Random disconnected thoughts on upcoming labor

Is it weird that I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about labor?  95% of me can’t wait to have it done and over, with a warm little bundle in my arms.  The other 5% keeps whispering, “I’m not ready to do this.  Not yet.”

I seem to be having less contractions rather than more as the days and hours tick by, and I can’t remember if that means anything.  Is it the calm before the storm, or a sign that I still have a while to wait?  My next prenatal checkup is Monday.  Will I make it to my appointment, or will I have my traditional weekend delivery?  Or will I go all the way to next weekend?

I seem to be getting more and more absent-minded, or distracted, or whatever euphemistic description helps to excuse the string of dumb things I’ve done lately.  I’m also getting tired of hearing how funny it is that my belly jiggles like Santa’s every time I laugh.  It’s not funny anymore, so they’re seeing the jiggle less and less.  No, I’m not getting irritable.  Why do you ask?

For those who have inquired, I do plan to labor and deliver in the water again, if it works out.  Our new house has an enclosed porch that should be perfect, providing a good level of privacy both from the neighbors and from the rest of our own house, with a bathroom very close.  As you may remember, Parker arrived dramatically and a little unexpectedly while I was out of the water, but I don’t have any reason to expect a replay of that particular scene.

I also plan to post updates throughout labor, and hope Perry will continue to post updates when I’m past caring.  I’m wondering: do you have any preference as to whether we publish a new post for each update, or simply edit and add to a single post throughout the labor?  Speak now or forever hold your peace.

I have one last request.  [Does it sound like I’m about to die when I say that?]  Birth stories.  I love them!  Would you share links to your own or to other favorites?  I’ll try to restrain myself from reading them until I’m in labor, because for some weird reason I find it comforting and distracting (in a good way) to read birth stories.  But…can we skip the horror stories?  If you had incoordinate contractions, a 4 hour pushing stage and third degree tears because your baby was born face-first with both arms over his head, or an emergency that ended in unplanned c-section or tragedy, during labor might not be the best time for me to read about it.


  1. It was Sunday and I woke up like any other day, miserable and over tired.

    I made sure the kids had breakfast and drink and while I was in the kitchen, I thought I peed myself (I had before). It’s one thing to know when your water breaks, but leaking and loss of bladder control feel the same. I grabbed a paper towel and stuck it in my pants just in case to check and it got soaked. I checked it and it was clear and smelled funny; sorta sweet or clean. I got kinda excited, but I wasn’t sure so I put another paper towel and it got 1/2 wet (this was about 8:30 or 9 am).

    I called the midwife around 2 or so and let her know what happened so she would know and she said to put a washcloth in and call her back when it filled up. I laid down in my bed to wait and Jason (dh), called and requested the day off. He told them my water broke and had someone come in and cover for him. I tried to take a nap, but all I could think of is how I might have costed him a day of work..I ended up crying myself to sleep because I didn’t want to be wrong and for him to lose work.

    I ended up calling her back because I forgot to mention I had pink on the toilet paper when I wiped all morning. She said she would call me when she got back to her house so I could get checked (her birth center in the bottom of her house). I also let her know I had only filled half of the “washcloth” (which ended up being a sock because I couldn’t find one).

    It felt like an eternity waiting for her to get back but she finally called around 2, so we went to get gas..I got out and got the gas mainly because I wanted to know if the leaking was all in my head or not. I got us a drink and went out to pump gas and when I was done, I got in the car and swore I felt a huge gush which in no way felt like pee which made me even more excited!

    When I got to her office, I felt very nervous because I thought maybe it was all in my imagination and also felt really bad Jason had to call and take the day off! What if I was wrong? When we got there, I went in hopeful, but preparing myself to be wrong.

    She had me come in and she took the sock to test the fluid with a strip that changes color accordingly; it was positive but while I was waiting I felt another gush which she also tested and it came back positive. She told me they would break my water the rest of the way and then we would start antibiotics (for the gbs +) and nipple stimulation for 30 minutes!

    I was super excited!!!

    She checked me and I was at a 1cm with a small bulge of the water bag. We ended up moving the birthing stool because she couldn’t reach very well thanks to my tilted uterus. She broke it and I felt all the liquid come out. I climbed back on the bed and she started an IV with antibiotics and the assistant started nipple stimulation. I ended up joking around with her because it felt awkward.

