… pregnant.


  1. Okay, I”m not sure if that last attempt worked; sorry if you get a repeat. Here’s the link: .

  2. Hi Kim,

    I’ve linked a birth story through my signature. Best wishes from the Squirrels!

  3. SOOO excited for you and the new house and new baby on the way!!! Can’t wait to see pics of the inside!!
    Xoxo GiGi

  4. Hope you’re doing well and can’t wait to see pics of the little guy! Here’s the birth story from my daughter’s birth in May. It’s rather long, but not horrible. Just probably very different from any of your births since it took place in China.
    Get some rest and enjoy your new house!

  5. I have been following your website for a few months now. This is my first time commenting! I hope you labour and delivery is swift and as painless as possible. You seem like one strong Mama!
    The story I am posting was my easiest birth, very encouraging, I think. I hope I posted it right.

  6. Here is the birth story of our latest blessing. Our ninth living child. (Hope that works) I’m still figuring out this blog thing so ignore the disorganization of it. Praying for you and your family as you get ready to welcome this new little blessing into your arms.


  7. I am strangely in the same boat as you! I am due any day from now till the end of the month (I don’t believe in due dates after having one 2 weeks early, one 2 weeks late and one right on the due date!), and we just moved into a new house on the 4th!

    This will be my 3rd home birth (Lord willing) of 4 births and I am also experiencing anticipation as well as a little trepidation as the big event is closer every day.

    I thought I’d share the stories of my last 2 homebirths:

    God bless!

  8. I think you should ‘supervise’, put your feet up and have some chocolate!! Hope the wee man hangs in until you re organised! X

  9. Me too – though I will be 42 weeks on Monday and that was with an adjusted due date. Guess these Oct. babies are just hanging out longer… I hope you get to hold your little guy soon!

  10. Well, I hope the girls are getting the nursery all set up. And your room. And if you wish to speed things up, start eating tabasco sauce and shifting and carrying those heavy boxes and running up and down the stairs to get things moving inside!
    On the other hand, maybe you should just put your feet up and have another hot chocolate!
    Waiting with you, Sister…..

  11. Marybeth Taylor says:

    Hang in there darlin’! I guess this gives your family time to get things in their place. Are you busy putting things away also? How are you passing the time? I’m due with you, as of today! Wish I knew how to send you a pic…

    • Marybeth and Jamie,
      I’m working on organizing in short spurts. We’re really tickled with the way things are coming together, and we have most of the extra boxes out of sight until we’re ready to deal with them one by one so the house is looking and feeling very much like home already. 🙂

  12. How wonderful! Praying!

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