Househunting: we make a deal (part 5)

We were torn between two very different choices that appealed to us for very different reasons, but as we thought about it and discussed the options, the answer became clear.  One of our earliest goals (besides a desire for more space and more bathrooms) was to be near work, church and friends, and one house was much closer to all of those.  It was also in an area that we had initially targeted, but had nearly given up finding a big enough home in our price range.  It helped that most of the children agreed and the house just made a better first impression, inside and out.  Access to a community pool may also have been among the influencing factors.  🙂

We quickly decided to make an offer on the first house we had seen that day.  It had 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, abundant closet space, a huge wooden playset and a fenced backyard, 2 sheds, and a second story deck off one of the bedrooms!  It had the carpet the kids coveted in the bedrooms, and the hard floors sanity demanded in the living areas.  The stated square footage was about 2,400 but we later learned that the number didn’t include the sun room, bringing the total to about 2,600.  There was also a converted garage that could serve as a media or guest room or even an apartment, since one of the bathrooms was back there.  It wasn’t exactly on a cul-de-sac, but it was on a very quiet edge of a very quiet neighborhood.

The more we thought about it, the more it grew on us.  It just seemed like the right decision, the house we had prayed for.  This wasn’t love at first sight, but we were quickly falling for this house.

Like most of the houses we had been looking at the asking price was just a little higher than we wanted to pay, but our realtor told us the owner had just closed on a new house and was now very motivated to close a deal.  We put together an offer the next day, and held our breath as we waited for the reply.  Perry instructed our realtor to request the doghouse in our offer.  If you remember we don’t currently have a dog, you’re probably wondering why we needed a doghouse and why we wanted that one so much.  So am I.  I’m pretty sure it was a joke, but Perry insists he was serious.  He never quite keeps a straight face when he says it, and I never quite believe him.

We waited late into the night, breathless with anticipation.  Didn’t the owner know we couldn’t sleep until he answered?  Wasn’t he anxious to make a deal, too?  Didn’t anyone tell him he had an offer on the table?!

Apparently not.  Judging from the correspondence, it seems his own realtor wasn’t able to get hold of him until the following afternoon.  At that point, he responded very quickly.  He didn’t accept our offer, but he did make a counter offer and agreed to leave us the doghouse.  We were in business!

After that, the offers flew.  We made another offer and received another from him, and finally came to an agreement.  He came down nearly halfway to our initial offer when it was all said and done, and we were happy to accept.  He later told us that the seller of his new home had come down substantially and his children encouraged him to pass along some of the savings to us.

The hard part was done, though I was careful not to consider it a done deal.  The house passed the inspection a few days later with no more than a few minor hiccups, easily cured or overlooked.  The appraisal came back with a comfortable margin.  Now it was just a matter of red tape, waiting, and praying all would go well – and it did.  Four weeks later, we closed on our new home and received the keys.

We haven’t entirely forgotten the ones that got away, but now we can see how much better this house will be for our family.  As a friend pointed out, God used those homes to prepare us for this one.  The rural feel of the first helped some of our reluctant children adjust to the idea of city living.   The second allowed us understand that while we could own a much larger house, choosing the best house wasn’t all about size.  The third was much closer to work and church than the other two, and reminded us of our desire and motivation to be as close to that area as we could.

And the fourth, it turns out, was exactly the right house for us.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


(now we’re waiting on the baby!)

cont’d here: Househunting: We move (part 6)


  1. I’ve had such a busy few weeks, I got down only *today* to reading ALL the house buying posts. Loved reading them all together 🙂
    May y’all be blessed in your new home. It’s such an exciting (if busy) time… x

  2. The house looks and sounds wonderful! Going from 1 bathroom to 4!!! And your living space more than doubled…will you make the sunroom your library to keep the 4 bedrooms bedrooms? The kids will have so much fun on the play structure. I agree with a former comment; you will experience so much ease and convenience being in town…Dad will be able to have more time at home with you all, and you’ll get to enjoy more fellowship with family and friends. Good choice! God bless!

    • Tammy,
      Actually we changed the library back to a third bedroom earlier this year – that was our big project over the 4th of July that I mentioned but forgot to blog. After the novelty wore off, the kids started wanting more space again and the separate library was a neverending disaster area!
      In this new house, we offered the 3 oldest girls the converted garage/apartment since it’s much bigger than the bedrooms and would give them their own bathroom. They turned it down because they love the 2nd story deck outside their bedroom. Since we’re not using it as a 5th bedroom, the extra room will probably be a media/guest room instead.

  3. Yeah!!! She posted pictures! I am so happy for all of you! All those bathrooms!!! How cool is that! Looks like a very nice place to raise that beautiful family!

    You can always visit the country 🙂 I am thinking as you experience all of the ease and convenience of living in town you are not going to miss it at all.

    We love our 40 acres a ton, but it is a drive to e v e r y t h i n g 🙂

    God bless you all!

    Baby will be born Sunday I am thinking. I never did do a write in guess. Sunday morning between 7-9 am your time. just my guess 🙂

    Ps, will you still be able to catch tarantulas and scorpions?? eek! i hope not

    • HomemakerAng,
      I don’t know if we’ll find many new pets here in the city, but we did bring a couple of “creeps” with us. That’s what the girls call the cold-blooded ones, though I think the albino leopard gecko is pretty cute.

  4. I am so happy for you all! May the Lord give beautiful experiences in your new home, so that you have great memories! You are just about to have a beautiful experience soon:) So rest up, Kim!

    I will miss your deck, because it had the great views. You were blessed to have to have it, and I’m thrilled you have a second floor deck. Wonderful!

  5. It will be so interesting to hear your impressions about moving from country to city! Looking forward to all those good things:).

  6. I just added a few pics to the post.

    (The Dad in the shoe)

  7. would love to hear how you decided who got which room

    • Me, too. That sounds fun. I think I might have been an architect or interior designer or something in “another lifetime.” I can’t get enough of this sort of thing….

  8. Thank you for sharing the story. And now, nothing to do but relax, put your feet up and wait for Baby. : )

  9. Pics Woman Pics!!!! LOL!!
    May God continue to bless you and yours in this new house for many years to come! May you have at least one days restorative rest before labor begins…in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen! He truely is Jehovah Jireh, providing exactly what we need :o)

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else get a chuckle when you read “very quiet edge of a very quiet neighborhood”? Is it still quiet now that the Coghlan family moved in? 😀

    • Haha. I don’t know them, but I do wonder, in general, how people react when they learn their new neighbors have (almost!) eleven kids. 😀 And now I’m going to have the hymn version of that last line in my head all evening….

    • Meghan, you’re probably right! We’ve spent the last 6 weeks retraining the young ones about acceptable outdoor play. I used to tell them they could be as loud as they wanted OUTDOORS. Now I have to remind them that our neighbors are much, much closer and it’s rude to be so loud that the neighbors can hear from inside their own homes.
      I just hope we look and sound more like the Duggars than the Clampets. 🙂

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