Dove Beauty Sketches

Years ago, Dove shared an eye-opening video called Evolution of Beauty.  It begins with a rather average-looking young woman and displays the step-by-step transformation to super-model.

Recently, I saw another Dove video that stuck a chord with our family and friends.  This one compares the self-described appearances of women to how others perceive them.  As in the video above, the differences are striking.

I know it may be easy to criticize the worldview and goals behind the videos, but I think they make important points even for those of us whose mission in life differs from that of the Dove corporation.  🙂


  1. As a woman who does not wear make up I can tell you that we as women not only judge ourselves harshly but other women as well. As a stay at home mom, and now even more as a homeschooling mom, I don’t hear or see it nearly as often as I did in public high school and in the work environment. There have actually been studies and news articles written and aired about how mean women can be to each other over appearance.
    I guess I am lucky my husband fell in love with me wearing no makeup and over the years has encouraged me to stay that way, the only exception is when I am being professionally photographed, then he is buying me makeup because I am so pale the lightening takes out all natural color I have, LOL.
    When my oldest asks to wear make up I tell her, sure you just have to buy it yourself, don’t share with anyone, and remember you have large pores that will cause a nasty cycle of worse and worse blemishes as the makeup irritates and clogs her pores. Naturally beautiful skin is accomplished best with keeping it clean:D

  2. That was good. I saw the beauty evolution video when it first aired. But I think that second one is much better. I think we, as women, are very often too hard on ourselves in so many ways, including how we look. We then take that skewed perception, a measuring tool we do not use on others, only ourselves, and it affects so many aspects of our lives. We need to look at ourselves as God does and we would see why He loves us so very much.

  3. The second one really should have been done double – blind.

  4. And have you seen the parody video of the guys who describe themselves for the artists as opposed to what women think they look like?? You’ll have to look it up. That one is absolutely hilarious. 🙂

  5. I hadn’t seen the evolution of a supermodel video……I appreciate the message Dove is trying to send out.

    I shared the other video on our FB page. I cry every time I watch it and had my girls watch it too. These videos cannot be shared enough!

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