You might be in your third trimester if…

I started this thread over on Facebook and it was so much fun I’d like to hear your contributions too!

Here are my own:

Family, friends, and total strangers compulsively pat your belly.

An 8yo 45 lb redhead says, “Awww, you’re so CUTE!”

Here are just a few of my favorites so far:

You kick toys into piles instead of bending over to pick them up as you walk by.

You pee when you sneeze

You have a special shelf to rest your drink/plate on…

While washing your hands after using the restroom you realize you have to go again 🙂

Your grandmother can get up out of that chair faster than you can….and without help.

You become a master at using your toes for everything.

You see your doctor more often than your feet.

You have to use the handicapped stall in WalMart because in the regular stalls, even if you straddle the toilet, your belly still sticks out too far to be able to close the stall door.

Just thinking about eating gives you heartburn.

It takes every muscle just to roll over in bed.

What would you add to the list?


  1. You are on the same peeing, eating, and sleeping schedule as your toddler.
    You take your kids to the store and realize YOU are the one that forgot to wear shoes.
    You find yourself daydreaming about labor and two whole days in the hospital.

    I’m eight months pregnant and counting down the days!

  2. I’m 8 months and before we go shopping I always tell my kids they HAVE to try to go pee because we are NOT using the bathroom at Walmart/Aldi wherever. They think it’s funny now when as soon as we get in the door at the store I announce that we are headed to the restroom. Sometimes we go twice in one trip. Sigh.

  3. Once when I was 9 months pregnant, I’d gone to a produce stand to buy peaches. I had a paper grocery bag about 3/4 full of peaches on one hip, my 19 month old on my other hip, and I was walking down some stairs. (The peach stand was elevated because it was on a loading dock for semi-trucks making deliveries for the farm.) As I was coming down the stairs, an elderly man with a cane offered to help me! This man was at least 85, and he was using the cane in a way that showed he really needed it.

    I was so embarrassed. I just gave him my biggest smile and said, “Thank you, but I’m TRYING to go into labor.”

  4. Heather L says:

    You realize that you should stop turning sideways to squeeze through tight places.

    • LOL! I’m at 32 weeks and I keep having to remind myself of this. Then I just stand there trying to imagine how I’m going to get through, or go around, or scream “lady with a baby comin’ through,” (though that usually comes out as an “Uh…..excuse me??”) and just charge. 🙂

      • A man in a wheel chair expected me to turn and squeeze between him and a wall. I had to actually tell him, “Um,… I can’t fit.” lol

    • Mama Mirage says:

      Seriously! 🙂 When we go out to dinner when I’m in the last trimester and they say “table or booth” I give them a sad/fearfull look and then look down at The Belly and tell them I most definately will not fit in a booth right now. Unless I sit sideways with my feet hanging out in the walkways for the waitstaff to trip over. Which they generally frown… on tripping hazzards in public places are not welcome for some reason. 😉

    • HILARIOUS. But, in all three of my pregnancies, I STILL turn sideways to get through small spaces right up until the end. I just can’t get my head to accept that I am wider that way.

      Oh, and if you squeeze between tables at a cafe, you have to try to figure out of your bump or bottom is more in the way- which way to turn??

  5. Oh and a third trimester thing for me: waking up sore on the right side to turn over to left knowing that in 30 minutes I’ll wake up with a sore left side to turn onto right… I miss sleeping on my back.

    I love the sweet smiles I get from strangers when they see my belly. : )

  6. First baby due in one week (thank you, Jesus!!). I was swimming in a public pool the other week and a woman said, “Let’s hope your water doesn’t break in here – you’ll never know!”

  7. having your kids tie your shoes now!

  8. LOL! YES on the wash hands bathroom thing… I don’t miss peeing so often that my bum literally got SORE from toilet tissue. 🙂

    I wrote my own “you might be in your 3rd trimester” post last pregnancy two years ago.
    My #6: You would rather stay home than face the horrible discomfort known as wearing a bra.

  9. I’m only 24 weeks and I think this list already fits me! Everyone is asking me when I’m due and very suprized when I tell them Dec. Put it this way, my belly is twice your size!! And no, I’m not having twins. haha

    • Elizabeth:
      When I was pregnant with my 2nd son by the time I was five monhs pregnant people were asking me if I was about to give birth. In my third trimester I was sitting in a wallmart and two people came by within minutes of eaach other and asked if I was having twins! One lady said I looked exactly like she did when she had twins and If I wasnt I must be having a fourteen pound baby. He was 8lbs 14 ounces btw…not fourteen.

  10. When you say you have to pee before leaving the house, your 2 yo says, “Mommy, you ALWAYS have to pee!”

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