A plea for The Morning Center

Today is a quiet day and I hope to work on Calvin’s birth story, but before I do I want to put out one more quick post about the monthlong $50,000 charity giveaway that has just 6 days to go – and 6 chances for you to vote.

If you already know what I’m talking about and just needed a reminder, Vote Here.  Please remind your friends & family to vote, too!

We’ve been asking all of our facebook friends and acquaintances to vote daily for The Morning Center, a project of Samaritan Ministries.  They have been neck-and-neck all month with another worthy cause, Reece’s Rainbow, and I admit that I will be thrilled no matter who wins. Providing adoption funds for disabled children is no small thing, and I deeply respect their organization.  I’m thankful that the 2nd-5th place winners will also receive $10,000, so no matter who comes in first both of these causes will benefit.

However, our hearts lie with The Morning Center for a couple of reasons.

First, we have been happy members of Samaritan Ministries for many years now.  We have seen it work flawlessly over and over again for ourselves and our friends.  I have never heard of a dissatisfied member.  Because Samaritan Ministries works so well and The Morning Center is a project of Samaritan Ministries, I have full confidence that any funds received by The Morning Center will be managed just as well and put to the best possible use.
Second, as this adoptive mother of DS children points out, The Morning Center’s winnings will be used for many years to come, saving lives and benefiting hundreds or even thousands of needy mothers and children.  Again, I love what RR does – but they cannot make that claim.  Their winnings would help only a few families.
More about The Morning Center:

More about The Give[away]:
The Give is hosted by Cultivate Wines.
You must have a Facebook account to vote, but you are not required to like Cultivate Wines.
You can vote daily through the end of October (please do!)
Voting takes just 2 or 3 clicks:
To vote:
Step 1: Click the link.http://www.cultivatewines.com/cause/45941 (this won’t work on most smartphones, or in FB apps…you’ll need a tablet/PC/laptop and an up to date browser)
Step 2: In the right sidebar, log in with Facebook.
Step 3: Now in the right sidebar you’ll see the Vote button.  Click it!
Step 4: Wait for the “thank you for voting” page to make sure your vote has been counted!
Step 5: Share with your friends and family!
Did you vote?  Will you vote for the rest of October?


  1. thank you so much for your continued kindness and graciousness in your words and deeds towards Samaritan Ministries and the Morning Center!


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