Black Friday deals from Vision Forum

Call me biased, but I think this is the biggest and best sale by Vision Forum so far this year!

First, the fun stuff: Order at least $50, and you’ll get two free potato guns, automatically.  No need to enter a coupon code!  Perry Boy assures me they are very cool.

Today’s Deal Of The Day will almost get to that $50 mark: the complete Jonathan Park Adventure Collection on MP3 is just $48 today!  That’s all 8 albums!  [If you’re seeing this post in a feed, today is probably tomorrow and you already missed this deal – but all the rest are still good, and there’s a new daily deal now.  Maybe it’s just as good!]

Product image

Order at least $95, and you can use the code 95SHIPSFREE to get – you guessed it!  Free shipping!

Need help?  Click the banners below to see these categories:


Want more specific help?  Here you go:


Did you get a new 2013 catalog yet?  What’s on your Vision Forum wishlist?


  1. We love Vision Forum—tried it for the first time this summer for a birthday and was very pleased. We just received the paper adv. in the mail today, and the kids are so excited to see the Christian Lego movies and the Lego set!! I have already bought all the kids’ Christmas presents, and so, I’ll look for the Lego dvds when I can put it in our budget again. I know we won’t get the sale, but I already finished using what we budgeted! At least, we’re very happy to know that we can get them from Vision when we budget it in again.

  2. We’ve ordered from Vision Forum before and the quality is very good. I only wish the company didn’t categorize their items by gender? My daughters should not feel odd for liking “boy toys”. Why not, Action/Adventure, Doll Play etc..

    • Melissa,
      That’s a great question, and I like your idea. I don’t mind the way the categories are divided because it makes it easy to locate a specific toy or type of toy, but my girls definitely don’t feel limited to “girl toys” either! I think a lot of the toys that appeal to both genders end up in the boys’ section by default.

    • I was just looking around and a lot of the toys in the “For Girls” section look like ones I’d think would be categorized by a lot of people as “For Boys,” but they seem to be in both sections. There are bows and arrows and guns in the “Adventure and Outdoors” section for girls and in the “Weapons and Gear” section for boys. 🙂

      It looks like maybe they just don’t include the dolls in the boys’ section.

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