    I started getting good contractions and they seemed regular so we discussed what would happen after I got home; the midwife’s assistant would act as a doula and come over for support shortly after I went home.

    We left about quarter to 4pm and got home about 4:15/4:20 and I was going to head upstairs to get my room ready…I had a contraction as I grabbed the rail and stopped because it was so hard. Jason knew it was because the contractions hadn’t ever stopped me i my tracks before. I made it to my room and helped Jason get the shower curtain on the bed and a fresh sheet. it was hard to help with the bed as the contractions got a little stronger. I laid down on the bed when we were done and it seemed ok for a bit while we waited for the doula. When they got really bad, I decided to sit on my ball, which made me feel better; it even made the contractions go away a little bit.

    The midwife called us to see how things were going and I told her they were about 3-4 minutes apart lasting almost a minute. She sent the doula over and she got there about 5:30 with one of the other midwives. I ended up not getting to use the ball because it wasn’t helping me along. Standing made them come harder so she told me to use the position that made it work the most..darn it, thats not fair, lol.

    I don’t remember how many I had standing, but I remember holding onto Angels crib and my bed post and swaying to get through it. After a few contractions, I had to pee and went to the bathroom. When I stood up, it was so hard I had to hold the towel rack to steady myself. When I got back in the room, she wanted to check me and it felt like torture. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes and she told me I was at 3 and a half to 4. I sat back up and sat at the edge of the bed; about 3-4 contractions went by and it made me feel like I was going to fall off the bed. I am pretty short so when I sat there my legs dangled off giving me no support when the contraction hit. The midwives were very nice to rub my back whenever I had one because it made me feel better, but I got hot and nauseous and that was it, I asked for a bowl fast and threw up.

    In my experience, when I throw up with the other kids, I am almost done!.

    They asked me how I was feeling and I told them I felt a little pushy, like he was down there, so she called the main midwife, who was still at her office/house and she rushed over to my house..I remember her saying she sped a little because I was going so fast. When she got there, it was about 6:41pm and they decided to check me again…at this point I was needing more antibiotics, but she didn’t think I was going to make it to the next dose.

    They decided to check me again and at this point I did not want to be touched at all!!

    I didn’t realize it at the time, but he was ready to come out and there was a small part inside that needed to be moved and that was it. I remember not being loud at all until we got to this point and then it hurt so much that I couldn’t be quiet anymore and when they told me to open my legs, I said “no”! over and over.

    When they said I could push I did and it didn’t feel like anything was happening or that I was doing anything to help him come out. I yelled with every push and finally felt his head there, but my eyes stayed shut the whole time. When he was coming out more, I swear I did not hear her say don’t push because the cord was around him, but the funniest thing happened as I ignored her..he slipped right through it!!

    I felt his body come out and I pushed hard to help him because I knew the end was near!..He finally made his appearance and they put him on my stomach..I was so relieved when I saw him and he was here and he was ok and I was ok and I had done a tough thing.. I really had no way of preparing in my mind how it could have gone and did! I immediately looked at the clock to see what time it was, 7:27pm!

    They waited for a little while to let the cord pulsate and then put the clamp on; when I pushed out the placenta, it was a little hard because it meant more pushing and I wanted to be done. I didn’t like it and it hurt, but finally we were done..They checked to see if I tore and luckily it was so small I didn’t need one stitch.

    I am so thankful I went this route even though it was really hard and I am so thankful to my husband and the 3 midwives who came to my house that were a loving support to me and Angel!

  2. My youngest (nearly 4 now!) was my most interesting labor story. I was due with him in late January, but started contracting on the 19th. We took the three older kids one hour away to stay overnight with my mom and went to the hospital that evening. (Mom lives an hour from the hospital and we live 40 min away.) I had been contracting regularly for about 6 hours by the time we got there around 8pm. The nurse checked me and told us to walk for an hour because I was only 4 cm. (My labors are really fast once my water breaks and I didn’t want to risk delivering on the road in winter in Ohio. I had a significant hemorrhage when I delivered our daughter years ago and was reluctant to brave a home birth. I’m a chicken.) When she rechecked me, I was 5 and contracting every 2-3 minutes; I was breathing with the contractions. She wasn’t impressed with the change. (I wasn’t impressed with her either, lol.) Anyway, I was not exactly eager to leave while I was regularly contracting, so she reluctantly suggested to the midwife that I stay overnight. Well, by 3 am the contractions completely stopped and I fell asleep until 6. We left around 7 and my husband had to stop at work. (He worked in the IT department of a historically black college and he had to set up the media system so the students could watch the inauguration.) We went home and I had a light lunch. The contractions started again as we watched the inauguration ceremonies on tv. We decided to go walking at the mall near the hospital.

