At least I don’t need glasses yet

This morning I mentioned to one of my children that I was mildly near-sighted, though not enough to need glasses.  She asked why I didn’t get them anyway.  I replied that I neither wanted them nor needed them, so what would be the point?

Perry Boy overheard the conversation and took my side.

Perry: I agree Mom.  I don’t think you would look good glasses.  Dad looks good with his, and Tyler looks good with his, but you wouldn’t.

Me: Thank you for agreeing with me.  But what about when I get older, and I do need glasses?  Will you think I’m ugly then?

Perry: [stops to consider for a moment]  No, I’ll get used to you with glasses, and then I’ll think you look good.

Me: Oh, good.

Perry: [adds in an undertone]  Maybe.  I don’t really know about that part, though.


  1. I am also near-sighted.But my degree is more than -6 in each eye,so I have to wear glasses full-time.I’m perfectly okay with that.Once a kid commented on how thick my glasses were(I don’t get my glasses thinned) and I jokingly replied that “four eyes are better than two”.So yes,Michelle,you’re right that kids are brutally honest about what they see around them.

  2. Hilarious! Kids speak with brutal honesty, don’t they? 🙂

  3. That made me laugh. Children are so candid and uncivilized. The other day my 3 year old told my husband “you look like you have [the new baby] in your tummy.” (My husband doesn’t have much of a gut and my 7 months pregnant belly beats him by leaps and bounds.)

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