33 weeks: video of baby moving {pregnancy update}

This week I realized with gratitude just how trouble-free this pregnancy has been, especially over the last month.  I do get achy if I’m on my feet too much, but since discovering stretches and exercises to keep my pelvis aligned my back has been almost pain free!  Instead of cringing when I accidentally make my pelvis crack, I stand in comfort and triumph because I purposely made it crack.  It’s a nice change, to say the least.  If I were a feminist, I might say I felt empowered.

Wedding plans for our oldest daughter are coming along nicely, and my checklist of things to do is growing shorter by the day.  I love that she is not stressing about the details and encouraging me to keep the same relaxed attitude!  All the big decisions are done,  major purchases are made, most of the serving supplies are procured, and food plans are nearly finalized.  I even found a dress that doesn’t make me feel like a whale.  It makes me feel more like a cute, graceful cow, and I’m pleasantly surprised to stick with land mammals at this point.  Most of what remains is the actual work instead of planning and preparing, and I’m hoping work will be the easy part.  If you know differently, just leave me in my blissful ignorance.

The fun of planning and the absence of stress has made this a fun week.  The baby is more active than ever even though I keep hearing that he should be slowing down now.  Does anyone think this should be a cause for concern?  Is this kid going to be keeping me awake for the first 6 months and bouncing off the walls for the next 16 years?  In the meantime, I can’t help but feel a little thrill at every movement.  It truly never gets old!  Even when kicks are strong enough to cause pain or discomfort, I can’t help but smile.  I’ll never stop being amazed that God can grow a whole new person inside my body!

Belly pics:

No pic in the Belly Dress this week, but here’s what I’m wearing today.  Please excuse the groggy no-makeup look.  It was early.  Well, it felt early.

Baby at 33 weeks:

  • The baby  is now about 4.4 pounds (2 kg) and around 17.5 inches (44cm) in length.
  • The baby is using its lungs to practice breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid.
  • The baby is drinking about a pint of amniotic fluid a day now and urinating the same amount.
  • more
Your turn:
How are you and your little one this week?  What’s new?  Share a pic!
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  1. Ok, so can you empower the rest of us too? 🙂 How do you pop your SI joint? Do you do any other exercises in addition to the ones on the YouTube you linked to? I’d really appreciate you taking the time to share — I need to figure out something to do for my SI joints, too. Thanks!

    • Melanie, the moves demonstrated in the linked video were doing the trick until Friday. Now nothing works: I’m on Day 3 of bedrest due to crippling SI pain because the joint is locked out of position and won’t move. Ironic, no?

      • You DEAR heart! I’ll be praying for you! Just remember, you are doing a mighty work to be a living sacrifice for this new little man. “He gently leads those who are with young.” (Is. 40:11)

  2. I’m 32 1/2 weeks and this little girl is super active too. I’ve been also wondering what I’m in for when she gets out. I don’t remember my son ever waking me up or keeping me up or really causing any pain with his acrobatics, but this girl has done all of the above, almost daily. It was fun to watch your video if baby moving. I have a bit more, eh, padding so, while I’ve seen some movement, my baby’s kicks aren’t as noticeable to others.

    What I’ve been struggling with lately is irritability. It kind of just seems like my teeth are always on edge and I’m getting way too frustrated way too easily with our 2yo. I do think he’s at an age of testing as well, but I’m not sure he’s been as naughty as I think. Seems like I’m constantly saying no and administering discipline for things he KNOWS are NOT allowed, and he is constantly giggling and running away.

  3. ” It makes me feel more like a cute, graceful cow, and I’m pleasantly surprised to stick with land mammals at this point.” Best. Pregnant. Description. Ever!! You have such a gift with written humor Kim. This one gave me a good laugh! 🙂

  4. Your video made me laugh in happy memory. All of my (4) babies have been so active too.

  5. Please share your exercises/stretches to strengthen & align the pelvis! I’m at 25 weeks & already having issues with pain in my hips/pelvis. We just recently moved & I left behind wonderful chiropractic care. 🙁 it’s gonna be a long 15 weeks if I don’t do something!

  6. At somewhere between 6-7 weeks and waiting to see if this little one will make it. Praying he/she will.

  7. Lois Groat says:

    Your daughter and my son are getting married the same day! My 18 year old daughter got married last Saturday, and is on her honeymoon now. MY oldest daughter got married in July. Weddings are fun and delightful, and we have had a wonderful lot of fun this summer. I think you are going to have just as much fun as we have. Being relaxed is the way to go.

    Thanks for the moving baby pictures. It has been a while for me, because my last 5 were adopted, and it was entirely precious to watch.

    • Lois, what fun! I knew you mentioned weddings this summer, but had no idea you had 3 so close together! I should have been listening more closely so I could pick up some tips from you!