    We decided on Kohl’s. As we were walking in, a lovely elderly lady offered us her 30% off coupon so we did quite a bit of shopping. The cart was almost full when my water broke and we chose to check out anyway. The clerk was hysterical to watch. She was throwing the stuff in the bags as I was talking to the midwife on the phone.

    When we arrived at the hospital about 20 minutes later, my husband had to drop me off at the curb. I walked in (squish, squish, squish…. my pants and shoes were soaked!) The nurse told me she had to check me to prove that my water was broken. I asked her “What do you want to check… my pants or my shoes?” I was only 6 when I got there by sat on the birthing ball for about half an hour before getting into the birthing tub. I started pushing 30 minutes later. ( Two nursing students were there while I pushed and delivered. )My third child was born after only 7 minutes of pushing, so I was very frustrated with how long it was taking to deliver the little guy. (My oldest was 45 min, my next was 72 min.) I was praying aloud to God and Jesus to please help get him out! (Poor Cedarville College nursing students.) I pushed for 30 min. with my little man. (He was born a little over 2 hours after my water broke.)

    Anyway, when he was born I remember being the one to suction his nose and mouth with the bulb syringe. I didn’t remember stealing the bulb syringe from the hands of the midwife. The nurse and midwife laughed about it. (I am now a NICU nurse and was a Labor and delivery nurse for years… occupational habit, I guess.) My husband over heard the nurse tell the students that “that wasn’t a typical birth”… which I still wonder about… oh well. I just hope that I didn’t scar those poor students! (No, I didn’t yell. I did moan… which I observed and knew to be helpful. And no epidural, thank you very much. Not a one between all four kids. My last was 8lbs, 13 ounces with a 15 1/2 inch head (10 days before his due date, mind you.) My second was 8 15 and had a 15 inch head. )

    I pray that your labor story will be wonderful and filled with beautiful moments. Just remember, he’ll be in your arms soon and all this labor will be a memory. Praying for you all.

    God bless


  3. Rachel H. says:

    My birth story for my second… My first baby was a bit longer, but otherwise about the same!! http://myhuberfamily.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/mommas-version-of-christians-birth/

  4. Probably too late with these, but here they are anyway:
    http://theyoungpages.com/jodis_blog/?p=745 and http://theyoungpages.com/jodis_blog/?p=793
    and last but not least:
    http://theyoungpages.com/jodis_blog/?p=3005 and http://theyoungpages.com/jodis_blog/?p=3007
    That’s all five of our girls in just seven parts. I am not capable of succinctness 🙂 Praying for you today!!!

  5. Here’s my latest birth story: http://supermommyornot.blogspot.com/2012/10/baby-girls-birth-story.html
    No horror story, but what happened AFTER giving birth was a little crazy and kept me in the hospital for 2 extra days. Believe it or not, it actually had nothing to do with having a baby.
    Oh yes, and there’s a big surprise in this story that I’m still a little shocked by!

  6. Our natural hospital (nearly at home!) birth story. Our sweet girl will be one in just a few weeks. Praying for you today Kim!


  7. I hope your labor goes beautifully! My six birth stories can be read at http://balesf5.blogspot.com/p/libertys-birth-story.html
    Those go in age order – but my favorite birth by far was Pierce’s, the last one. He was my first homebirth, an experience I would very much like to repeat.

