Snapshot: reading to little ones


The older girls have been going out of their way to spend some time with the little ones each morning. Lydia is reading Eric Carle’s book, Dragons, Dragons to Parker, taking time to discuss each illustration.


  1. great memory for them

  2. I love that the little one is wearing rubber boots indoors and holding what looks like a weapon while mouthing something (all hands full and busy). Perfect ‘boy’ picture. This could have been taken in my own home.

  3. Wendy Arthur says:

    I love how his boots are on the wrong feet. It is a blessing to watch the older kids read and play with their younger siblings. Sweet picture!

  4. Good job, big sister! What else would you rather be doing than building relationships with your siblings?! And your mother! Go get her another cup of coffee!

  5. What a sweet picture!!!

  6. Love it!


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