Food on the floor: Decision-making process

I just dropped a piece of food on the floor, and here is a reenactment of the decision-making process that followed:

“Oops.  Should I pick that up?”

Reasons I should leave it:

  1. Was it the last delicious one?  No.
  2. Will it stink, melt, or otherwise make an increasing mess if I leave it?  No..
  3. Did it land in a place where I can easily reach it once I actually bend all the way down to the floor?  No.
  4. Is it in an obvious place, where others will see it and know that I dropped it and left it?  No.  
  5. Does being in my third trimester make a good excuse for leaving it?  Of course, silly.
  6. Will anyone but God and I ever know if I leave it?  No.

Reasons I should pick it up:

  1. Will the dog or another pet find and eat it?  No, since our last remaining dog disappeared a month ago.
  2. Will somebody be sweeping this floor soon, and did it land in a place where the broom-wielder is likely to find it?  No.
  3. Is there a kid nearby that could pick it up for me?  No.
  4. Can I convince myself that I’m not entirely sure I actually dropped it, since I can’t see it from where I’m standing?  No.
  5. Will God cut me slack because I’m 9 months pregnant?  Not if  I can still paint my own toenails.


As you can clearly see, the reasons to leave it outweighed the reasons to pick it up.  The chili-cheese corn chip is still under the front edge of the fridge.  Ok, ok, I’m picking it up…


  1. Never mind the corn chips…the mouse will get it. What happened to the dogs!

    • Jeri, we found someone who would baby the Yorkie like she needed so she went to a new home several months ago. Our beloved Golden Retriever had brain cancer and had to be put down early this summer when she became dangerously unstable. And then poor Lydia’s Australian Shepherd, Gypsi, disappeared without a trace.
      We’re carefully considering who our next dog will be. We have fond memories of our Jack Russell terrier from many years ago, but we really loved our Golden, so we’re considering a lab as a less hairy version of the Golden Retriever.

  2. Your logic is irrefutable. 🙂

  3. Seems like sound logic to me. I would have left it there too. 🙂

  4. I don’t know about that. The fact that you can still paint your toenails would suggest that you COULD pick up the dropped chili-cheese corn chip. Maybe if you were to use tongs of some sort it would make the reach less strenuous. Have a frappacino and think about it.

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