  8. My latest birth story occurred last Nov. I was 6 days late with our 8th child. I am ALWAYS late, but there is always that small, optimistic voice inside that whispers that *this* time might just be different. NOT. 🙂
    So I have a lot of false labor each time, it’s part of the routine. I took my 12 yo son shopping to restock our groceries. For the last 30 min of our excursion, I was having reg, painful contrc’ns 10 min apart, truly not unusual. On our drive home I asked my son to call my husband to “touch base”. Our son had been quite interested in presenting his case for reasons he should get a cell phone and somehow FORGOT TO TELL ME THAT DH SAID HE WOULD BE ABOUT 2 HRS LATE!?!?
    We get home and I become increasingly uncomfortable with this strange back pain, something I’ve not had before. Over the next hour it got worse, to the point that I thought, “something needs to change, I can’t go on like this.” (um, clue. Hello?)
    I kept thinking that dh would be home any minute. Finally, I got into a warm bathtub for relief and took Tylenol during which time dh calls. He noticed I was a little snippy. I got out of the tub after 30 min and the contrc’ns HURT and were 6 min, 5 min, and then 3 min apart. (um, another clue?!) I was fretful, teary, and indecisive (all tell-tale signs for me…clues, anyone?)
    Dh arrived home and very quickly made the executive decision that we were going to risk this possibly being false labor (my worst nightmare, though I’ve never gone in for that). The ride to the hospital (20 min) convinced me that I didn’t have false labor, as I was praying that we would make it.
    By the time we got to the hosp. I had the “shakes” and 35 min later she was born! Start to finish was probably about 4 hrs. Lesson learned: communicate directly with dear husband when you are 6 days late, rather than relying on ds (who got a baby sister and never did get desired cell phone.) 🙂

  9. My baby #2 was breach so while it went best it could it wasn’t what i intended but #1 and #3 are pretty great stories. considering i don’t actually feel contractions until i’m like 8CM they are quick and kinda funny. 🙂

    #1 birth

    and #3

    There are a few other good birth stories on my blog form my clients.

  10. Does an adoption birthstory count? It is very much the same as meeting a biological child. Pain and beauty and mystery, in a delightful human package of hope and grace,

  11. Does adoption count? The physical pain is much less but the emotional agony of knowing a big chunk of your heart is waiting halfway around the world is hard. Here’s a little about our newest little one if you’re interested.


    I’m looking forward to reading that your newest little one is actually “on the way” here.
    Cheering for you,

  12. Aw Kim, bless your heart! Just think… a month from now it WILL be all over and the baby cuddles are always worth it. Just 6 weeks ago I was obsessed with reading all of your birth stories as I was awaiting the birth of #4. I always hate how unsure and inexperienced I feel prior to L & D. Here you’ve nearly had 3 times the births I have and you still say the things that were running through my head just a short while ago. Here’s my birth story to help bide the time 🙂 : http://flitgurl.blogspot.com/2012/09/welcome-water-baby.html

    Just insert “stalked Kim’s blog for any and all birth stories… wash, rinse, repeat” within the beginning of the story. 🙂 Praying for your easiest birth yet!

  13. http://brcbanter.blogspot.com/2012/09/jonah-birth-story.html Here is my most recent birth. It was a fast one – it took longer to write that post than the actual labor process took and it was intense so I was still processing when I wrote this but now that I’ve had a whole month to process, I’m really glad it happened the way it did. But while his birth was action packed – he is such a mellow baby so the juxtaposition makes me laugh.

  14. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that you are going to have a homebirth (planning for it to occur outside!) in your very new home/neighborhood? I am just imagining the conversations that the neighbors are having! Ya’ll are definitely making a grand entrance!! I am praying for a speedy delivery and a healthy baby…

    • Ashley, I’m hoping it won’t be overwhelmingly obvious to the neighbors. After all, it should just be a car arriving in the wee hours of the night or even during the day. No flashing lights or other drama, I hope.

  15. No kids, but this is possibly the most beautiful, honest birth story I’ve ever heard. http://www.kellehampton.com/2010/01/nella-cordelia-birth-story.html Fair warning, it will make you cry.

    • Oh, and by “no kids,” I mean I don’t have any. It’s not birth story involving non-humans or something. 🙂

    • SmiaVS, I’ve seen that story and agree wholeheartedly. It *was* beautiful, and it *did* make me cry. The photos are so powerful!

  16. Blair @ The Straightened Path says:


    Just posted mine tonight from my delivery last week. 🙂

  17. Here’s the birth story to my third baby, which was a peaceful home birth with a midwife. The most exciting part? I caught my own baby. It was amazing! Reading your labor and birth story is probably going to give me baby fever again.



