Faschiitis(sp?), probably from wearing sandals to many years with inadequate support. Anyway, I purchase a better pair of sandals that at least have a back strap and a bit of a molded arch in them. Helps some, but every morning, I hobble around like an arthritic woman for about 30 min, while my foot stretches out. Then all day as I sit for any period of time, or stand doing dishes, it tightens up again…My feet feel better when I wear sneaks/socks all day, but as a skirt-wearing lady, it has the stench of backwards, homeschool, frumpiness! (I am quite frumpy in other ways, but sneaks and skirts are not one of them!) What type of shoes do you skirt wearing ladies find? Any others with foot issues? It’s not a big deal when winter comes, cause I like wearing my knee socks/highs with slip on shoes that look fine with skirts…just summer…sigh…I just don’t know when I could be pregnant again, and i don’t relish the idea of gaining 30-40 lbs on my aching, tight foot! help!

    • @Laura, There is a website called Katy Says/Aligned and Well with really valuable info on plantar fascitis. One thing you need to do is stretch your calves and hamstrings several times a day, those muscles are tight and are pulling up on your foot causing pain. tons of great info that has helped me stay comfy this pregnancy

    • I USED to have the same problem. It’s gone now….. Birkenstocks!!

  9. It sounds as if you are moving right along with the wedding plans. I hope she can get the dress she like altered! I love unique weddings – they are so interesting and usually very personal. Can’t wait to see lots of photos!


  10. I’ve enjoyed reading about your pregnancy, and we’ve finally announced ours although I’m on the other end. I am 12 weeks and ready to be done with the nausea. So happy for your family and I pray that wedding plans will go smoothly for you!

  11. How can I be so excited about a wedding where I don’t know the bride or groom and I am not going to be attending?? I also cannot believe you are 31 weeks already. I remember those last 9 weeks seemed to go on forever!!

    This week I am not completely loving motherhood! My baby is gorgeous but very colicky and nothing we do seems to help so she just screams incessantly for about 3 hours solid every night. Any advice from all the experienced mums on here would be appreciated! Other than that am enjoying the journey of motherhood!

    Kim I am still amazed at how small you look, I think I looked like that long before week 31! 🙂

  12. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see how everything comes together 🙂


  13. 31 weeks! Hooray! 30 weeks is about the time I start to frantically clean and start getting out baby items (my babes are usually on the early side). This last pregnancy was the first one that I kept busy with until I experienced pre-term labor and was put on bed rest for almost three weeks. Keeping busy is great, but bed rest makes everything slow down to a crawl. Our newest little one arrived two weeks ago (two weeks early). We are enjoying the him and trying to find our new normal.
    Happy wedding planning and make sure you are taking care of you and baby boy (otherwise you might end up on bed rest, too:-)

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