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Personally, I think tattling gets a bad rap.  I rely heavily on snitches to help me keep order and maintain accountability among the masses.

But of course there are some situations where it’s not appropriate, helpful or loving for the kids to come to me with this sort of info.  There are two questions here: Where do I draw the line, and how do I explain that line to the kids?

Here’s how: Teaching kids the difference between telling and tattling.  Be sure to read the comments for Theresa’s very helpful STOP idea.

At its root, I think this is a heart issue.  Is the informer acting out of love and concern, or just trying to get someone in trouble?

How would you answer this question?  See what questions the other moms have to say about it:

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  1. I think there’s a third option, between acting out of love and concern, and trying to get someone in trouble. I think a lot of the tattling I see is motivated by extreme self interest “I don’t like what somebody is doing so make me feel good by making them stop”. Any ideas how to address that attitude Biblically?

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