  18. My husband and I were living on a Navy Base in Spain when our first daughter was born. As the day got closer, my military OB told me not to worry…..childbirth was only mild discomfort. And, like the naive young thing I was, I believed him. I was also told not to head to the hospital too soon like all first time mothers because they just didn’t have the room. I took that advice to heart and labored throughout the night while my darling husband clueless slept comfortably. Finally, at about 7 in the morning I woke him and told him the pains were 3 minutes apart and it was time to head to the hospital. I wasn’t prepared for the fact that it would take more than a few minutes for the love of my life to pick out his outfit (it was the ’70s and he chose a white leisure suit) since he wanted to look nice when the baby saw him! So, at about 7:30 we head out and by now the pains are closer and mild discomfort was just a fond memory. As I lay on the backseat of our little Siat husband sped hospitalward. Now, remember we are on base and speeding meant that he went about 35 in the 26mph zone. You guessed it, we got pulled over. As shore-patrol got to the car I let out a ladylike groan that must have been a little louder and more agonized than I intended it to be. Instead of getting a ticket, we got an escort to the hospital. As they brought me into the communal labor room (only the military) I heard a woman over in one corner let out a quiet “verbal sign of agony”. I asked the nurse what was wrong. I was told, no problem, she is just delivering her 10th child. Right then I knew I was in trouble because if it hurt like that after 10, I need help. I was shortly wheeled into delivery with hubby by my side. As things progressed and the baby crowned said husband passed out and hit the floor. Everyone crowded around him until I “calmly and politely” reminded them that I was having a baby, and soon! At 8:36, just over an hour after my arrival at the hospital, our beautiful Ellen Elizabeth was born. She was and is worth all of my “mild discomfort”. P.S. She was breach delivered naturally since the base hospital did not have an anesthesiologist and I had left it a little late for them to fly me to Germany. Again, I was too young and naive then to realize what a risky delivery that was. But, God was watching and gave me a miracle.

  19. With the exception of my first, my birth stories are all very boring. I get more than 6 contractions in an hour, head up to the hospital,and have a c section.

    I wish I had been a vbac candidate, but thanks to my first coming so early, I’m a automatic csection now.

    • How many c-sections have you had. I’m in the same boat and am curious to know how many is too many.

      • Glenda Piper says:

        I’ve had 3 My doc recommended 4 only for me.

      • I’m about to have my 4th.

        During my last one I asked my doctor for her honest opinion about my scar and my chances of having another successful pregnancy. She said things looked good, so we felt ok with one more.

        I switched to a new doctor with this baby, and he’s a prolife Catholic doc. He is going to check me over too and see how things look after this baby. The risk from multiple c sections is A) rupture at the scar site and B) the placenta attaching to the scar and getting embedded. If that happens,, you have to have a hysterectomy at delivery, and it’s obviously dangerous. My new doctor has lots and lots of experience with 4 + c sections, so he’s been very proactive at making sure I’m not showing any signs of an overly attached placenta.

        If you do decide to be open to more children, I definitely recommend finding a doctor with a similar philosophy who is experienced in delivering in more high risk c sections.

        In my case, we will have 2 doctors present for the surgery, and extra blood lined up just in case.

      • Every person is different as to how many c-sections is too many. There is a website of a woman that had 9 c-sections. If you google 9 c-sections she’ll come up. I have had 5 c-sections and after the last one my OB said my uterus looked great. I am 35 weeks along and praying for a VBAC as there are risks with both a 6th c-section as well as a VBAC and have been researching both like crazy.

  20. I don’t mind how you publish it, whatever is easiest for yourselves. I don’t have a blog but I will bore you with the details of my birth story here. I actually quite enjoyed labour, it was pregnancy that I really did not like 🙂 Things may be a bit different since I am in Scotland but the whole point was to have a baby and I managed to do that.

