Snapshot: googly eyes


When Bethany’s doll lost her eyes in a tragic accident, I found the perfect use for the package of googly eyes in my purse .

What? You don’t have googly eyes in your purse?

When we were done, I put the rest of the package in the treat basket.

See the little feet sticking out in the background? When Parker heard there were googly eyes in the treat basket, he made a beeline for the potty to earn his own pair of eyes.


  1. You know what’s really fun to do? Put the googly eyes on your closed eyelids and take a picture. So funny! (this works best with the bigger ones.)

  2. That is amazing! Putting googly eyes on anything makes them so much better.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

    And she loves her creepy baby just as much, doesn’t she?? HAHAHAHAAH

  4. I noticed the feet before I read about them. I have a boy potty training too. :o)

  5. My only question is:

    Did the “tragic accident” involve one of her brothers?

    My 4 year old nephew (only child) completely appalled his cousins (all girl family) when he popped the heads off their dolls.

  6. OH, that is great. Those eyes are scarey-funny!

  7. veronica says:

    Of course you had them – you must carry a “mom purse” too. We were going on a trip and my
    daughters said that I could not take my large “mom purse”, that I needed something smaller and more “with it”. And so, not long after the trip started, one of them asked for an item that was in the “mom purse” but unable to fit in the cool purse. And so, now that my 7 children are all grown, and grandchildren have arrived, my daughters are carrying “mom purses” and now they understand. I now have a small, cute, cool purse.

  8. hahah hilarious…but personally, I find googly eyes to be super creepy. I can’t be the only person that does, right?

  9. my kids are so weird

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