Snapshot: morning Proverbs time

This is what we do each morning just before Dad leaves for work.  Weekends are hit or miss, but we’re well on our way to re-establishing this weekday habit.


My seat is to Perry’s right (your left, next to Rachael).  We’re short this morning by two slackers and a baby, and Megan looks like she needs to drink a little more coffee.


  1. Your family is beautiful. My kids are grown and gone, but our daughter has moved home with her little guy….left an abusive marriage, so we are having a 2 year old again….so much fun and so busy. I would like to incorporate some of your ideas for worship with him. I enjoy reading all that you young moms do nowadays….I was so overwhelmed when I was a young mom….wow….maybe I could accomplish more now, but now I’m too old!! Not really, only as old as you feel, right? Blessings…..where do you live? We are in Michigan and it is cold here today

  2. Does this mean it’s your morning devotional and prayer time? We are just trying to establish this at our house.

  3. Thank you for sharing these snapshots. We have (I know I speak for everyone!) so enjoyed your blog for years. You have a newly married daughter, a new home which brings a totally different lifestyle, and a new baby, a now older group of girls and a group of younger children which now need your attention and training such as you gave the older group. So many BIG changes! Just remember the pearls of wisdom which you have blessed me with for years. It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on all of these big changes. Someday! Thank you for the snapshots and continuing to share yourself with us. Have an wonderful day!

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