A snapshot from our day



Finished a reading lesson with Rachael a few minutes ago, then she helped me unpack a couple of boxes in my bedroom. We found my leather juggling balls!


  1. Sheila in Missouri says:

    Well, she is just super cute! Love seeing the candid shots of normal family life on a regular old day. I think THAT’S sometimes the most interesting, the everyday coming’s and going’s of family life. Quite an adventure really. Everyday is like a “Hobbit’s Tale, There and Back Again.” Full of unknown things, discovery, courage, challenge, and friendship. OK, I have recently read and seen “The Hobbit”- so a little inspired by that. If you loved Lord of the Rings on screen I would highly recommend this prequel when it comes out on DVD or Redbox. But read the book first, it’s so much fun! Sorry. Tangent.

    Wonderful to see you posting little things about family life again. Where is the ”’stuff” coming from?

  2. What a cutie! How’s the bigger new house feel?

  3. Congratulations! One more box unpacked! Thank you for the oatmeal recipe. Good to hear from you.

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