Afternoon labor update

Perry and the kids have come and gone.  On his way home for lunch, he sent the three littlest ones to spend the day with Deanna and Tyler.  The pastor’s wife and daughter came here to pick up the three middle ones, and he took the three oldest back to work with him.  I’m alone again, in a big quiet house.

Before they left, they inflated the birth pool and hooked the hose to the water heater just in case I want to use it quickly and decide that the 15 minute drive is too long to wait.  At this point, I don’t see that happening.

Contractions are going steady at 7-10 minutes unless I lie down or get distracted by company.  They’re strong enough to make me look for something to lean on as I breathe through them, but I know I have a long way to go.  I’m not sure I would even call this “active labor” yet, although real stuff is definitely happening.  On a scale of 1-10 I want to say the pain is peaking at a 4 or 5, until I remember that the Labor scale is nothing like the I Stubbed My Toe scale.  Then I realize I’d better keep the numbers conservative so that I don’t end up at 27 on a scale of 1-10.  Let’s call it 3, or maybe just 2.5.  Or if I really want to scare myself, it could be a 2.

Other things are beginning to happen too, but if you have no idea what that means you probably don’t need to know.  Let’s just say that regardless of how long it takes, this definitely isn’t false labor.  The baby may be taking his time, but he’s definitely on his way.  Now I just have to decide whether to take a nap while I can even though it will prolong things, or stay up and moving and try to finish this asap.  What if I stay up, and it still takes a long time?  Then I’ll be wishing I had rested while I could.  But if I rest now, I’ll be kicking myself at the end when I realize it all would have been over if I hadn’t been such a wuss early on.  What to do, what to do?


  1. Well, Congratulations! Yay!
    New Baby to get to know!
    Sigh. How sweet. Have a delightful time.

  2. Just saw your facebook feed in the sidebar…Congratulations! Praying both mama & baby are doing well!

  3. I’m hoping the lack of comments and new posts means a Nap happened and the kids and hubby chose not to disturb her when they got home.

  4. ( : David'sKate : ) says:

    Praying and excited for you!

  5. Jolyvette says:

    Rest! I just had my daughter (at home in water too 🙂 ) Saturday morning and was faced with a similar choice….very glad I chose to rest when I did. Labor will pick up and you will have a baby soon! Rest rest rest!!! Very excited for you!

  6. Saying prayers for you. What joy.

  7. You are doing awesome(ly), and you are going to rock this birth!!! Thanks for the updates, have fun, enjoy – and post pictures soon!!!

  8. Rest. Hang in there.

    You know what your body is telling you. I say go with it.


  9. Congrats and prayers. Rest while you can, and hydrate! Prayers for a calm, joyful and manageable delivery 🙂

  10. I’m so excited!!!

  11. If it’s any help, I had my 7th in April after my first induction at 12 days overdue. I stayed upright all day after my waters being broken and got tired. I was still only a 3, so I asked to lie down as my waters broke about 10am and this was nearly 6pm. They said, yes, but to lie on my left side. The MOMENT I lay down, the real contractions kicked in and he was born less than 2 hours later. 🙂 It was amazing how quickly it happened – weirdly so! lol Praying for things to go smoothly, and by the time I waken up here in the UK (nearly 11pm here) that you will be safely delivered of your blessing. 🙂

  12. Seriously your labor posts are making my uterus ache, not for more kiddos but in the I am grateful it isn’t me, sorta way. 🙂 I do say NAP. I had strange contractions with my second child..they were all over the place and very inconsistent while I was up and moving around, but close together. When I sat and relaxes, I could time them and they were 10-15 mins apart and the pain was uncomfortable. Once I decided I could no longer tolerate the pain while sitting, I ran off to the hospy..not in a big rush and an hr later he was here. I am praying for easy labor for you and that it will all be over soon and you will be cuddling that beautiful little boy that God has blessed you with.

  13. I vote nap! My last two labors have been like yours sounds. I got a lot done during the day, but should have rested a little longer with the 2nd. I ended up feeling so exhausted during labor. I was thankful it was only 2 hours of active labor, because I don’t think I could have handled too much more!

