Let’s Try This Again…


Megan: lace, cowboy boots, and curls.

Kaitlyn: fishtail braid, peacock necklace and awesome leather belt. 🙂

Lydia: fluer de lis necklace, black nail polish and belt and converse shoes.,

And to make up for laziness…


Two of the most handsome guys I know!



  1. The girls all look beautiful!! Can’t wait to see them all decked out for the wedding!

  2. It’s “smoulder”. Thanks for explaining!

  3. Super-cute nails; I always want to do black, but I tend to wear a lot of black clothing, and my hair is black, so it always feels like it would be “too much” in my case 🙂 It’s a great contrast with the blue dress. You all look like you stepped out of an Anthropologie catalogue (which is a good thing…at least I think it is!)

  4. I like the lace, curls, and cowboy boots combination–even though I don’t wear cowboy boots myself:)!

  5. Sorry for the blurrines, Sheila. I used instagram to edit these that might be why the resolution is so low. I’ll try something else next week!
    Edythe, Megan wasn’t really unhappy. We took kind of a lot of pictures and she didn’t think the smiley one were flattering so we picked the “bored smolder” ;).

  6. Why does Megan look so unhappy?

  7. Beautiful! I wish I had their style! 🙂

  8. Pictures came across a little blurry or fuzzy, but then maybe you didn’t want them to be crisp. What brick wall is that? A church brick wall, Humpty Dumpty’s brick wall, the Wall of Rohan…your house wall? 🙂

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