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I’m excited about this topic.  It’s not so much because I have great ideas to share with you, as because I’m excited about food.  Nursing a newborn will do that to you.  🙂

In an astounding coincidence, most of the foods on my list below also happen to be our own favorite winter treats.  I’ll tell you about a few food gifts we have done in the past, then I want to sit back and read your great ideas!

Candy: here are two of our favorites, both very fast and easy and entirely too delicious.  Don’t give these to dieters.  That’s just unkind.

Poor Man’s Toffee – Addictive and impressive.  Break or cut into pieces and arrange on a plate or platter.  Add some fudge for variety.

Cheater’s Fudge – My favorite recipe is very easy, but there are endless variations to dress it up.  You have to be a sick person to dislike fudge.

Drinks: put these in pretty jars with pretty lids.  If you’re feeling generous, give a set of all 3 in a pretty basket with some mugs.

Russian Tea mix – I’m not a tea drinker, but this is really delicious on a cold morning.

Chai Tea mix – Even better than the Russian tea.  Be sure to use real cardamom if you can find it.  I get mine in bulk from the local health food store.

Homemade Cocoa mix – Rich, creamy, and not as sweet as the storebought mixes.

IMG 3499 300x200 Challah Bread recipeBaked goods: this list should definitely include your favorite cinnamon roll recipe.  Here are two other favorites.

Braided Challah Bread – We make this for Communion every week, but it’s so delicious that we still never take it for granted and neither will your loved ones.  It’s easy and beautiful, and makes a lovely gift.  Wrap it in clear or tinted plastic wrap so they can see how pretty it is.

roll 150x150 Pumpkin rollsCream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Roll – A lot of work, but not so bad if you do a dozen at a time and just mess up the kitchen once.  Wrap in white freezer paper and tie the ends with red ribbon.  Cut in half before wrapping for single people and couples.  A bigger family deserves the whole roll!  Store in the freezer.  These also sell nicely, if you’re up for the job.

Your turn.  What is your favorite food gift?  Even if you haven’t actually given it yet, what recipe do you think would make a fabulous gift?  What have you found lately on Pinterest or elsewhere on the internet that you intend to try soon?

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  1. We have made suckers and they have been fun. Made with jello flavors they are also tasty. And a bit different.

  2. I give Phebe’s Hot Fudge Sauce sometimes.

    2 c. nestle chocolate chips
    1 c. butter
    4 c. confectioners sugar
    2 2/3 c. evaporated milk
    2 1/2 tsp. vanilla
    1/8 tsp. salt

    Melt chips and butter. Add sugar and milk; increase heat to boil. Cook about 8 minutes. Remove from heat, add vanilla and salt.

    I seal mine in pint jars. I preheat the jars in a warm oven, fill them them with sauce, then turn them over to cool and self-seal. It works like a charm and tastes delicious.

    This recipe makes about 5 1/2 cups. Mmmm! 🙂

    • Holly, sounds delicious! How long does this keep when you seal it that way?

      • Well, it usually gets eaten pretty quick 🙂 but I’ve kept it for at least several months that way. Once it’s opened you’ll want to refrigerate it…unless you give in to temptation and eat the rest with a spoon. 😛

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, I was planning on posting some of this stuff anyway! 🙂 Here is my post: http://measureofagift.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/holiday-goodies/
    P.S. LOVE the fudge recipe! I may just add that to our food baskets!

  4. I’ve given candy flavored ice cream toppings. I found a recipe in one of the Southern Living Christmas cookbooks.

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