Caption wanted!

This was a lot of fun on Facebook, and I bet it will be just as much fun here.

Can you help me caption this?


Some of my favorites so far:

 I specifically asked for the milk to be poured before the cereal.

Breathe…calm…Maybe she won’t find out…

No, for the last time, no you can not play with my barbies Mom.



  1. “If you keep turning the pages we are going to get to the MONSTER AT THE END OF THIS BOOK!”
    “Like you never called the wrong person “Daddy”. So what it was a lady?”
    “The closet looked like a small bathroom and there WAS A POTTY CHAIR IN IT! How was I supposed to know!?”
    “The Internet doesn’t HAVE to know EVERY time I sing the pee pee song, MOTHER.”

  2. “I could have had a V8!”
    “You got chocolate in my peanut butter.”
    Not original but hilarious all the same.

  3. Wait a minute… wait a minute… I know you have to use logarithms to solve this. Just give me time. It will come to me…

  4. Undies and THEN pants….undies and THEN pants

  5. “Think….Think….Think….Like Pooh Bear…..”

  6. Tasmanian says:

    Not right now, I have a headache.

  7. One last time, the light blue socks, not the dark ones.

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