Snapshot: time to celebrate!


Perry finished his 1st grade math workbook recently, so the two of us are out for a celebratory milkshake. I have decided to make a tradition of this: your choice of $1 treats for any qualifying accomplishment. Yes, milkshakes at Chik-fil-a are more than a dollar but I have a gift card. Next up: Rachael is about to finish a reading book, while Bethany aspires to go 3 days without an accident. Yes, we will most certainly celebrate that feat when the long-awaited day arrives.


  1. That’s a good idea! I give the rest of the week off of math when they finish a math book, but something a little more exciting would be nice.

  2. Like it.
    I like the dollar treat idea.
    I tried the date with mom, but the kids were stacking up dates faster than I could get to them! Perhaps when there are more babysitters in my family 🙂

    Well done Perry!

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