  8. I have only been following for a little while, but your humour and joy really gets through.
    I loved this:
    “I’ll never stop being amazed that God can grow a whole new person inside my body!”
    What a great testimony! I wish everyone in the world loved children with that sort of awe for God’s handiwork.

  9. You a feminist? (Snort!) You’re barefoot and pregnant too much of the time! And your chained to the kitchen(laugh)….and apparently you love it:)
    (this is not a dissenting comment, just attempting a little humor)

  10. You look great!

    I know the literature says babies are supposed to get less active at this point too, but none of mine did. At 35 weeks this baby #3 is quite active and strong.

  11. Thank you for the update. You look wonderful. I noticed the little blip with regards to house hunting as well. Would that be your town home? Or would you move entirely? Your eldest to be married in a little over a week…What a thought provoking time of your life. Of course, we are eagerly looking forward to lots of wedding photographs and talk and details. And all the new baby news and photographs. However, you must have a wealth of maternal thoughts which you are pondering in your own heart. It is good your man is there to be a support and encouragement!

    • Jamie,
      We’re contemplating a move to town. We spend SO much on gas and auto maintenance right now, and could be investing the same money in a home while cutting Perry’s commute from 2-3 hours/day to just a few minutes. It’s a big decision and not one we would make lightly, but we have been looking hard at what is available and would suit our family’s size and lifestyle. It would also mean that we could live much closer to Deanna & Tyler. 🙂

  12. 38+5, and I’m 2cm 70% effaced… They put me on modified bed rest because my blood pressure is starting to tick up (mine always does at the end of pregnancies…otherwise it’s picture-perfect, silly hormones).

    Bed rest is…well, it’s frustrating. I feel that if I could be up, taking vigorous walks, the baby would come sooner. As it is, I’m just dreading that the midwife will probably induce me next week. On the other hand, I sooo want to hold my baby AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    As far as personality in utero, I’d say it’s pretty accurate. My four have definitely exhibited the same personality characteristics as they’ve grown “on the outside” as they did “on the inside.” Brace yourself, Kim! 🙂

    I love your maternity top! I have a few that I really enjoy this time. This is my first “summer” baby, so I got to get lots of new (to me, at least) maternity shirts and blouses this year! I think I might actually miss them after the baby’s born, lol.

  13. #6 was not active at all. Infact we did non-stress tests for the last few months because I couldn’t feel movement. Now he is my most active one. #8 is now 3 months old and probably my most active inutero. His legs do seem to move a lot, but he is pretty laid back and happy most of the time.

  14. I’m 37+5 (not that I’m counting or anything 🙂 and this baby has me a bit worried too. My daughter was a mellow womb baby and is now a pretty quiet kid – this one is crazy! I keep telling my husband to prepare himself.

  15. You look great Kim, really!

    I LOVED the video of the little man moving around! My most active child in the womb is my most mellow child out of the womb – go figure!

    Can’t wait to see all the photos of the wedding!

  16. You look great. He is such an active baby! I am 35 weeks with baby #5 and I feel huge! Trying to savor these last few weeks of pregnancy, though I am so very eager to meet this little one.

  17. The inside of your womb must resemble a soccer field, LOL! I used to love watching my pre-borns do somersaults while my belly did a dance all on its own! You look beautiful, by the way.

  18. aww! I miss feeling my little guy move around in me. He is a month old today! He was active up until the very end. I was feeling him kick and stretch just before my labor started. He’s no more active than most babies 🙂 Enjoy these last weeks because before you know it, it will be over and you will be missing it (while at the same time reveling in your new baby boy!). Praising God for your “easy” pregnancy and praying that it continues to go so well!

  19. Fun times!! I think it would be a great distraction to plan a daughter’s wedding in the last weeks of pregnancy 🙂 How many weeks until the wedding?!

    My little Jack is already 2 1/2 months old and he was REALLY active during my last few weeks. He’s been a good sleeper though, active during his waking hours but he already sleeps for 8-9 hours at a time (now if I could get him to start that long stint of sleep at like 10pm instead of 5pm, we’d be golden! 🙂 Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy Kim, you look fabulous!

    • The wedding is a week from Saturday – it’s coming up very quickly, and I agree that it’s a great distraction during this time!
      I can’t believe it’s been 2 1/2 months since you were waiting so impatiently for your little guy to make his arrival!

      • Are you going to post photos? I realize it’s essentially a private thing, but I figured since you post photos of yourself and your kids, we might get to see the wedding dress at least. And maybe bridesmaids dresses if she’s going that route. Certainly has plenty of girls to choose from. 🙂

        • Yes, I’m sure we will share some photos! The bride and groom want this to be a low-key event but it’s certainly not a secret, so photos are sure to pop up on facebook as well as here.

  20. What a lovely video of you baby moving! I only have one little girl and couldn’t remember how it felt when she moved inside my belly. But as soon as I saw the video I remembered and could nearly feel it again! Thank you so much for that!!!
    Kind regards

  21. You look so tiny!!

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