    I was due on the 10th of July and by the 14th of July I was going a bit demented. Bear in mind everyone in my familiy has given birth at least 2 weeks early if not more so I had presumed I would be the same. My hubby (Mike) and I were up watching highlights of various Music festivals that had been happening in the UK and were playing cards. I was beating him which is unusual haha. At about Midnight I started feeling uncomfortable but thought we should go to bed as I didn’t know how long things would go on for. At 145am I got my first serious one, quickly followed by more. At 220am I decided to go have a shower as I was just annoying Mike by this point. I phoned the Midwives Unit in the hospital at 330am as I was getting loads of contractions by that point and being my first child, didn’t know how long I should leave it for. They gave me some advice and I hung up. By 410am I woke Mike and told him to “PHONE THE HOSPITAL AND TELL THEM I WAS COMING IN!” Thankfully everything was ready but to get to our car I have to cross quite a wide road. I had a contraction on one side, got to the middle, had another contraction, got to the other side and had another contraction. Got in the car and drove up to hospital where I was put to the Midwives Unit. I was examined at 500am and was 4cm dilated which I was very grateful for. I had said to Mike on the drive up that if I wasnt at least 3cm dilated I was going to cry A LOT! After about an hour I went into the pool which was lovely and really helped with the pains. After about another hour I had Gas and Air as well. At 1000am I was examined again and I was fully dilated although my waters hadn’t broken. I laboured for another 2 hours and my waters finally broke at 12noon. I was then told I had to start pushing even though my body hadn’t wanted to start pushing. I tried to push for another 2 hours but nothing was happening. I won’t go into details but basically my body tensed up every time I was told to push because I have so many problems with my bowels and digestive system. Anyway at 215pm it was decided after examination that baby wasnt coming down far enough and I was getting distressed and tired. I was wheeled round to the labour ward (Midwives Unit you give birth with only water, gas and air and possibly pethadine, Labour Ward is where you get an epidural, spinal and if needed taken to theatre) and was examined by a surgeon. Amy (my gorgeous daughter) was lying sideways so really wasnt wanting to come out haha. It was decided it was to late for an epidural but I was going to get a spinal instead. During this time I was still breathing in the Gas & Air which was amazing! I was taken into theatre and given my spinal and told what was going to happen as baby had to be pulled out with forceps. Also they thought baby had swallowed some of its own poo so they had the paeds doctor on Standby. I was warned baby probably woudn’t cry but it was nothing to worry about. By this time I couldnt feel a thing and was laughing and joking with everyone. Mike on the other hand looked like he had been hit by a bus. Everyone got in position and I was told to push. The surgeon said with surprise oh the heads out. Next push my baby was out and started screaming her head off (everyone very surprised at that but I always knew she would have a good set of lungs on her) She was quickly checked by the paeds doc and then given to me and Daddy which is when we both started crying (or greetin as we say in Scotland). She was 8lb 6oz and just amazing! We were also really surprised she was a she! We had wanted a girl (I know you aren’t meant to have a preference but we did) but all the signs had pointed to a boy. A low heartbeat, the way my bump was, how much hassle she gave me thoughout my pregnancy, I thought only a boy could do that to its mammy and also it had only been boys that had been born in the hospital that day. She was born at 1546 and was the first girl of the day. Everyone in the theatre was shocked. After we got a cuddle we were wheeled to recovery and about 4 hours later, moved up to the maternity ward where I had to stay for a couple of nights. Needless to say I was knackered as I had been up since 8am on the Saturday. I didnt get to sleep until about midnight on the Sunday but she was absolutely worth it. The next 6 weeks were hell but that day was one of the best days of my life! Sorry for the essay and hope you get loads of birth stories to keep you busy whilst you are in labour. Take care 🙂

  21. Here’s my birth story from the last birth: http://motheringmunchkins.blogspot.com/2010/07/ronnies-birth-my-first-natural.html

    Nothing spectacular, but it was my first natural birth so I was excited! 🙂

  22. I am strangely in the same boat as you! I am due any day from now till the end of the month (I don’t believe in due dates after having one 2 weeks early, one 2 weeks late and one right on the due date!), and we just moved into a new house on the 4th!

    This will be my 3rd home birth (Lord willing) of 4 births and I am also experiencing anticipation as well as a little trepidation as the big event is closer every day.

    I thought I’d share the stories of my last 2 homebirths:


    God bless!

  23. I read in a reader so I vote for a new post each time so I don’t miss anything. (I don’t tend to check individual blogs otherwise I end up surfing for hours!)

