Embarrassing moments

Last week, I filled the gas tank at gas station next to a busy highway with my skirt tucked up in the back.  12yo Natalie tried to make me feel better: “It’s all right, Mom. You’ll probably never see those 6,000 people again.”

If you’ve had an embarrassing moment lately, I would love to hear about it.


  1. I know this is an older thread, but I ran across it today. One fine summer day, my husband and I were going to a friends wedding. We were walking up the walk to the church and my slip fell off right onto the ground. I was very cool. I just scooped it up and kept on walking. I think my children were probably glad they had not been invited to the wedding.

  2. My moment happened at a gas station on a busy corner. I got out of my van to pump gas, put the pump handle into the gas tank opening and then went to run my debit card through the pay-at-the-pump swipe. I always swipe & pay first and then put the pump handle in so I have no clue why I put the handle and hose to the van first this time. When the swipe mechanism didn’t work and I had to drive to another pump, I completely forgot I still had the handle in the van. As I pulled away to another pump, I heard a horrible screech and thunk and realized I’d yanked the whole hose out of the machine and dragged it with me! Some guy and his girlfriend saw me and called out, “Good goin’!” I was mortified as the station manager came out and yelled at me. Needless to say, I’ve never gone back to that station.

  3. Okay, so this may not be as bad, but I still get red when I think of it. I was nursing my little one in the nursing mother’s room. It had one of those light dimmers and I was trying to follow along with the sermon, so I had the light on very low. My 10 month old (whose now five) was really an active little thing, so he frequently tore off any covering I had over him. Well, the lights happened to dim in the sanctuary for closing worship that Sunday, something that had not been done before. I just keep feeding away. After the third song, this sweet older woman tapped on the glass and mouthed, “I can see everything!” Yep, that was really embarrassing. I could not look our pastor in the eye for several weeks.

  4. I would claim the “You might be in your third trimester if….” moment? 🙂 There is so much happening in front it is difficult to think about the back!

  5. Oh man, I sit here and read these and alternate between laughing and sympathizing!! I don’t have a moment to share…. which is amazing because I think I have a sign taped to my back that says “I love catastrophe”. I just wanted to tell you I snoop on my husband’s FB page and I’ve been seeing Perry’s updates on you and his request for prayer for you, and I’ve been praying. It’s so sweet because yesterday I prayed that you would be able to get in at the chiropractor!!! YAY! I do hope that your painful problem will be solved soon! So that you can really enjoy Deanna’s wedding. Take care.

  6. When I was teaching Kindergarten at a local Christian School (It was a gift from God that really helped us transition to homeschooling, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.) The one day was particularly windy, and I foolishly chose a large voluminous circle skirt, thinking it would be great cover on a windy day while supervising recess. Bad choice. While bending over to strap my then 12 month old into her carseat in my little jetta, the wind sent one lovely gust, and completely put my whole skirt over my head. While parents in the carline were driving past and picking up their little students! Oh was I ever mortified! And I had to face these folks smiling and teaching their children the next day! No one ever said anything, so my hope is that they were looking the other way when it happened!

  7. Heather Wawa says:

    Watch an episode of America’s Funniest Vidoes – that’ll make you feel better!

    I have been blessed by a selective memory so any and all (and I’m sure there’ve been many) embarrassing moments in my life have been quickly and neatly buried far away in the vaults of my brain. I wish I could remember something to make you all laugh. :o)

  8. Pants are sometimes so much more modest.

  9. Oh my. I hate to laugh at people’s predicaments, but that’s why y’all shared, right? The other day I nursed Baby in the church nursing room, then took her back to the nursery only to discover that I hadn’t buttoned back up. Embarrassing!

    • I just read your comment this very morning.
      Then I went for a long long walk with my kids down a busy road, went shopping, picked up my car from the mechanic and got into the drivers seat to realise that when I’d fed my baby before I left the house I hadn’t done up my nursing bra strap. I was wearing a loose shirt, but it was really obvious. Really unsymmetrically obvious.

  10. Yup… it’s bound to happen to the best of us! I was at the food court in a very large and busy mall when my son had apparently lifted up my skirt in such a way that it revealed my backside for an entire hour… Of course I was mortified when I finally figured it out. Anyone who looked got an eye-full of an underwear wedgie and some VERY white but cheeks. I still can’t understand why no one told me… O_o

  11. One evening in Colorado, we went into REI. Two year old was tired, so I sat in a lawn chair by the front door with him. He puked ALL OVER me. I got up and took him outside, pulled off his clothes, put him in the car. Since NO ONE was around, I turned towards the car and took off my top and skirt and got into the car. Older kids come out and say, “Hey Mom, why did you just turn towards the security camera and get undressed?” Security cameras, outside the store, with inside viewing. Who knew?

  12. When I had my first child we took a trip to Walmart. He was just a couple of weeks old at the time. My husband had to do more shopping and my little man was needing to eat. So I sat down at the benches they have near the entrance and nursed my little guy. I had a blanket covering us. When he was all done eating I adjusted myself and started burping him. After sometime I felt a coldness, like a draft on me. I felt my side and my shirt was still completely raised up over my breast! I was mortified! I was sitting there maybe 5 minutes while exposing myself to every single person that walked into walmart. Since then I started making nursing covers that have the holder around your neck and I don’t take that thing off until I am completely covered again.

  13. Oh, wow. I’ve done that exact same thing, at a health fair where I was running a booth. I walked all the way across a quarter mile’s worth of busy office complex (why did I not feel a draft? I don’t know) and only then was someone kind enough to let me know about the indecent exposure. And then I had to sit at the booth for three hours, smiling and promoting my health food store, to all those people who’d just seen my scantily-clad rear end. At least back then I was in good shape?

  14. Poor thing! I had one of these moments myself last week. If you read the comments on my post you’ll feel much much better. LOL


    • OK, this made me feel a *little*better. I’ll feel much better when last week’s event becomes one of those old, remember-when stories we laugh about.

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