Uneventful labor update and a shameless plug for The Morning Center

I’ve been puttering most of the morning now, and contractions are holding steady.  They’re staying pretty widely spaced – about 10-12 minutes if I’m sitting, and 6-10 minutes when I’m up and active – but gaining strength.  My back is aching a little with each contraction, so I hope this guy isn’t posterior like Parker was.

I’m thinking I’ll lie down for a short nap after this update, unless the whole family shows up for lunch right as I hit the publish button.  Not that I’ll be expected to get up and cook for them, but I will want to make an appearance and say hi so they all know I’m not dying just yet.  🙂

I don’t remember ever laboring in an empty house before, but it’s rather nice.  Without an audience, I feel comfortable practicing a little vocalizing now to get ready for later when things are really intense.  I’m also finding that while the exercise ball doesn’t help with discomfort, it does seem to make contractions feel more productive.  I think I’ll like it until it’s time to get into the pool.  Then there’s no comparison!

Since the last update, I:

  • unpacked one three boxes, putting things away as I went
  • started a load of laundry, and put away mine, hubby’s and the boys’ laundry from the load that was in the dryer
  • vacuumed my bedroom
  • voted for The Morning Center.  Did you?  The Morning Center uses mobile units to bring free prenatal care to poor women in underserved areas.  Please vote daily until the end of October to help them win $50,000.  Better yet: vote daily and share some of the cool hilarious memes Perry and other supporters have created on Facebook!  You can find and share these on the Life in a Shoe facebook page.

Photo: Women should be able to give birth surrounded by a community of support and respect. Vote every day for the next 14 days for the Morning Center to win a 50K grant to help mama and their babies. It will take only 280 seconds. less than 20 seconds today, voting each day from now until the 31st.  Step 1: Click the link. http://www.cultivatewines.com/cause/45941  (this won't work on most smartphones, or in FB apps...you'll need a tablet/PC/laptop and an up to date browser) Step 2: Make sure you have "liked" the Cultivate Wines FB page. Step 3: Log in with Facebook. Step 4: Click "Vote." Step 5: Wait for the "thank you for voting" page to make sure your vote has been counted!  (If you are under 21 years of age, you cannot vote. You can still make a big difference though by sharing this link and instructions with older friends. Your support in praying for us is crucial, though voting for you is not allowed. Don't forget to like the Morning Center on FB!) Pray. Vote. Share. Believe


  1. LOOOOVE those Morning Center ads!!! I’ve voted every single day and am going to continue.

    I love your updates!

    And I’m still praying!

  2. That’s how I labored with Abigail and keeping busy made the time go much faster. Love you and can’t wait until I see his little face.

  3. Praying for things to go quickly and smoothly!

    Also, we won’t have access to the internet the rest of the day as we will be in town celebrating our own birthday 24 years ago on this day : ( so can you have someone text us updates on my phone? And, if you need anything, give us a holler as we’ll be nearby ; )

  4. Wow. Yeah, totally feeling ashamed looking at your productivity! I would NOT be this productive in labor! Not if I was feeling it! Hope you get a nap in soon!

  5. Your productivity is making the rest of us very ashamed of ourselves. So sit down and start whining like a normal person. 😉

  6. So excited for you and praying for a safe and joyous delivery!

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