  24. Shortest sweetest birth story ever…? Hubby was deployed when baby #1 was born, so when I was expecting #2 we were on edge that he would have to leave again.Well afew weeks early my water broke and our doc advised we head to thebirth center because I had so much fluid. I got there -still no ctrx. I told Hubby he could take his time getting there bcnothimg was happening. Suddenly ctrx started, midwife told me to call hubby just by looking at me…and she was pushing him into the room- baby girl showed up literally minutes later. Less than 2 hours from first ctrx to last and I felt great immediately. Daddy got to be the first one tograb her andout her only chest. Made up for what we had missed out on the first time. I teased him that he didn’t avtally have to deal with a laboring women until our third though..and I really puthim through the paces then…had to get myfull use out of having actual labors support 🙂

  25. I haven’t posted any of my birth stories, but I hope you have one similar to my last one! He was 11 days late, and I had a LOT of false labor. It always stops for a day or more before the real thing, though–this time, from Monday till Sunday. That day, we all stayed home from church, since my husband wasn’t feeling good and I hadn’t been going for a couple of weeks already (one-hour trip through hills). At 3:20 in the afternoon, as I was captioning photos on the computer, my water broke. I had been having quite strong Braxton-Hicks contractions all day, but figured baby wouldn’t be coming that day, since I had always gone into labor early in the morning with the other six. I actually figured I’d probably have to wait another week, since the last three had all come on the weekend! Funny the way you think at that stage. Even when my water broke, I still thought it would be awhile, since twice I’ve had my water break three and ten days before baby arrived. This time, though, after 45 minutes I started thinking maybe baby would arrive that day, after all–I was having some stronger contractions! Until 5:00, I kept working at the computer, then decided that if this was really it maybe I should get on my hands and knees to turn him from posterior. That had helped get labor going faster the last time, so I did it. At 5:15 I told my husband I would go milk the cow in half an hour, so we wouldn’t have to worry about it later. She was almost 1/4 mile down the road, so I figured the walk would help get labor going. At 5:20, I told him I’d go in 10 minutes. At 5:30, I told him to send the boys to do the job! I also told him to call the lady who was going to take the children, and texted the midwife to come, that I thought I had an hour and a half or so to go. She had an hour to drive. I started making the bed with fresh sheets–and got hit with the first really painful contraction. My husband came back to help make the bed, but before we finished I had another whopper of a contraction and told him, “Quit making the bed and get the bathtub filled!” (We don’t have enough water for a birth pool.) Before he got the tub half filled I had to get in it–what a relief! Then, with the next contraction, when he was out of the room checking on the children, I felt like pushing! I could not believe it–must be something wrong! But I checked myself and there was the head! My husband came back in the room in time for the next contraction, and the head appeared. With the next, it crowned, and with the next we had a baby! It was 6:15. I texted the midwife to say we had a baby boy, and she turned around to drop her backup midwife off in the town they had just come through, since they weren’t really needed any more. She finally made it here to check us out at 7:30, after I was cleaned up and back in bed. To me, that was absolutely a perfect birth! The children were all still at home, but everything happened so quickly that I didn’t make much noise, and the oldest kept the rest outside. The friend who was taking the children arrived soon after the birth, and my husband went out and told her we didn’t need that!
    Best wishes for a quick, easy delivery. God bless!

  26. I don’t have a detailed birth story posted anywhere. So here it goes… my midwife told me to call her when my contractions were four minutes apart, one minute long, and stayed at that frequency for one hour. If I would have listened to her, we would have had an unassisted birth. After two hours of light contractions, I started to feel trembley and said to my doula, “Hmm, I usually feel like this during transition.” My doula was a new doula and her training said, “Have mom move around and change positions.” Her instincts said, “Keep her right there-don’t let her move.” My midwife got there in time to do a preliminary check before I delivered my sac of waters. Seriously. I was still fully dressed and could feel something moving down the birth canal, but I knew it wasn’t a baby. It didn’t break until most of it was out. My husband freaked out, said, “I need to get out of here!” and left the room! I got into my birth tub and immediately felt the urge to push. Baby was born in three pushes after only three hours of labor! Easiest birth ever! I hope you will have a similar story to tell soon:)

  27. One post so it’s all contained. I only have 1 birth story, but I have 6 adoption stories!!! But I don’t post them. Sadly, the adoption world can be quite cut throat. But our family (well, those that have met your crew!) are praying and rooting for you and baby and family!!!