  14. Definitely REST! Also, doing some pelvic rocks on your hands and knees could help baby turn into a better laboring position! Sipping on Red Raspberry Leaf tea (after you rest), could help your contractions become closer together and more effective. 🙂 I am so excited and can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet baby boy!

  15. I think the 15 minutes is how long it will take Perry to get there. Or maybe the midwife.

  16. Take a nap! But what do you mean about the 15 minute drive? Are you planning on going to the midwife’s house to deliver?

  17. I cast my vote for resting! If you’re not watching the pot (so to speak), even though you’re not active, you’ll be somewhat rested and maybe a bit more relaxed for the challenging part ahead. 🙂

  18. I chose no nap and regretted it later after 36 hours of real, but slow going labor. I was so wishing I had slept while the contractions were still mild enough that I could. So my vote is a nap. Always go for the nap. You never know how long you could end up awake.

  19. Reason demands a nap but reality is probably more of a quiet rest 🙂 I slept while in labor with my first but it was drug induced. Without drugs its difficult to settle down enough to sleep even though you know in your head it might be your last chance to sleep for a while 🙂 A warm bath would be amazing, though!

    You know I just realized that labor is another example of God be merciful to us. What I mean is that pain in labor is a consequence of sin entering the world. However, only God could orchestrate the birth of a new soul at the end to make it all worth it. God could have given us pain in any other way and it just would have been pain. He was gracious to us even when handing out consequences. Sorry for the sudden burst of theology but that never occurred to me until now. Praying for you and the baby this afternoon!

  20. I faced that decision with my last one recently were after a while I discovered I wasn’t in active labor but I decided to keep moving part of me looks back and thinks that I should have just gone back to bed. Not that I wasn’t trilled at the end but it would have been nice to rest for a day or two instead. I guess a big part of it was because my hubby had already taken the day off work so I figured if he was off work we should just make the most of the day.

  21. If you think you can rest, TAKE A NAP! Your body is still doing good work, even if gravity isn’t working for you right then. With my third babe, I went to bed (sure, it was because I was discouraged and thought this whole labor thing wasn’t working and I was going to have to learn to sleep through contractions for the rest of my life, but still) and had him an hour and half after waking up. With my last (number eight) I had food poisoning and dozed and writhed between every trip to the bathroom, right up until about 45 minutes before she was born, when I realized that somewhere along the line that abdominal cramping had turned into the labor kind. 🙂 Your body is doing exactly what it needs to. Listen to it, you’ll know whether to lie down or not. Don’t over analyze.
    Praying for you!!!

  22. I vote rest! You’ll need it later! I napped through most of my labor with Emma. The epidural made that possible, and the 1 1/2 hour nap that I got meant I felt better about making it. Overall Emma was the least amount of pain, and a very calm delivery. Nap is a good idea! Honest! It is ok to be a wimp! You’re in labor!

  23. Meghan V. says:

    Rest! Do you think you could see your chiropractor to help turn baby if needed?

  24. I love that you haven’t lost your sense of humor yet:D I’m sure that is what gave Perry the confidence to head back to work at all!

  25. I mean really if you can sleep, you probably should. You can also do stuff around your new home, or sit down or pace and watch some HGTV.

  26. Rest. Rest. Rest. Seriously–how many opportunities do you have to rest in an empty house, impending labor or not? Why pass that up? 🙂

  27. No one who has had 10+ kids can be considered a wuss under any circumstances!! 🙂

  28. Yeah Kim! So excited for you 🙂 I vote for the nap, you’ll be glad you did especially if it goes long. Bless you my friend!

  29. HeatherHH says:

    Rest if you can. My most recent labor I had water break in the middle of the night. So, I lost sleep, but was confident the baby would be born the following night, so didn’t have my MIL come and watch the kids so I could sleep. Big mistake. I had a start-and-stop labor that resulted in 3 nights of only partial sleep. It wasn’t a bad labor at all! Actually one of my easier ones in terms of pain and normal in terms of number of contractions. There were just a lot of long breaks, mostly during the day when I couldn’t catch up on sleep. My new policy in labor is to rest if you can, period.

  30. constance says:

    Hoping you have a safe, blessed labor! Can’t wait to hear that he has arrived!!

  31. I vote rest. Maybe a warm bath and then a nap! Then have the baby. It’ll be great!! 🙂

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