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Edited to add nursing cover from Uddercovers, below.

I shared these links on Facebook, but I heard a crazy rumor that some people don’t have facebook accounts.  That sounds almost as weird as not having a birth certificate or a social security number, but my kids didn’t have those until 2001, so I guess it’s possible.

Just in case you are interested, here’s the cool baby stuff that you can currently get for free:

Nursing cover from Uddercovers: Use code ENBABY and just pay shipping.  Reviews say this is a very lightweight fabric to help avoid overheating, cute and compact, with a neck that is just stiff enough to stand up but still soft and flexible.  Fourteen beautiful modern prints to choose from.

Baby sling: Use code ENBABY and just pay shipping. I got mine last year – cool, comfy durable fabric with just a hint of stretch, and very nice workmanship.  I ended up deciding that I’m not a sling mama, but I really loved the fact that this was compact enough to fit easily in my purse.  I might just give it another try.

Nursing pillow: Free with code ENBABY ($12.95 shipping). I’ve never had one, but always thought they looked handy. What do you think? They look like they would also be good to help a baby who is just learning to sit up.  I’m really tempted by this one!


One more baby item free with code ENBABY (just pay $12.95 shipping): a carseat canopy, in your choice of 9 bright and beautiful prints. I use a baby blanket, but these are contoured, with loops to attach them and keep them in place. I also love that it goes under the handle, so you can fold it back to uncover baby and easily flip it down again.   I would never pay full price, but shipping is only $12.95, and that soft minky lining sure looks nice!


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  2. Nursing pillows are handy! I still have mine and I am pregnant with my third child (two boys: 2 1/2, 15 months). I used mine quite a bit with my first. It was especially helpful because I had a c-section with him. With my second I had a v-bac and it hadn’t been that long since I had stopped nursing my first so..I used it a few times and gave up, I was so used to nursing i didn’t really need it. But I do reccommend it for cars and first babies..before I developed my arm muscles. I’ve never had one of those wraps though…..they loook interesting

  3. Yep, no FB for me. Dark ages, I know. But I have a nursing pillow that my mother-in-law made me – it helped me manage my football-hold-only, nipple-shield-only firstborn for 13 months and I took it EVERYWHERE.

  4. oh, and another suggestion? Try this with your first 2 children, because I think it was less difficult training the younger because the older two knew the expectations…and the younger followed the lead of the older…

  5. Okay, I’m a mama of four boys…who currently all sleep in the same room on 2 bunkbeds…they are 8,7,4,2…
    For anyone who is itnerested in my method of teaching children to stay in bed/bedtime routine…this is what hubby and I started to do pretty early on. First, we NEVER started the come sleep with us in our bed routine…at the most? An early morning (like after 6am) snuggle with the baby, that occasionally ends up in a free for-all, all of us piled on the bed hugging and cuddling…but I digress…
    When we transition the baby out of the crib, we start by putting him to sleep for naps on a toddler bed or couch. When they can handle that without falling out, we started the transition to the big boy bed(and take apart the crib and pack it away). We’ll try and see if they stay in bed…and we do a bedtime routine of jammies/snack(it’s a great motivater), story if it’s not too late, and prayers/kisses…when we are training a toddler, we hang around and see if they stay in bed…if they are up wandering around we take them back to bed and tell them to stay in bed…sometimes with a smack on the backside (though for potty trained kids, they may use the bathroom). If they persist, we say “okay, I guess I have to hold you here.” THen proceed to tuck them in and then hold them in bed. Not cruelly, but firmly enough so they have to stay lying down…warning: they will fight, cry, push and try to kick etc…be prepared for it and ignore it…just hold firmer…it may take five minutes, it may take 30 minutes…most children would rather be free to move around in bed and have to stay there, than have mommy or daddy holding them in place…Yes, this is a pain…but so is losing sleep every night…Do this for a week…and be consistent. If they aren’t fighting you a gentle hand on the back is all that is needed…yes, you might feel a little bit mean…but less than after 6 straight weeks of no sleep…It worked for all of ours…and the worse we deal with now is a toddler who needs diaper changes in the night because he tends toward diaper rash very easily if he is left wet all night….and they know that if it is dark out, they must stay in bed…and except for the rare morning snuggle, they do.

  6. Ok, so my question about these is why do they ALWAYS have a free code? Any ideas? If you Google it, you’ll see that there are tons of codes that give you the items free (just pay shipping). Also, you might want to see the reviews of their Udder Covers on Amazon, just so you’re aware of what people have thought about their products:
    It looks like a great deal, but I just wonder how they stay in business!

    • corinne says:

      Just putting this out there… for about $5 you can sew a great nursing cover just like it. I made one for myself and for every baby shower I go to now. It is a large square, with a strap around your neck and a piece of boning in the top. Very very easy. Not to mention incredible handy to have when nursing!

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