38 weeks: time to place your bets! {pregnancy update}

With just 2 weeks until the baby’s duedate, it’s time to place our bets!  Since we cheated and peeked at our gifts this time, we already know that we’re having a boy.  However, I don’t know where he will be born.  We’re hoping to close on our new home in town this Friday (October 5) and move the following weekend (October 13).  Although my last several babies have been a few days late, my first 3 were early, so we really don’t know what to expect.  There’s also the factor of psychology which can strongly influence when labor begins: while I would think it would be easier and more practical to wait and have the baby in the new house, deep down I probably feel more comfortable with the idea of giving birth here where I have already had 3 children.  The added privacy out here in the country is a big plus, too.  Of course we won’t be putting the birth pool outside on the deck in town, but I’m really hoping the neighbors don’t hear any scary noises from inside our house.

If you want to join the fun, here’s what you should include in your guess:

  • Baby’s birthday.  Remember, due date is October 17.  Our babies have ranged from 9 days early to 10 days late.
  • Baby’s place of birth: country home or city home?  We hope to move on the 13th, but it is entirely up in the air since we don’t even have a closing date yet.  Yes, hospital is always a possibility, but I have a good track record so far.  🙂
  • Baby’s gender: Who wants to be a maverick and bet against the sonogram?  You can see the photo here, although you might want to start reading at part 1.  How clear does it look to you?
  • Baby’s weight to the nearest ounce. My other children have weighed in between 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 8 lbs. 9 oz.  The midwife is guessing that this guy is on the small side right now, around 5 pounds.  Of course he’ll continue to gain weight until he’s born.
  • Baby’s hair color.   We have a pretty wide variety already.  The kids are absolutely dying for a red-headed brother like my brother William and my little nephew Christian, both strikingly handsome guys.

Want to know my guess?  Don’t be unduly influenced, because I don’t seem to have my sisters’ gifts for creepy-accurate dreams and premonitions.  I’m really just guessing, but here’s what I say:

Mom’s guess:  Boy.  7 lb. 2 oz., born October 19 at our new home in the city.  Dark hair.

I’ll add guesses from the rest of the family as I ask them.

Kaitlyn’s guess: Boy, October 20 at city home, 6 lbs. 8 oz., red hair

Megan’s guess: Boy,  October 26 at city home, 7 lbs. 2 oz., light brown hair

Natalie’s guess: Boy, October 19 at city home, 7 lbs. 6 oz., light brown hair

Becca’s guess: Boy, born October 20 at city home, 7 lbs. 10 oz., brown hair

Rachael’s guess: Boy, born at country home, October 19, brown hair, 6 lbs.

Bethany’s guess:  Boy, born October 24 at city home, brown hair, 8 lbs, 4 oz.

I’ll add guesses from the rest of the family as I get them.

Belly pic


Baby at 38 weeks:

  • Baby is fully developed.
  • The body fat is continuing to build up, baby putting on about 1oz (28 grams) a day.
  • The wrinkled skin is becoming ‘baby’ smooth.
  • more
Your turn:
How are you and your little one this week?  What’s new?
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  1. October 19 at city home, 8 lbs. 6 oz., brown hair

  2. Connie Sue Jacobs says:

    Country home, October 16, light brown hair, 7 lb 11oz.

  3. October 8 – yes I know it is tomorrow, but you’re so often in my thoughts rigt now. Red haired boy. Standard measurements ’cause I can’t do inches and stuff as I’m European (3.5 kilograms and 53 cm) Born at old house.

  4. I vote for Oct. 17 because I was due 2 years ago the 17th and I delivered that day. Boy, city house, red hair, 7 lbs. even.

  5. When will we know the name?!?

    Boy- country house(I hope)- fine, red hair, oct.19- 7lb. 2oz:)
    Can’t wait to see him!

  6. Like you I was due to have my 3rd boy (we have 4 girls too) but ours was due Octoober 4th…he came @ 37 weeks to the day which was September 11th he was 8 lbs 15 oz. even 3 weeks early…YIKES! Our family is going from a city home to a country home and hope to close the same day as you October 5th! Though our country home will only be 9 miles from church and 12 miles from hubby’s work! It has been fun to be pregnant with you and to see what God is doing in your life as He does something different in ours! My guess– Boy born on October 25th (sorry but it’s my 40th birthday) at the city home and he will have auburn hair and weigh 7 lbs. 10 oz.

