4 Free Redbox rentals

This is cool!  I’ll get a kickback if you join, but there are a million offers I could say that about.  I’m sharing this one because I’m excited about the offer itself!

We have a Netflix account that allows us unlimited streaming for times we don’t want to leave the house and rent from Redbox.  But we also love Redbox and use it more than we should.

Here’s a way to kill those two birds with one stone:


The free trial is a no-brainer.  Just cancel before the month is over, and you had 4 free rentals!  My oldest daughter and her husband watch all their movies online, then use the rental credits for video games instead of movies.

If you already rent from Redbox regularly like we do, the $8/month membership is a great deal.  Deduct the price of the rentals you would have bought anyway ($1.20/night), and the unlimited monthly streaming comes to just over $3.  Bonus: If you stream most of your movies instead of renting from the kiosk, you won’t have to pay for an extra day every time you forget to take the disc back.  I think we pay more for forgetting than we do for watching the movies!

I checked and most titles that are available in the kiosks are also available for streaming.  This saves you the time and trouble of tracking down the movie you want, plus there’s no chance you’ll forget to return it.  Or, umm, try to return it with the wrong disc in it.  Not that I’ve ever done that.  Don’t worry.  The kiosk rejects it, and then you just have to go home and find the right disc and go back to the kiosk again.  Grrr.

Need more motivation?  Check this out:

Grab the Redbox Instant App on all your devices to browse and stream movies away from your computer. We have most Android phones, iPhones and tablets covered, at 3G, 4G or by Wi-Fi. (By the way, if your wireless carrier isn’t Verizon, it’s perfectly OK!) And if you’ll be going offline for a while, use the app to download a title or two in advance. Save it on your device to watch later!

Can you see why I’m excited?

Sign up for your free 1-month trial and 4 free rentals

What movies have you seen lately that you recommend?


  1. How can you find that many movies that are appropriate for viewing? We always check the Focus on the Family review website “Plugged In” first before renting or going to a theater. We especially check for language and sexual content. Our children have seen movies like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but we don’t watch TV or films that have purity issues or take the Lord’s name in vain, etc. Are you and your husband discerning about not only what your children watch but what you, yourselves watch? I find there aren’t very many “good” movies out there that would be deemed pleasing to God. I would really like to know how you filter out all the bad, secular stuff that is out there. If you have time to talk about it, I thank you!

    • Sheila, I agree that the number of appropriate movies is very limited. We usually only watch 1 or 2 per week, and often movies we know and love from our own collection. We like to look for online reviews as well to check potential objectionable material, and if in doubt Perry and I will watch a movie first. However, we don’t automatically rule out any movie with *any* objectionable material. Some can provide teachable moments, discussion points, and help us to think through situations we might face in our own lives or for which we might be called on to counsel others.
      We don’t exercise anything close to perfect discernment and often when a movie ends one of us will say, “There’s 2 hours of our lives we’ll never have back.” We’re still growing. 🙂

  2. I signed up for the free trial! Do you still benefit if I cancel at the end of the trial?

    • Yes, I do! Thank you!
      I’m sure the assumption is that it’s such a great deal you’ll decide not to cancel when your trial ends. 🙂

      • Good to know :0) I signed up with the intention of keeping the service, however the streaming selection is (IMO)vile. Unless the selection vastly improves…I’m opting out at the end of the free trial.

  3. I did a little googling, and it looks like they have about half as many streamable movies as Netflix. That’s not great, but also not too shabby since you also get 4 free rentals every month. And it’s likely that their selection will quickly increase, since this is a brand new service.

  4. How does their streaming selection compare to Netflix?

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