Take 10 seconds/day to provide free prenatal care for needy women

I’ve posted many times about Samaritan Ministries, the organization that helps Christians share the burden of medical bills.  SM provides an alternative to traditional health insurance, and we truly love being a part of it.


Now Samaritan Ministries has opened a charity to provide free prenatal & maternity care to needy women.  From the mission statement:

The Morning Center project was founded to provide free full-service maternity care to women in urban and under-served areas where quality care is limited. We will provide Charitable maternity care through mobile care units and local partnerships.

More from The Morning Center website:

A pregnant woman who chooses life for her child needs a caring community of support. Far too often the Christians who urged her not to abort can offer nothing more for maternity care than a government aid form.

It is time for Christians to provide loving, personalized maternity care in Jesus’ Name, to anyone who needs it—free of charge.

The Morning Center hospital and mobile care unit project is the next step in the pro-life movement. Together, we can bring a new day in maternity care and lavish the love of Jesus Christ on women and unborn children who desperately need it.

If you have a Facebook account, you can help raise $50,000 for The Morning Center without paying a dime, in just 10 seconds a day!  Details on the giveaway are here, but it’s easy:

  1. Go to the Morning Center page on the site of the giveaway host, Cultivate Wines.
  2. On the right side, click VOTE FOR THIS.
  3. If this is your first time to vote, you’ll need to like Cultivate Wines on Facebook.
  4. Click “Vote.”  Wait for the Thank You page to confirm that your vote was counted.
  5. Share with your friends.  Encourage and remind them to vote daily for the Morning Center!

The giveaway lasts until October 31, and you can vote once/day.  Currently, The Morning Center is in second place but close enough to easily catch up with the leader.  Your vote could really make a difference!


  1. I hope the morning center wins! Such a great cause. I posted it to 10 High traffic Facebook pages as mine is not high traffic. 🙂

  2. Shared on may facebook page

  3. I voted today

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