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Living the Answer online classesLast year, Lydia and Kaitlyn took an online essay class taught by David Vogel at Living the Answer.  You can read Kaitlyn’s review here, and my own comments in this post.  It was intensive, but they loved it and their writing and confidence improved by leaps and bounds.  They took Essay Writing: Zero to Sixty in a Semester which combines two of Living the Answer’s most popular classes – Intro to Essays and Essays II.

This summer, 13yo Natalie and 11yo Becca are going to take Intro to Essays.  They tend to be reluctant writers and are a little apprehensive about the class, but I’m excited to see what Mr. Vogel can do for them.  I know they are eager to learn because they just started a blog of their own, but they lack confidence.  Mr. Vogel’s highly interactive classes are very engaging, and constructive criticism is really an area where he shines.

Megan is also slated for a class this summer, and she’s not the least bit apprehensive.  She can’t wait to start Introduction to Logic.  This is a course in which she had already expressed interest, and now she gets to study under the teacher her older sisters raved about last year!

His classes aren’t cheap, but he gives a lot of individual attention and feedback to his students, so he really is selling his own time – and since the classes are often entirely filled, I know other kids like him as much as my own do.

Next?  Maybe my older girls can try out the advanced essay class, Mastering the College Application Essay.  This class is aimed at competent essay writers, consisting of a three-hour workshop with a one-hour review the following week for just $25.

Interested?  David also offers online classes in Christian Worldview & Apologetics, Government & Economics, Philosophy, and Algebra I and II.  You can see a schedule for this summer here.  He is also adding several new classes next year.  Want to know what and when?  Like Living the Answer on facebook for updates.

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