35 weeks: {pregnancy update}

Last Saturday was our oldest daughter’s wedding, the last big planned event before this baby’s arrival.  Planning a wedding was a fun and wonderful way to pass the time, and the last 6 weeks have flown by!  The next 5 weeks will probably seem much longer – unless they are consumed by househunting.  Although the house that captivated us both at first sight slipped through our fingers while we hesitated, we are still very excited about the possibility of (gasp!) leaving the country for city life and a 10 minute commute.

We’re also planning to fill the next month with smaller events – I have a Groupon for miniature golf for the whole family, and our zoo pass expires soon.  Perry is taking a week of vacation right now, so I’m sure this week will fly by, leaving us with a countdown of less than a month.

I wrote last week’s pregnancy update a few days in advance, so there was no mention of my 4 days of bedrest due to sacroiliac joint dysfunction.  After a month of good behavior, I woke up one day with my lower back feeling stiff and painful.  A visit to the chiropractor fixed the problem, but by the time I reached home just 30 minutes later I was broken again – and it was Friday evening on Labor Day weekend.

By Saturday morning, it was exponentially worse.

I spent the entire weekend (including Monday) hobbling slowly and painfully from my bed to the bathroom and back again, unable to stand or even sit upright for more than a few minutes without a great deal of pain.  The one time I tried to join the family at the table for dinner, I had to crawl back to my bedroom.  Crutches didn’t help, and Perry’s offer to carry me sounded far more painful.  It was humbling, to say the least.

I could have called the chiropractor’s emergency number – his personal cell – and Perry encouraged me to do it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to make the call.  In my muddled mind it didn’t feel like an emergency since I wasn’t in pain when I lay still on my bed.  Besides, the last fix hadn’t lasted long enough to get me home.  Why spend the time, gas, and pay an extra holiday charge for a repeat?

But by Tuesday, I was ready to give him another shot.  This problem just wasn’t going away on its own, and I knew it was an easy fix.  The trick was getting the fix to last.

After consulting my midwife, Perry and I decided that I should visit a massage therapist first to loosen the tortured muscles and ligaments surrounding my joint.  Then we would follow immediately with a chiropractic adjustment.  The hope was that the relaxed muscles and ligaments would allow the joint to remain in its correct position instead of pulling it back out of alignment.

Praise God, it worked.  After the 2 appointments I was able to walk normally, although I was still a little stiff and sore.  On the recommendation of both the massage therapist and the chiropractor I ordered an SI belt from Amazon with next day delivery (thank you, Amazon Prime, for $3.99 next day service).  My biggest, most obvious hope and prayer was to stay well through Deanna’s wedding on the upcoming weekend, and with a follow-up visit to the chiropractor on Thursday I finally felt normal again.

God granted our prayers, and now that the weekend is past I am still feeling fully functional, though a little fragile.  I wear my belt when I have to be on my feet a lot, and my back aches if I’m upright for hours on end.  Of course that’s my signal that it’s time to lie down for a bit.  And while I lie down, I can remember what a blessing it is to be on my feet at all!

Belly pic:


Baby at 35 weeks:35 weeks

  • Baby is now about 18.5 inches in length and weighs over 5.5 pounds.
  • Baby’s reflexes are coordinated.
  • Lungs are almost fully developed.
  • more
Your turn:
How are you and your little one this week?  What’s new?  Share a pic!
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  1. PS- I LOVE your shirt!

  2. So glad to hear that your pain is now under control! The stretches you posted have done wonders for me, I’m praying that the same sort of thing doesn’t end up happening though! I’m 34 weeks now and do NOT remember being this big, awkward, tired and uncomfortable with my first child. Maybe we are just blessed with selective memories. however, it is quite fun to be still and feel this little girl kick like mad. 🙂

  3. As a chiro, don’t feel bad about calling your doc’s after hours number – it’s there for a reason! I give my personal cell out to patients for emergencies and sometimes get horrified looks – mostly from fellow health professionals thinking I must get called all the time. Honestly, over the years, I’ve maybe gotten called twice – both by patients that were also good family friends – it happens much less often than you would think and isn’t an inconvenience! Glad you’re feeling better – those last few weeks of pregnancy can make it challenging to keep those joints in place!

  4. Congrats on the wedding. Such happiness is a blessing. Glad you are better and hopefully these last weeks will not go too slow. Question….do you still sell retriever puppies?
    Bless you and will drop by again soon.


    • brenda,
      We had to say goodbye to our Golden Retriever earlier this year. She had brain cancer (very common for Goldens) and while medication controlled most of her physical symptoms she was also becoming mentally unstable. It was a sad time for us, and one I chose not to blog.

  5. I have a herniated disc in my lower back, which wouldn’t have been a problem if the piece of bone that broke off hadn’t been stuck in my spinal column…so basically I can (literally) feel your pain. It’s awwwful. My suggestion of doing some myofascial release is basically what you did with the massage before adjustment. You need to move the fascia into place to support your tailbone, so it stops moving. That baby really wants to push your joints around!
    Was the massage nice and relaxing at least, or just super painful? I’ve had both. For awhile, anything touching my lower back was agony and wasn’t happening but it’s amazing how much my physical therapy with the myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy has made my life almost pain free.

    • The massage was a little painful, but mostly in a good way. I could feel the muscles and ligaments loosening up as she worked on them, and I left feeling much better even before my visit to the chiropractor.
      Also, she taught Perry a few ways to stretch specific muscles for me around my SI joint, so if the problem recurs he’ll know what to do.

  6. Hi Kim

    I totally sympathise! I spent my last 3 pregnancies struggling with this sort of thing. I hope the belt helps. It helped me, although I still did need to rest – as do you! You’re nearly there, though. Yay!

    Looking forward to hearing about Deeanna’s wedding! (And the possible house hunting…)

    In Him,


  7. I’m almost positive your belly is getting smaller rather than larger! ; ) So glad you were able to get the pain under control! Wow…just five weeks to go!

    I’m 30 weeks. Feeling good, just tired. We had our daughter’s wedding 7 months ago…so only school and daily life to keep me busy. But seems like the weeks are flying by, so that’s good!

  8. No offense, but your daughter just got married, and this post is all about you.

  9. 4 days until due date for me……..your pregnancy has seemed to go by fast!!

  10. Kim, you look like a little girl in that picture. I mean that in a good way! And you definitely don’t look 35 weeks pregnant! Maybe it’s the full length, against a whitefish wall, different clothes? You look great though. Now what’s this about y’all moving?

    • Thank you, Jeri. You’re so sweet!
      We’ve been househunting in our spare time, excited about the possibility of moving into town and living close to work & church. Today is a big day – as I type, Perry is making an offer on a house!

  11. What a painful story with a happy ending! May the last few weeks be less involved while you patiently wait for your Baby!
    Looking forward to some wedding chit chat!

  12. So when do we get to see pictures of the wedding??? 🙂

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