Please pray for my baby nephew

I know it’s been awfully quiet here on the blog and I hate to show up with a request, but I think you’ll understand.  We had a wild & crazy houseful of guests for most of the past 10 days.  That’s the good news.

Pajam Fam

Christmas dinner


Too much loot

Don't mess with Uncle M!

Aunt Abby with a blowgun

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Whacu talkin' bout, Willis?

Princess Bethany

Super Parker to the rescue!

The bad news is that one of our guests, little baby Caine, has been in the hospital since the day after Christmas.

Caine was due the week after our Calvin, but was born 3 weeks early.

Caine had a bout with pneumonia the week after Thanksgiving, and spent 10 days in the hospital.

He was much better by the time his family came here to visit, but somewhere along the line he contracted RSV.  It’s a common virus, not usually dangerous, but Caine was especially vulnerable because of his weakened lungs.  On the day after Christmas he went back to the hospital, this time in San Antonio.

Although the doctors had hoped he would begin to improve after 3 or 4 days, the poor little guy is facing new challenges daily and still working hard to breathe at Day 7. He started out in the pediatric ward, but was moved to the pediatric ICU a few days later.

Please pray for Caine and his family!


  1. Boy, that is hard seeing such a small baby so sick. Thank you for sharing this with us. We will be praying for Caine and his family.

  2. Oh the poor wee boy. Praying for him and his family x

  3. Said a prayer for healing and comfort!

  4. With our family’s prayers…we have been there! It is a scary place!!! May God help and strengthen that sweet little baby, his family, and yours.

  5. Saying a prayer. Sure hope it turns around soon and the little fellow is healthy. Roxie

  6. praying…for healing…for peace…for strength…for rest….

  7. Already praying.

  8. Praying for Caine and his family.

  9. Praying for Caine. We had our oldest son contract RSV at 5 weeks old. It is such a trying time. We are praying for all of them.

  10. I will pray for your little nephew. The thought of a sick little baby is especially close to my heart today. One year ago today my first daughter (after five little boys) was born. We were pretty surprised to find out she was a girl and even more surprised to find out she wasn’t healthy. A week later she was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. We were able to spend 39 days with our little girl before Jesus decided she should come live with him. Though I wish we could’ve had more time with her, I know God’s plans are best. I pray God’s plans include little Caine spending a very healthy 2013 with his family.

  11. Praying for this sweet precious baby boy and his family!!!

  12. So thankful that you can reach many prayer warriors for that precious little boy! I will be praying daily!

  13. What a sweet little boy! I will be praying for him and his family. It is so hard and scary to see someone that little so sick.

  14. Praying!!!

  15. Melanie E says:

    I don’t know if they would let his parents put essential oils on him or not in the NICU, but we were able to help another baby with a tenacious case of RSV that the doctors said they could do nothing about. Raven, oregano, and eucalyptus THERAPUTIC grade essential oils (with prayer, of course) healed her. Please contact me if you want to know how to get the most potent theraputic grade oils. Oils from the healthfood store aren’t effective, because they are distilled with solvents at too high temperatures.

  16. Praying! RSV is vicious this year.

  17. Dear Kim,

    I never leave comments but today couldn’t let it pass… I want to strongly encourage you to have faith. Babies are tougher and stronger than we may think. You see, I nearly lost my second daughter to RSV when she was 5 weeks old. I remember those long 3 weeks in pediatric ICU and all the moments we thought we were about to lose her. But she was strong and she survived. I was raised a Catholic, and am not a very religious person now, but I’ll pray for baby Caine tonight, and I’ll pray for his parents, and for all his family. Hope you’ll count with my prayers even if they are somehow different from yours.

    Best regards, Gatxan

  18. Praying for sweet Caine!

  19. Definitely praying for Caine! Totally understand your sharing, who wouldn’t share something as important as this? Praying for strength for Caine’s family, and for healing for Caine!

  20. Praying!!

    Our son was at the NICU at Methodist there for 17 days. They have a primo staff.

    Praying for healing and exceptional care of Caine and his parents!

  21. Will pray.

  22. Lois Groat says:

    We do understand.
    1. You have been busy with your precious new one.
    2. This is very important.


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