  28. My second (most recent) baby was a planned natural hospital birth. As Husband and enormously pregnant I (and our suitcase) walked up to the nurses’ station, the head nurse actually asked, “Can I help you?” Honey, I ain’t here for the pie!

    Apparently no one believed I was really in labor, because it took 20 minutes (on an empty delivery floor) and Husband yelling for someone to come check me only to discover…that I was 10 cm dilated. So much for being able to tell even on the phone whether it’s time to come in, as those nurses claimed! The entire labor, from the very first contraction to 9-lb baby, was 3.5 hours. May yours be that speedy! God bless you and yours.

  29. Abi’s birth story…40 +13 was probably the “horror” part although the nurse that felt the need to try to deliver her by herself was fun too. Ugh. 🙂

    Grace’s wasn’t a horror story for me although did include some weird complications that turned out just fine but I’ll leave her’s off for now 🙂

  30. Hoping for a beautiful birth for you soon! Here’s my birth story contribution: http://www.ordinarysarah.com/2011/12/his-story.html

  31. Oh dear. I had kind of hoped that the more babies I had, the more blase I’d be about upcoming labours rather than feeling apprehensive.

    Here are two of my birth stories (both home births, nothing horrific about them!)



    • What a great story this first one is! You had me laughing several times throughout (about your hubby asking YOU for help during transition, etc. 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing!

  32. I don’t have mine published, so I will email it to you! And I vote for one post that gets updated.

  33. I vote for separate posts of your labor updates so those of us who are subscribed to your blog RSS feed will get notified and not have to keep checking whenever we can’t stand the curiosity anymore :).

    • Marybeth Taylor says:

      I agree! Separate posts. I check your blog very often lately and new posts will make it more clear to see that there is an update. 🙂

  34. I am in the same boat. About labor that is. I want to meet this baby, but I’m not ready to face the hard work and pain of labor. Most people think that our babies just slide out with minimal pain. But they don’t. In fact, I tend to get a little more nervous with each birth. So here I am, about to face birth #10, and I don’t quite feel “ready”. I LOVE birth, the process, the miracle of it all, but the butterflies are already in overdrive!

  35. I won’t put the link to mine up then. I am praying for you 🙂

  36. Edit and add, so the story is all in one window!
    I’m praying for you–and so excited that your family is in your wonderful new home! (Though it does seem strange to think of your country family in a subdivision!)
    Thanks for sharing your life! Truly, I don’t know where you make the time (even though you’ve told us!), but I’m glad you do! I have no online birth story to share, though I do have ten stories to tell. 😉
    Praying for peace, comfort, strength and an amazingly easy delivery!

  37. http://anothermccoy.blogspot.com/2012/09/our-natural-birth-story-aug-2011-and-my.html My birth story went awesome!! (a few hiccups here and there, but i can’t wait to do that again!)

  38. Oh gosh, labor stories. I have some fun ones, 3 of them to be exact! But… I haven’t published them! Wondering if I should do so during my own countdown? Currently 19 weeks, and about 21 more to go! I haven’t done a lot of posting (I probably should.) but since my readership is so small I wonder if anyone is interested in the minutiae of my pregnancy, birth, etc.? I suppose any time is a good time to start! 🙂

  39. Here’s my home birth story…….my first home birth, first water birth, first gentle birth…..etc. I LOVED it. She was also my biggest baby. At 9 lb 2 oz she was over 3 pounds heavier than her preemie brother was 8 years ago!

    Anyway, here’s the link:

  40. Waiting for labor is such an emotional rollercoaster! I am praying it happens soon! I have a few birth stories – only my last two were homebirths, but they were all natural and non-horrific! Here’s the bunch, starting with the most recent: http://afullheart.blogspot.com/search/label/birth%20stories Have a wonderfully blessed delivery!

  41. I hope you don’t consider mine a horror story, but it will be far different from yours! (But mine ended in my child, so I’m quite happy with it!)
    Hospital, induction, 38.5 weeks along, but a boy named Phinehas! (Which I think is a name you’re considering).

    Link here: http://noregretsliving.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/phinehas-jeffrey-is-here/

    • Jayme, I don’t consider a planned induction, hospital birth, or c-section to be horror stories. Just the ones that are unexpectedly scary, excessively long and painful, or otherwise out of the normal.
      Can’t wait to read yours!

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