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8yo Rachael couldn’t wait to learn to change Calvin’s diapers. She is now certified for wet diapers and working toward her degree in Infant Poop Changes.


  1. Just had to comment that we have a Rachael as well…and she’s 11. She loved helping out with her siblings when they were young,too..and was even there when our youngest was born. That baby, though, is now…5 years old. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m amazed at how much my 10 year old enjoys changing diapers. Even the poopy ones! Unfortately the change is as far as it goes and I have to “take care of it” after it’s all changed but love the bond it forms between siblings.

  3. Sheila, Mom to Seven says:

    Oh, Kim, Calvin can’t be that big already! So precious.

  4. HeatherHH says:

    My 7 yo begged to be certified for poopy diapers with our new baby. I don’t get the appeal, but I don’t mind not changing! We use cloth diapers. After years of flatfolds and then prefolds (with pins and pull-on covers), we switched to BumGenius One-Size pocket diapers (go from 7 lb-35 lb+) so that our older children (11, 9, & 7) could handle diaper changes.

  5. Are you still cloth diapering?

    • Lauren, I’m a quitter. We gave up on cloth diapers because of our hard water, but we have no intention of trying again now that we’ve moved. We never got used to rinsing poopy diapers, and have zero desire to go back to the practice. 🙂

      • HeatherHH says:

        I have cloth-diapered for years and have never rinsed poopy diapers. Just shake the excess into the toilet. Of course, I don’t worry about having pristine diapers that don’t look like they’ve been used 😉

        • Maybe your babies have firmer stools than mine do. Our cloth diapers were rarely shakeable, even after the baby or toddler had been on solid for a while. 😛

          • HeatherHH says:

            We used cloth washcloths as wipes. So, for poopy diapers, we’d use that on the bottom, and then if it wasn’t shakeable, the excess would be roughly wiped off in a single pass. Doesn’t get as much as rinsing would, but it eliminates most of it. 🙂

  6. Do,you still match your older children with new babies? I remember reading that on your blog before?

    • Maryjo, we don’t really do that but Rachael keeps reminding me and asking if Calvin can be her charge. I think that’s why she is so eager to learn diaper duty.

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