  7. OK I’m usually wrong, but they do say that mothers of large families usually wait until things calm down before they have their babies ( ie ~ often go into labour at night etc.) Anyway I’m guessing that this little fellow is going to wait until you are in your new home & I’m going with Oct 22 mainly because it’s my Mum’s birthday ( as good a reason as any). So I’m going to add a pound a week for that which makes him in about 8lb & say 3oz 🙂 As for hair ~ lots of dark hair ~ it can always change colour after birth 🙂 I’m not going to argue with the sonogram ~ it’s rare that a sonographer will get it wrong ~ especially if they are used to scanning babies. Boys are generally even more obvious 🙂

  8. Meghan V. says:

    It is always fun to guess…though I’m never right! My guess-
    Boy, 7lbs 8oz, November 1 at the city house with the auburn hair some one above mentioned.
    I’m sorry I picked November 1 for your sake but it has a lot of things going on that makes me lean to that late of a date! First off it is a “holiday”. Second it is a Thursday. And thirdly you will probably have moved by then and gotten mostly settled. Babies don’t like to come when it is stressful! 😀 Oh, and is there any possibility that you will have moved and gone back to the old house for something and end up delivering there???? Which guess would be correct?? 😀

  9. Brandi J. says:

    You look amazing!!! I am guessing, Oct. 11, 7 lbs. 1 oz, country home, dark hair! 🙂

  10. I like to do this kind of thing! When my baby girl was born 3 years ago, I, along with some others, guessed her weight and was the only one who was dead-on! Felt pretty happy about that! 🙂
    My guess for you…BOY – Oct.22 – 7lb.10oz – city home – auburn (rich red/dark brown)

  11. Hmmm, I’m no good at all with these type guesses, but I will say after looking at the ultrasound picture I think someone would have to be a little tipsy to challenge the gender. 🙂 Also, you are so tiny to be 38 weeks pregnant! Wow! I’m sure you don’t feel that way though 😉

  12. Lady, that is one super cute belly! Baby appears to be pretty high up yet, so although I think country born would be a better option, I’m going with city born, October 18 (I think you mentioned before that Thursday is a popular day for you). I’ll go with 8 lbs. even, dark hair, and I’m not changing my gender guess. Boy, just one boy ;).

  13. Rebecca P says:

    This is fun! October 25 (poor you), country home, boy, 7lbs11oz, red hair.

  14. By the way, you look AMAZING!!

  15. boy, 7#11oz, country home, dark hair

    I haven’t been on your blog as long as others but I’m interested to hear about your move. My babies were always, always,always late. Yikes! Be careful moving….you have lots of wonderful helpers.

  16. Blessedxs8 says:

    I am guessing Oct 21 at the country house, 7lbs. 4 oz., and golden brown hair… 🙂 And a Lord willing a quick labor!!! 😉

  17. How fun…we do the same thing when a new one is about to be born!

  18. Catherine Vasquez says:

    boy, Oct 19th, 7lbs 5 Oz, dark hair…….and I say the same for me to lol.

  19. Ok, love your outfit. You look awesome! I also missed it somehow that you are a home-birther. Also awesome!

    I think you will deliver in your current home. Baby will be a brown headed, 6 lbs even, boy. About 19 inches long. I guess that he will come October 20th.

  20. I’m guessing boy, October 23. I am 40 weeks, day 2 right now. I am thinking this one may bake a while like three of my others. Praying for a blessed birth for you!

  21. I’m curious to see your reasons as well. I thought you guys were pretty well settled in your country room home with the custom bedrooms for the children, etc.

  22. So exciting! Both of my babies have come at 38 weeks, so I am hoping to do it again 😉 I can’t wait to see pictures and hear what his name is!

    My guess: Boy, October 14, country home, 7 lbs 7 oz, dark hair 🙂

  23. When did you announce you were moving in town? I must have missed that? Is it for space/save gas/etc.? I loved the simple house you have.

    • Angela, I keep meaning to post about our househunt and imminent move, but it’s never quite at the top of the list. I do have one draft ready to go – maybe tomorrow. It just outlines the reasons we decided to move. Then I’ll post again soon about the process of finding a house, what we found, etc. It’s quite an adjustment, but very exciting to all of us!

      • Very cool! I’m excited to hear about it. We’re a small family looking towards the day when we can grow, so it is interesting to watch other families and learn how they do it.

  24. I’ve got to admit I’m a bit sad that you’re leaving your country house. I’ve been living my dream life vicariously through your family, as we are currently crammed in the suburbs, and a “country home” would cost us at least $750,000. But I get your reasons!

    I vote: Boy, October 15, born in the country, 7lbs 13oz, and sure, I’ll bite on the redhead 😉

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