Religion in public school

I confess that I post far more often on Facebook than here, because it’s much easier to share interesting articles with a few clicks on my phone than it is to get a turn on the computer at a time when I can actually sit down, think, and write all at the same time.

But some things are worth sharing twice, and now that I have a quiet moment near the computer I want to do some cross-posting.

I shared an article about an outraged father who learned that his 4th grade son had been instructed by his public school teacher to write, “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

I also want  to share one of my comments in the discussion that followed.  This was in response to a question from a non-US resident who asked if religion was taught in our public schools, and if it was mandatory.

How do we know what we know?  How do we separate truth from fiction?  How do we decide what is important in education and what is irrelevant or unimportant? All of these questions are religious in their nature, and each person’s answers must come from within his/her religious framework.  Religion is far more than where you go to church.  It is about who is the ultimate authority in your worldview. Who do you think defines good and evil, truth and falsehood, right and wrong?  God?  Government? Your feelings?  The majority?  When you answer that question, you have named your god and the source of your religion.

Public schools do teach religion.


  1. Hey, Kim, I’m busy catching up on reading. Packing packing packing and we’re moving to Va in 2 weeks! Not why I’m here. You’ve said before that it was easier to post on FB, but I gotta tell you, it’s easier to catch what you post/share on your blog. FB never shows every page you (a person) likes and unless you (a person) remember to actually look at a particular page, you miss the posts. It’s been MONTHS since I’ve seen your FB page. It just doesn’t come up in my feed even when I like and comment. 🙁 BTW, we were in SA on Wed and Adam and Jani asked if we were going to see your new house. You know, because they think if we’re going to SA we might be getting more puppies! bahahaha, more puppies. As if the 3 giant “puppies” we have don’t eat enough!

  2. Yes, I believe the public schools teach the religion of humanism. As one who was trained to teach in the public school system and did so for 7 years, I would propose that all education has some kind of “religious” base. My college classes not only instructed us in the methods of teaching subjects, but also we were trained in an educational philosophy which was based on the perceived goodness of man of which I believe is a false religion. I was taught in college that teachers knew far better than parents on how to educate children properly. After homeschooling my own children for over 24 years, I would wholeheartedly disagree.

  3. This is totally right-on. I am still recovering from my public school indoctrination! Now, the big question is how do we convince our Christian brothers and sisters to pull their kids out of p. school? Many seem completely closed off to the idea of h.schooling… I have ended up just closing my mouth and praying that they will see the light… Maybe if I had a facebook account it would give more opportunity for discussion… Or just tick people off.

  4. Kim, I haven’t commented on here in a while, but here I am, and I needed to comment on this post!

    Absolutely. Hitler also taught religion, as did the drug/hippie culture of the 60’s. Planned Parenthood teaches religion. And yes, so do public schools.

    Thank you for the different perspective in this and yes, I will be sharing this on our FB page.

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